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Food Network May 2013 Programming Highlights

Iron Chef America Tournament of ChampionsThe Food Network has put out a press release detailing the programming in May on the channel and some of the highlights include: 
  • The Chopped All-Stars Finale on Sunday, May 5th.
  • Iron Chef America Tournament of Champions Starting Sunday May 5th
  • A Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives behind the scenes special on Saturday, May 18th at 10pm described as: "From pulling pranks to flubbing the standups, Guy is humor personified, and in this never-before-seen look into the show, viewers will laugh, cry and join in on the jokes with Guy on the road."
  • New seasons of Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen and Trisha's Southern Kitchen at the end of May
  • New episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Restaurant Impossible, Chopped, Restaurant Stakeout, Cupcake Wars, Giving You the Business, and Mystery Diners
  • Chopped After Hours Webisodes, with the first hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli, and the second hosted by Ted Allen.  No details if the judges will actually compete and get chopped, or just cook the basket ingredients.

Also, here are some of the new series announced for 2013 if you haven't read that post yet.

Full Press Release below from



PLUS: New Seasons of ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’, ‘Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen’, as well as a Whole Week of Grilling Specials and the Ultimate Destination for All your Summer Entertaining Needs at

NEW YORK – April 26, 2013 -Food Network launches into May with the season finale of Chopped All-Stars on Sunday, May 5th at 9pm followed by the first-ever Iron Chef America: Tournament of Championsas Iron Chef battles Iron Chef in a five-episode stunt premiering Sunday May 5th at 10pm. Daytime programming also heats up with the season three premiere of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on Saturday, May 25th at 10:30am and the season two premiere of Home For Dinner with Jamie Deen on Sunday, May 26th at 10am. Food Network gets spirited with a Cinco De Mayo themed weekend on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th, followed by a Mother’s Day weekend on Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th. Closing out May on a high note, Food Network serves up Grilling Week from Sunday, May 26th to Saturday, June 1st with premiere episodes of fan-favorite series that bring the heat and kick off the summer grilling season.’s Grilling Central launches May 13th with the hottest roundup of grilling recipes and summer entertaining tips to make your summer sizzle.  Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Chopped All-Stars
  • Premiering Sunday, May 5th at 9pm - “Finale”
The four All-Stars champs compete for $50,000 for their charitable cause. In the first round, competitors use a super salty veggie and a fresh seafood item to create an edible appetizer. Then, cheddar-filled pretzels make it a fun-filled entrée round. The judges cannot wait to taste creative desserts made from freeze dried grapes and Marcona almonds, but only one competitor can win the $50,000 prize for their charity and become a Chopped All-Star.
Judges: Aarón Sánchez, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcus Samuelsson


Iron Chef America: Tournament of Champions
Premiering Sunday May 5th at 10pm
May Madness hits Food Network this spring as Food Network pits Iron Chef vs. Iron Chef in the first-ever Iron Chef America: Tournament of Champions.  With five episodes and a panel of revolving judges, the tournament features high-stakes, bracket-style battles between the best of the best in the culinary world.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 5th at 10pm – “Guarnaschelli vs. Zakarian”
Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli battles Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, with the winner moving on to face Iron Chef Michael Symon.  The judges are G. Garvin, Simon Majumdar and Trisha Yearwood.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 12th at 9pm – “Forgione vs. Garces”
Iron Chef Marc Forgione and Iron Chef Jose Garces go head-to-head, with the winner progressing to cook against Iron Chef Masaharu MorimotoDonatella Arpaia, Adam Fleischman and Simon Majumdar judge.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 19th at 9pm – “Winner vs. Symon”
Iron Chef Michael Symon cooks against the winner of the Guarnaschelli vs. Zakarian battle.  The judges for this battle are Ree Drummond, Aarón Sánchez and Trisha Yearwood.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 9pm – “Winner vs. Morimoto”
Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto battles the winner of Forgione vs. Garces, in front of judges G. Garvin, Candice Kumai and Jeffrey Steingarten.
  • Premiering Sunday, June 2nd at 10pm – “Finale”
The winning Iron Chefs battle for the tournament championship. Judges Donatella Arpaia, Karine Bakhoum and Iron Chef Bobby Flay determine who will become Grand Champion.


Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
  • Premiering Saturday, May 18th at 10pm - “Under the Hood”
Guy Fieri has a passion for food and a knack for shenanigans, and in this one-hour special, he takes viewers behind the scenes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. From pulling pranks to flubbing the standups, Guy is humor personified, and in this never-before-seen look into the show, viewers will laugh, cry and join in on the jokes with Guy on the road.


Trisha’s Southern Kitchen
  • Premiering Saturday, May 25th at 10:30am - “Karri-oke”
When Trisha’s friend Karri Turner comes to town, the girls decide to grill up a classic dinner before they hit the town for one of their favorite pastimes – karaoke! They whip up Karri’s Marinated Steak served with Twice-Baked Potatoes, a quick Zucchini Sauté and a simple Tossed Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette. When these two girls get together, good food and good times abound.

Home for Dinner with Jamie Deen
  • Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 10am
Jamie Deen is making a healthy Italian meal for his family, featuring Stuffed Shells with Spinach and Ricotta. On the side, Jamie makes Roasted Garlic and Herb Bread and a Sliced Radish and Grape Tomato Salad. To end the meal, he whips up Salted Caramel Rice Crispy Treats, a kid-friendly dessert that even the grown-ups will love.


  • Premiering Tuesday, May 7th at 10pm - “Momumental”
Four talented moms, who are not professional chefs, take on the mother of all kitchens, the Chopped Kitchen. In the first round, the competitors have a lot of work to do, including breaking down an uncommon protein and figuring out how to make coffee a key part of their appetizers. Then in the entrée round, a grain and a green must make it onto the plate. When the last two moms find themselves facing off in the dessert round, they must make nutty and fruity flavors work together.
  • Premiering Tuesday, May 14th at 10pm - “Amazing Amateurs”
Four amateur chefs who have been yearning to compete in the Chopped Kitchen finally get their chance, but will they be sorry when they open up the first basket and find a daunting sea creature? Then in the entrée round, an unfamiliar tuber challenges the competitors as the energy level peaks. The two amateurs remaining in the final round must create desserts using crackers and red wine.
  • Premiering Tuesday, May 21st at 10pm - “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!”
The usual rounds of appetizer, entree and dessert are replaced with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the judges are hoping for pure decadence. In the first round, black forest bacon and prune juice are two of the mystery ingredients that the competitors must transform. Then in the lunch round, some colorful surprises are in the basket. Finally, when the chefs find some dream ingredients in the dinner basket, will they successfully rise to the occasion and make a final plate that the judges will adore?
  • Premiering Tuesday, May 28th at 10pm - “Military Salute”
Four chefs who have served in the Army or Navy bring military precision to the Chopped Kitchen. In the appetizer round, a freeze-dried surprise in the basket has the chefs scrambling to add much-needed flavor to their plates. A large loaf, a grilled chop and a tough candy make for a challenging second round. The last two military chefs go head-to-head in the dessert round, both badly wanting the win.

Don’t miss Chopped After Hours, a new web series on, where the Chopped judges step out from behind the chopping block to put their own spin on some of Chopped‘s toughest and strangest baskets.
Webisodes include:
  • Premiering Tuesday, April 30th at 11pm – “Missing a Beet”
Alex Guarnaschelli hosts as Chopped judges Chris Santos, Marc Murphy and Aarón Sánchez attempt to conquer a basket featuring both fish and a chocolate candy bar.
  • Premiering Tuesday, May 7th at 11pm – “Momumental!”
Ted Allen hosts as Alex Guarnaschelli, Maneet Chauhan and Marc Murphy cook with a basket featuring an unexpected jarred food and pork butt.

Cupcake Wars
  • Premiering Sunday, May 5th at 8pm - “South Beach”
Four bakers are returning for redemption and a chance to serve their winning cupcakes alongside world-renowned chefs at one of the most exclusive food events in the country, The Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami. Food Network’s Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro, is the guest judge.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 12th at 8pm - “Ace of Cupcakes”
The chips fly as four cupcake makers fight to have their cupcakes featured at an exclusive celebrity party celebrating a Hollywood-inspired high-stakes poker game. Two and a Half Men star and poker player, Mimi Rogers, appears as the guest judge.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 19th at 8pm - “Cosmic Cupcakes”
Expect out of this world creations when four bakers compete for the chance to launch their cupcakes into the stratosphere at a black tie gala celebrating the arrival of Space Shuttle Endeavour in Los Angeles. California Science Center curator, Dr. Kenneth Phillips, serves as the guest judge.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 8pm – “Harlem Globetrotters”
Four cupcake makers are going to have to pull out all their baking tricks if they want to win the chance to have their cupcakes center court at a huge fan event for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters. Globetrotter Herbert “Flight Time” Lang serves as the guest judge.

Diners Drive-Ins and Dives
  • Premiering Monday, May 6th at 10pm – “Dynamic Duos”
This trip, Guy checks out the combos that make some local hangouts a hit. In Denver, a double-duty corner bar smokes pork for its biscuits and tops pizzas with the bounty of the county, and in Scottsdale, Ariz., the husband/wife team fuse their Mexican and Mediterranean roots for some standout Southwest dishes.
  • Premiering Monday, May 13th at 10pm – “Traditional Gone Wild”
This trip, Guy heads to Philadelphia, and a very special guest hits the kitchen with Guy for fried PB&Js and tacos. In Phoenix, the farm-to-table spot dishes out a dynamite pork sammie and cooks everything from pizzas to pancakes to meatballs in its wood-fired oven.
  • Premiering Monday, May 20th at 10pm – “Peppers, Pork and Poutine”
This trip, triple “D” goes triple “P” with some standout veggie and meat dishes. In Phoenix, the tattooed, trained chef puts her spin on chiles and a regional pork dish. In Toronto, the decades-old bohemian joint serves up sticky Asian pork ribs and a Canadian staple.

Giving You the Business
  • Premiering Thursday, May 2nd at 10pm - “Espresso Yourself”
Four of la prep’s top employees are secretly put to the test in a series of outrageous challenges that could transform their lives. A businessman sets up his mobile office, an unusual tour guide raises eyebrows and the restaurant erupts in chaos, but one employee will survive and win the dream of owning their own franchise.
  • Premiering Thursday, May 9th at 10pm- “Wrapper’s Delight”
Four of the top employees at Freshii are secretly put to the test in a challenge that could transform their lives. A foul-mouthed employee calls the shots and the restaurant is overrun by an impatient courier, a food blogger, and a pair of sample seeking sisters – all at the same time.
  • Premiering Thursday, May 16th at 10pm – “Sub-Prize”
Four of the top managers of Jersey Mike’s Subs are secretly put to the test in a challenge that could change their lives. A demanding customer leaves without paying, an employee bites into a customer’s sandwich and an engagement ring is thrown in the trash.

Mystery Diners
  • Premiering Friday, May 3rd at 10pm – “Party Monster”
George’s Restaurant in Miami wants both its customers and the employees to have a good time at his restaurant, but when the owner notices a dramatic loss in revenue, he contacts Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Rob and Jenny go undercover and discover that George’s staff is taking the “everyone have fun” policy to the next level.
  • Premiering Friday, May 10th at 10pm - “Catch of the Day”
After noticing a recent and unusually low haul in crab claws, the owner of Garcia’s Seafood in Miami contacts Charles for help. Mystery Diners Harry and Carlos go undercover and discover where the seafood is going missing.
  • Premiering Friday, May 17th at 10pm – “All in the Family”
When UJ, owner of the family-run R&O’s Restaurant in New Orleans, becomes fed up with the lack of respect he’s receiving from his relative employees, he contacts Charles for help. Mystery Diners Deanna and Andrew go undercover and discover that a few black sheep are destroying the harmony at R&O’s.
  • Premiering Friday, May 24th at 10pm – “Friends with Benefits”
After realizing how hard it is to start a new restaurant, the husband and wife owners of N’awlins Cafe, in New Orleans, contact Charles for advice. Mystery Diners Nicole and Tom go undercover and discover that the manager is hiring her incompetent friends who prevent the restaurant from thriving.

Restaurant: Impossible
  • Premiering Sunday, May 12th at 10pm – “Drowning in Debt”
At Mom & Dad’s Italian Restaurant in DeFuniak Springs, Fla., owners Carolyn and her husband George bought the restaurant 24 years ago, but now, six years after George’s death, Carolyn refuses to make any changes, despite the ill-prepared food and mounting debt. Can Chef Robert get Carolyn to accept that embracing change and saving the restaurant is the best way to honor her late husband?
  • Premiering Sunday, May 19th at 10pm – “Muskrat Mayhem”
Chef Robert Irvine travels to Smyrna, Del., to meet three generations of women fighting to keep the Wagon Wheel Family Restaurant open for business. While the restaurant is in mayhem over the frozen food, outdated decor, dysfunctional family and disrespectful staff, Robert has just two days to repair a broken family.
  • Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 10pm – “In the Pits”
Lynn has owned Bryan’s Smokehouse in Lufkin, Texas for 15 years. Business was great at first, but now an oversaturated market and a staff of misfits have put Lynn further and further into debt. Can Chef Robert Irvine overhaul the poor service and lackluster barbecue recipe in two days to save Bryan’s Smokehouse?

Restaurant Stakeout
  • Premiering Wednesday, May 1st at 10pm
Willie comes to the aid of Audrey, whose brother, Ernie, took over the family-run eatery Gus’s Franklin Park Restaurant in Harrison, N.Y., almost a decade ago. Now the struggling business is in need of serious help. Willie discovers that an overly generous Ernie may be the root of the restaurant’s problems.
  • Premiering Wednesday, May 8th at 10pm
Sisters Kim and Trisha, owners of Dock’s Clam Bar & Pasta House in Staten Island, N.Y., faced a devastating setback following Hurricane Sandy. With nowhere else to turn and rising tensions, Willie is their last hope to save the only business they’ve ever known.


Cinco De Mayo – Saturday – Saturday, May 4th- Sunday, May 5th from 7am-12pm
Food Network celebrates Cinco De Mayo with a spicy weekend lineup.
Premiere episodes include:
  • Paula’s Best Dishes: Premieres Saturday, May 4th at 9:30am - So Sloppy it’s Good”
  • Giada at Home: Premieres Saturday, May 4th at 11:30am - Mexican Fiesta”
  • Guy’s Big Bite: Premieres Sunday, May 5th at 10:30am – “South of the Border Snapper”
  • Sandwich King: Premieres Sunday, May 5th at 11am - Mexican Fiesta”
Mother’s Day – Saturday, May 11th - Sunday, May 12th from 7am-12pm
Whether it’s a special breakfast in bed or a brunch with friends, Food Network chefs share their favorite family recipes for Mother’s Day.
Premiere episodes include:
  • Paula’s Best Dishes: Premieres Saturday, May 11th at 9:30am - Good Morning Savannah”
  • Giada at Home: Premieres Saturday, May 11th at 11:30am - Double Trouble Baby Shower”
  • Guy’s Big Bite: Premieres Sunday, May 12th at 10:30am - Cajun Pork Pride”
  • Sandwich King: Premieres Sunday, May 12th at 11am - Down Home Southern Sandwiches”
Grilling Week – Monday, May 27th - Saturday, June 1st from 8pm-11pm
Food Network celebrates the launch of the summer grilling season with a week of barbecue and grilling episodes.
Premiere episodes include:
  • Restaurant: Impossible – Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 10pm – “In the Pits”
  • Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – Premiering Monday, May 27th at 10pm - “Kings and Queens of ‘Cue”
  • Chopped – Premiering Tuesday, May 28th at 10pm - “Military Salute”
  • Restaurant Stakeout  - Premiering Wednesday, May 29th at 10pm - “Your Smokehouse is a JOKE-house”
  • Chopped – Premiering Thursday, May 30th at 9pm - “Cook Your Butt Off”
  • Mystery Diners – Premiering Friday, May 31st at 10pm - “Barbecue Blues”

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Marathons
Catch Monday night blocks of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives every Monday in May!
Daring Pairing Marathon on Monday, May 6th from 6pm – 12am
Classics Gone Crazy Marathon on Monday, May 13th from 6pm – 12am
All Around Flavortown Marathon 
on Monday, May 20th from 6pm – 12amMeat-A-Thon
on Monday, May 27th from 6pm – 12am


Cinco de Mayo
Throw the ultimate fiesta this May 5th with margaritas, tacos and authentic recipes from Aarón Sánchez and more.

Mother’s Day
Treat Mom to a delicious breakfast or brunch this Mother’s Day with favorite recipes from Giada De Laurentiis, Melissa D’Arabian and more. Plus, find out what Guy Fieri’s and Anne Burrell’s moms love to make for their kids.

Memorial Day
Celebrate the start of summer with a Memorial Day feast of burgers, salads and patriotic desserts from Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, Sunny Anderson and more.

Breakfast for Dinner
Move rise-and-shine favorites to the evening timeslot for a fun dinner. Try easy, family-favorite recipes from Alton Brown, Ree Drummond and Tyler Florence.

Grilling Central
Beginning May 13th, make your summer sizzle with the hottest roundup of grilling recipes around. In the only digital destination you need, you’ll find the top burgers, real-deal barbecue, a whole summer’s worth of cool-off sides plus where to go around the country for the season’s must-taste treats. Plan the ultimate cookout with Bobby Flay, Trisha Yearwood and Ree Drummond. Get in on our Summer Showdown featuring Melissa D’Arabian, Jeff Mauro, Justin Warner and other Food Network Star alums, along with your Chopped favorites like Ted Allen, Alex Guarnaschelli and Aarón Sánchez. We’ll be celebrating summer big this year with lots of great entertaining tips, party-planning ideas and easy menus.

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