Thursday, April 4, 2013

Does Chopped: All-Stars Promotional Video Give Away Two Finalists?

Chopped All StarsThe answer is Yes.  A reader of this blog sent in a tip regarding the 30 second commercial/promo for Chopped: All-Stars.  If you look closely at the video, you are able to determine two of the chefs that advance to the finals of Chopped: All-Stars.

SPOILER - Do not continue reading if you do not want to know!

The commercial is being played on-air and is also here on the Food Network website.  In one of the shots, you see Scott Conant cooking next to Gavin Kaysen (screenshot below):

Considering there are four episodes before the final, with Scott Conant cooking in episode three against fellow Chopped judges Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, and Marc Murphy, there is no reason for him to be next to Gavin Kaysen unless they both advanced to the final.

Gavin is competing in episode two against Elizabeth Falkner, Chuck Hughes, and Richard Blais, so it looks like none of those 3 will advance to the final if you were rooting for them. 

Whoever edited this promotional video might want to go back and take a look at it.  Sorry if you were rooting for any of the chefs that were eliminated.


  1. they did this last night on Chef Wanted - showed clips of who was running service before we even got past the second round so you saw the two finalists. Lame..

  2. Yeah when i saw the preview originally i thought something was up with that particular part.. damn i cant believe they spoiled it for themselves... makes me less invested since i didnt really care for either Conant or Kaysen(especially rooting for Faulkner or Blais) to win their rounds ugh whatev guess illl check it out to see how they won

  3. Scott Conant gave an interview a few weeks ago where he mentioned that Chopped All-Stars took six weeks to do. The only way that's possible is if he's in the finale which you've now proven to be true. I say he wins!

  4. There is a special place in Hell for Food Network. What a bunch of elitist snobs; they were never going to chop Scott Conant. Chop one of the most anal judges, and the biggest assclown on Chopped? Not gonna happen.

  5. God they can be so dumb! Like when they showed a preview of next food network star and the winner was wearing a purple shirt. Only one invalids was wearing purple! Or when they put aarti's recipe on their website and called her the next food network star winner and the season hadn't ended yet... Lol