Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Food Network Gossip to Return in 2 Weeks

I will not be posting for 2 weeks, so there will be no recaps for the next 2 Food Network Star episodes.  Feel free to discuss these episodes in the comments, and look at the upcoming episode descriptions if you are interested.  I will be back for the predictable elimination 3 weeks from now.

Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell will premiere June 28th and take a look at some Food Network shows that will premiere in the future.  Comment away on anything that happens while I am gone.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Upcoming New Shows and Returning Shows on the Food Network

Just a look forward to the new series on Food Network that will be premiering soon.  This info was taken from a past press release from Food Network.

As stated before, Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell Premieres June 28th.

3 Nights to Open with Bobby Flay
Series Premiere: July 20
Bobby Flay, critically-acclaimed chef/owner of 14 restaurants, offers his expertise to first-time restaurateurs. Bobby arrives just in time, stepping in to save restaurants from opening without all the crucial elements in place, hoping to prevent an opening night-nightmare. Without Bobby’s sage advice, the restaurants would have little chance to succeed, but with less than a week to opening the doors to customers, Bobby works with the restaurateurs to see their business start off on the right foot.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Network Star Season 8 - Episode 6 Recap

Another episode in the books, and not too many surprises when it was pretty much guaranteed that someone from Team Giada was going to go home to even up the teams.

I will keep it short again this week with more random thoughts on each contestant:

Justin Warner - Continues to shine with his unique dishes, however, with the huge risks he takes with them, they could come back to haunt him if he misses badly.
Martie Duncan - Made a comeback this week with a strong performance.  Could it be the editing at Food Network making her look bad, then good no matter what she does?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Paula Deen Launching New Food Products and Is Shopping New Reality Cooking Show

Paula Deen New Show Food ChainPaula Deen was in the news for a few different things this week.  She has teamed with Nanco Foods to create Paula Deen Foods, which will expand on her already existing food products.  Paula Deen Foods will have products made using Paula's traditional recipes, as well as lighter versions of the recipes.  The plan is to have the new products in stores during the third quarter of 2012, so you may be seeing them soon.

Paula was also in the news as there are rumors that she is shopping a new TV show with the Zodiac USA production company.  The new show would be called 'Food Chain' and it would be a reality cooking competition based upon the hit show in Italy, Cuochi e Fiamme.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Food Network Star Season 8 Upcoming Episodes

Next Food Network Star Season 8From looking at the upcoming episode guides of Food Network Star, it looks like there will be one elimination per week for the next four weeks.  In the show before the final, with 6 contestants still remaining,  "the finalists who survive the drastic and dramatic cut will get to make pilots for their show produced by their mentor."  And in the Finale, "Bobby, Alton and Giada each share their favorite moments and discuss why they think their finalist should win during an emotional look back at remaining finalists' journey to the finale."

So as many of us suspected, the eliminations will be very predictable going forward for a few weeks as the Food Network tries to keep the teams even, which is one downside to using the mentors this year.  It looks like each team will have 2 people left before the finals, and everyone will shoot a pilot.  Then after the pilot, the mentors will only be able to advance 1 person to the finale where America will vote, which makes the last weeks elimination 3 people.  It also looks like someone will win a $20,000 gift card from Target in one of the episodes.

 Episode Guides:

Episode 6 - Premiering Sunday, June 17th at 9pm ET/PT
“Iron Chef Food Court”
Ten finalists remain to compete for the title of Food Network Star, and in this week’s challenge, each finalist must elevate food court dishes to culinary masterpieces, while still using ingredients found in a kiosk. The pressure is on when contestants learn they’re cooking not only for 150 hungry shoppers, but also for Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian (Iron Chef America), who will reveal a secret ingredient they must incorporate into their dishes.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Food Network Star - Season 8 - Episode 5 Recap

Guy Fieri Food Network StarWhere to begin with this weeks lackluster episode of Food Network Star?  This week the contestants have to do a live television special based on a special event while Guy Fieri tries to steal the show from them.  Team Giada gets a 'Game-Day' theme, Team Alton gets a 'Halloween theme', and Team Bobby gets a 'Cooking for Kids' theme.  The Food Network again set up a room with about 20 random people in it for their live audience.  This week, they didn't give out any $10,000 prizes as their budget went to bringing in kids to try the food for the 'Cooking for Kids' theme.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food Network Star Season 8 Look-Alikes

Eric Lee Look Alike Modern Family 
Eric Lee looks like the Asian version of Cameron from Modern Family.  Perhaps he is Lily's real father?

Josh Lyons Look Alike Joey Lawrence 
Woah!  Josh Lyon's looks a bit like Joey Lawrence.  Both also happen to be struggling musicians.

Justin Warner Look Alike Edward Cullen 
Justin Warner looks like 'Edward Cullen' from Twilight.  Maybe his lips are always so red from drinking blood.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay To Get Daytime Talk Show on CBS

Giada De Laurentiis Bobby Flay broke news today that CBS TV Distribution is finalizing a deal with Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis to develop a syndicated daytime talk show for Fall 2013, which will air live.

I am not too sure if this means they will cut back on their time on Food Network and focus on their new show, but I guess we will have to wait and see.  Does the thought of a live show with Bobby and Giada interest you?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chef Scott Conant Craves $5,000 Suits, Does Not Crave Raw Onions

Chopped judge Scott Conant had an article about him today on Bloomberg News describing his likes for $5,000 Zegna Suits, designer shoes and cowboy boots, and Cartier watches (Link).  Along with pictures of his attire in the article, Conant is quoted as saying, "I love custom- made suits and shirts as well. Once you wear a custom-made shirt, it’s almost impossible to go back. It’s like flying first-class and going back to economy. You’re ruined." This article seems to establish that his cockiness on Chopped is not an act and this is just how he is.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Food Network Star - Season 8 - Episode 4 Recap

Food Network Star Fashion Week
The theme of this weeks episode of Food Network Star was Fashion Week in New York.  To pull off fashion week, it looked like Food Network rented an empty warehouse and some folding chairs, and gathered 20 people off the street to watch the contestants in action.  The contestants were faced with the challenge of making over a bland dish, and making it look and taste great.  The winner of this challenge would also receive a $10,000 dollar gift card from Discover.  It's about time, with all the products that the Food Network is plugging during these episodes, that they share some of the wealth with the contestants.  Ted Allen was also there to help out with the evening.

Team Bobby is up first to present to the judges and 'crowd'.