Saturday, February 27, 2016

Southern At Heart with Damaris Phillips Is Ending

Photo - Food Network
It appears that Southern At Heart with Food Network Star season 9 winner Damaris Phillips will be coming to an end after a final new episode on Sunday, February 28th.  Despite winning Food Network Star in 2013, Damaris was already on her fifth season of Southern at Heart.

Damaris Phillips posted the following message on her Facebook page today:
"Please tune in tomorrow at noon for the very last episode of Southern at Heart. As they often are, this ending is bitter sweet, but I am taking from the experience wonderful memories, life long friendships and an incredible group of fans who have supported me every step of the way. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kindness, and humor as I sometimes fumble. I look forward to sharing my new projects and will keep you as updated as my inept social media self can manage."
It isn't clear if it was Food Network's decision to end the show or if it was Damaris' decision.  The show has already had five seasons and the ratings for the show were just as good or better than other shows on Sunday such as Brunch @ Bobby's and Giada Entertains (Recent ratings - 1-3, 1-17, 1-31), so I don't think Food Network would decide to cancel it.

Perhaps her contract from Food Network Star ended and Damaris decided to move on or she is moving in another direction after her recent marriage.  I will try to find out the reason why Southern at Heart is ending and let you know if Damaris has future plans with Food Network.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Worst Cooks In America Season 8 Winner Crowned Tonight

Photo - Multivu
Tonight on Food Network is the season eight finale of Worst Cooks in America where the winner will receive $25,000.  The remaining two contestants are Nick Slater from California and Lawrence Crawford from New Jersey.

Here is more information about the final two from their contestant biographies:

Lawrence Crawford (Deptford, New Jersey): Military man Lawrence Crawford is a combat medic currently stationed in California who has no qualms jumping out of a plane, but can barely crack an egg. He’s competitive, lively, and a great dad to his three young kids, however his wife can only describe his cooking attempts as “dreadful.” His youngest son, who eats almost anything, runs away from Lawrence’s food and with his wife taking on a new job, he knows it’s time to apply his military discipline to learning to cook - and he’s definitely up for the task.
Nick Slater (Rancho Cucamonga, California): Nick is very active and physically fit, but his diet is far from ideal. He’s a picky eater with a long list of foods he won’t eat, including cheese, butter, pickles, ranch dressing and all condiments. When he tried to make pasta for his wife, he cooked the spaghetti for over an hour and the meal turned to mush. He realizes it’s important for his health and well-being to be able to make nutritious meals for himself and his wife to start their married life.

The ratings for this season have been very good for a show on Food Network and there is usually a poll on the Food Network site to see who people are rooting for, but I didn't see one this year.

I will update this post with the winner after the episode airs. UPDATE - Winner is after the break.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Food Network Series Cooks Vs. Cons To Premiere In March

Photo - Food Network
Another new competition show will be premiering on Food Network on March 17th called Cooks Vs. Cons.  The show will be hosted by Geoffrey Zakarian and will include a panel of rotating judges such as Kardea Brown, Josh Elkin, Graham Elliot and Daphne Oz.

In the hour long competition, there are four competitors (a combination of home cooks and trained professionals) that compete in each episode.  The judges do not know who are the home cooks and who are the professional chefs.  One of the four competitors is eliminated after a timed challenge similar to Chopped challenges where there is a secret ingredient they must use.  Then the final three compete head-to-head in another challenge with a secret ingredient and a winner is chosen.

If the winning dish is made by a professional they will take home $10,000, and if the winning dish is made by an amateur cook they will take home $15,000.

Full press release about the show is below:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Food Network's February 2016 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Better late than never...Here are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in February:
  • The new series Guy & Hunter's European Vacation premiering Friday, February 5th at 10pm
  • The finale of Worst Cooks in America on Sunday, February 14th, where the winner will receive $25,000.
  • The start of All-Star Academy on Sunday, February 14th where Andrew Zimmern, Robert Irvine, Curtis Stone, and Alex Guarnaschelli are the mentors and contestants compete for $50,000.
  • The finale of Kids Baking Championship on Monday, February 22nd with the winner taking home $25,000.
  • A Barefoot Contessa special in Paris on February 14th at 1pm.
  • New Primetime episodes of American Diner Revival, Beat Bobby Flay, Burgers, Brew & ‘Que, Cake Wars, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen (including one where William Shatner is a judge), Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guilty Pleasures, Guy’s Grocery Games, Mystery Diners and Top 5 Restaurants
  • New Daytime episodes of Brunch @ Bobby’s, Giada Entertains, Guy’s Big Bite, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, Southern at Heart, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen and Valerie’s Home Cooking
Press Release with episode descriptions and air dates is below:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bobby Flay and Chelsea Handler Spotted On A Date

Photos - Instagram/Food Network
According to Page Six, Food Network's Bobby Flay and comedian Chelsea Handler were spotted out on a dinner date in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday night.

Chelsea Handler had an interview on Ellen on Wednesday and told her she had a first date with someone famous that night.  She told Ellen, "A friend set us up. I’ve never met him but I know of him … You’d know him.”

Bobby is recently divorced (for the third time) and Chelsea has never been married.  Chelsea Handler has a new Netflix series called Chelsea Does, which covers things such as her dating.  Perhaps this could be something that could show up on the show?  I doubt this will amount to anything, but if it does, I will keep you updated.

(Page Six)