Monday, April 22, 2013

Chef Marks The Spot - Another Food Network Pilot

Aliya LeeKong Chef Marks The Spot
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Tomorrow night after Chopped at 11pm ET, the Food Network will be airing another pilot.  This one is called 'Chef Marks the Spot.'  The description of the show states: "Two chefs are taken to an unfamiliar college campus, where they are tasked with finding ingredients in the dormitories to create a meal in a makeshift kitchen set up in the school's gymnasium."

This pretty much sounds like the recent pilot of Kitchen Ambush, but this uses college dorms rather than people's houses for the ingredients.

The first two contestants on the show are Ryan Depersio, who has appeared on Chopped in the past, and Aliya LeeKong, who is an accomplished chef from Junoon in New York City.  It also seems that David Rosengarten will be the host of the show.  You might remember David from the show Taste, which aired on the Food Network for eight years.

Right now, the only other times Chef Marks the Spot will be on are Tuesday at 11:00pm, Wednesday at 2:00am, Friday at 6:30pm, and Saturday at 1:00pm.

Let me know what you think after watching this show.  Think it will become a series, or suffer the same fate as Kitchen Ambush?

UPDATE - As someone pointed out in the comments, Zoe Feigenbaum was a competing chef on the show and Aliya LeeKong was a judge.  Zoe has been on Chef Academy on Bravo, Chopped (she was on in 2011 and chopped in the dessert round), and Paula's Best Dishes.


  1. Clearly Bob and Susie are reduced to throwing poop at the wall...

  2. It was ... okay. But Aliya was not the other contestant, she was a judge. The other chef was Zoe Feigenbaum

  3. I thought it was "meh"

  4. Meh. Not great, not horrible.

  5. Woulda been better with better contestants. And if they couldn't use the cafeteria to get food.

  6. I wish I could have seen the entire episode. What I was able to watch, looked like it had great potential. As I often say at the dinner table, More Please!

  7. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the pilot episode? I was the helicopter pilot and I missed it.