Saturday, February 27, 2021

Worst Cooks in America Winner - Season 21

Sunday night at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network is the season 21 finale of Worst Cooks in America where the winner will take home a $25,000 prize and bragging rights for their mentor. Nobody was eliminated during the last episode, so there are actually four contestants remaining competing for the prize.  The final four contestants are JJ Hurt and Cameron Bartlett representing Anne Burrell's team and Amber Leverette and Chandali Gullick representing Carla Hall's team.

The episode description states, "To start off the final week in boot camp, the remaining recruits compete in a relay race that tests their speed, knowledge and skill in the kitchen. Then chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall teach their final two recruits how to make a three-course, restaurant-quality meal. For the last challenge, the two finalists put all their newly learned culinary skills to the test in order to impress a panel of culinary experts. Judges Adrienne Cheatham, JJ Johnson and George Mendes sample the recruits' dishes in a blind taste test and choose the winner of the $25,000 prize."

I will update this post with the winner once the episode airs and feel free to discuss the episode/season in the comments.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Kids Baking Championship Winner - Season 9

Tonight at 9pm ET on Food Network is the season 9 finale of Kids Baking Championship where the winning baker will take home the prize of $25,000 and a feature in Food Network Magazine.  The final two episodes will be played back-to-back and the winner will be revealed after the 10pm episode.

The four remaining bakers going into tonight's episodes are: Haylin Adams (Glasgow, KY; age 11), Jonah Anderson (Harrisburg, PA ; age 12), Keaton Ashton (Sugar City, ID; age 13), and Bella Luu (San Jose, CA; age 12).

The first episode description states, "Why have one kind of pie when you can have two? Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman task the four young bakers with creating a two-flavor sheet pan pie. Successfully making two different delicious pie fillings and a tasty crust plus great decorations will land three bakers in the finale."

The final episode description states, "For the finale, Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman focus on biomes -- large regions of Earth with specific climates that are home to certain types of living things. The three final bakers must make cakes based on a specific biome: rainforest, desert or coral reef. The young baker with the best biome cake earns $25,000 and the title of Kids Baking Champion!"

I will update this post with the season 9 winner of Kids Baking Championship once the episode airs and feel free to discuss the episode/season in the comments.

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