Monday, September 17, 2018

Good Eats: Reloaded Premieres October 15th on Cooking Channel

Alton Brown has been promising fans for quite some time that Good Eats would return to television.  When Alton made an announcement about it last year, he said it would be called Return of the Eats, but it appears the show is now called Good Eats: Reloaded.

Alton Brown posted this on his social media accounts: "I’m revisiting the Good Eats library and renovating some classic episodes by adding new scenes, new science and new recipes. The result: Good Eats: Reloaded. Premieres October 15 at 9pm ET on Cooking Channel."

I find it interesting that they chose to put Good Eats: Reloaded on Cooking Channel rather than Food Network.  With the cult following of Good Eats, it would probably have had good ratings on Food Network.

So if you have been waiting for Good Eats to return, you can mark your calender for October 15th at 9pm.

UPDATE - It seems like Good Eats: Reloaded may be separate from Return of the Eats and Return of the Eats will premiere at a later date.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Food Network Star Winner Christian Petroni Competes on Beat Bobby Flay

Christian Petroni Beat Bobby Flay
Photo - Twitter
Christian Petroni, the most recent (co-) winner of Food Network Star will be competing on Beat Bobby Flay tonight at 10pm on Food Network.

The episode is described as: "The tables are turned when past Beat Bobby Flay judges Christian Petroni and Leah Cohen return to the kitchen to take matters into their own hands. Cooking Channel's Laura Vitale and Chef Jet Tila judge the judges to deliver the verdict on who will serve Bobby justice."

Christian has been a judge on the show before, but this is his first time competing on Beat Bobby Flay.  I also don't think this is his "prize" for winning Food Network Star and this was probably filmed a while ago.  Appearing on Beat Bobby Flay was Bobby Flay's hope of a consolation prize for Manny.

I will update this post after the episode airs to let you know how Christian did on tonight's episode of Beat Bobby Flay.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis Appear in New Scooby Doo Movie

Today a new Scooby Doo movie called Scooby-Doo! and the Gourmet Ghost was released on DVD and online.  Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis appear in the cartoon movie and do the voice over work for their characters.

The description of the movie states:

"Pull up a chair, tuck in that napkin, and get ready for a 5-star meal of mystery with Scooby-Doo and the gang, as we hit the road to visit the Rocky Harbor Culinary Resort to meet Fred’s uncle, world-famous chef Bobby Flay. Mystery Inc. quickly learns that this state-of-the-art cooking resort isn’t all steak and potatoes after they find out about the legend of the Red Ghost, and the unsolved disappearance of Bobby Flay’s great ancestor chef. When the mysterious Red Ghost returns in disastrous fashion to haunt the inn, the gang teams up with Bobby and his culinary pal Giada De Laurentiis, to dig in for clues and serve up justice. Will history repeat itself and find another world-famous chef missing? Get ready to take a bite out of this gourmet mystery filled with loads of good eating, tasty laughs and even better twists and turns!"

Chopped judge Marcus Samuelsson also appears in the movie.  Below is a preview video of the movie and the photo above is of the cartoon versions of Giada and Bobby.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Food Network's September 2018 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Here are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in September:
  • A new series called Baked with comedian Tom Papa premiering Monday, September 3rd at 10pm. "He travels the country to find the best sweet and savory bread and baked goods"
  • A new series called Bite Club hosted by Tyler Florence starting on Thursday, September 6th at 9pm.  He travels to different cities and five chefs (two will judge) battle it out to become the hometown champ.  This premiered after the finale of The Great Food Truck Race.
  • A new series called Big Food Truck Tip with Andrew Zimmern starting on Wednesday, September 19th at 10pm.  He will visit different cities and ends up giving a food truck a $10,000 tip.
  • The season finale of Kids Baking Championship on Monday, September 17th at 9pm.
  • The season finale of Worst Cooks in America on Sunday, September 23rd at 9pm.
  • A new season of Halloween Baking Championship on Monday, September 24th at 9pm. 
  • A new season of Halloween Wars on Sunday, September 30th at 9pm.  There are also specials -Road to Halloween Wars premiering at 8pm and Even More Monstrous Scares at 10pm. 
  • New primetime episodes of Beat Bobby Flay, Big Food Truck Tip, Chopped, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy’s Grocery Games and Triple D Nation
  • New daytime episodes of Let’s Eat, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman and Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.  Note that despite the press release saying Let's Eat is at 11am, it has since been moved to 9am, most likely due to low ratings.

A press release with episode descriptions and air dates is below:

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Great Food Truck Race Winner Crowned Tonight

Tonight at 9pm on Food Network is the season 9 finale of The Great Food Truck Race where the winner will go home with $50,000.  If you read the preview/spoiler post from our site, you know that the final two trucks are Just Wing It and New England Grill.

The final episode is two hours long and the description of tonight's episode states, "The final two teams head back to Los Angeles, where Tyler Florence welcomes them to the historic Pueblo de Los Angeles, the epicenter of LA's Mexican heritage and culture. He introduces Bricia Lopez, co-owner of James Beard-award winning restaurant Guelaguetza, and they explain the Mexican ingredients and flavors the trucks will be using in their final challenge: chayote and habanero peppers. Both trucks pull out all the stops for the win, but only one team is awarded the $50,000 grand prize."

Just Wing It is comprised of Worst Cooks in America alumni and it seems that neither food truck plans on using the prize money to open up a food truck business, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

I will update this post with the winner of season 9 of The Great Food Truck Race after the episode airs and you can discuss the episode below.

Continue Reading to find out the winner...

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Worst Cooks in America Premieres - Anne Burrell vs. Robert Irvine

Photo - Multivu
Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on Food Network is the season 14 premiere of Worst Cooks in America that features Anne Burrell going up against Robert Irvine.  Anne and Robert faced off in season 2 of Worst Cooks in America back in 2011 and Anne's recruit won that season.  This season will be seven episodes long and the winner will go home with a prize of $25,000 and the bragging rights for their mentor.

As is normally the case, many of the contestants on the show are probably looking for their 15 minutes of fame and here who will be competing this year:

  • Copan Combs (Stillwater, Oklahoma)
  • Robbie Deraffele (Hackensack, New Jersey)
  • Marcus Ellis (Queens, New York)
  • Bradley Garcia (Miami, Florida)
  • Sarah Harris (Porum, Oklahoma)
  • Janese Henry (Spring Lake, North Carolina)
  • Linda Martin (Manchester, New Hampshire)
  • Jessica Paulson (Oakley, California)
  • Mary Ann Rapisarda (Valdosta, Georgia)
  • Rudy Rehberg (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Frank Scuderi (Maple Shade, New Jersey)
  • Timmy Thok (New York, New York)
  • Carla Waddell (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • Kimberly D. Worthy (Atlanta, Georgia)

Feel free to discuss this season of Worst Cooks in America in the comments below and I will probably post a preview of the finale later in the season.

The full press release about this season from multivu is below and you can read episode descriptions and contestant bios here:

Friday, August 10, 2018

New Food Network Show Let's Eat Premieres Sunday

Photo - Food Network
Let's Eat is a new daytime series starting on Sunday, August 12th at 11am ET/PT with co-hosts Brandi Milloy, Stuart O’Keeffe, and Jamika Pessoa.  The co-hosts will discuss "flavorful dishes, to popular restaurant trends, and to the latest food fads captivating social media." The will also be "joined by special culinary guests, as well as experts from Food Network Kitchen, as they explore everything that is current in the culinary world, and share tips, tricks, and mouthwatering recipes to make your time in the kitchen a breeze."

The description of Let's Eat sounds very similar to Food Network's Kitchen Sink, but obviously with different co-hosts.  When Kitchen Sink premiered, it was described as:

"Over 13 half-hour episodes, the co-hosts along with special guests take a look at the latest culinary trends, offer up kitchen hacks and time-saving shortcuts, while sharing delicious new recipes for every occasion, including inspired culinary delights from the latest and greatest digital food frontier. In addition to culinary tips, trends and techniques, the co-hosts serve up delicious recipes to make at home; from Sunday brunch to a Saturday night party including an epic take on a cinnamon roll, Super Easy Sloppy Sliders for a do-it-yourself party menu, a weeknight pasta dish using only five ingredients, nachos with a twist and many more. THE KITCHEN Sink will also step out of the studio and on to the streets with Sink on the Street, going on location for a deep dive into popular food trends and the culinary delights they inspire"

If you are wondering about the hosts, they have all appeared on Food Network in the past.  Brandi Milloy has appeared on Guy’s Grocery Games, Food Network Star and Chopped Junior; Stuart O’Keeffe has appeared on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills and Chopped; and Jamika Pessoa has competed on Food Network Star and is a judge on new show Ultimate Summer Cook-Off.  

The full press release about Let's Eat is below:

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Food Network Star Winner Crowned Tonight

Tonight at 9pm ET on Food Network is the season 14 finale of Food Network Star where the winner will be announced. The final three contestants are Manny Washington, Christian Petroni and Jess Tom. On the episode tonight, we will get to see each of their full pilots as well as the top moments from this season. Manny Washington's pilot was directed by Duff Goldman, Jess Tom's pilot by Robert Irvine and Christian Petroni's by Sunny Anderson. A poll on this website reveals that people are rooting for Christian the most, followed by Manny second and then Jess in a distant third. The winner of Food Network Star is no longer determined by viewer voting, so it could be anybody that wins.

There is no guarantee that the season 14 winner of Food Network Star will get a show, so we will have to see if anything is announced for the winner after tonight's episode.  The pilots shot and shown on this episode seem to be more of a final challenge rather than an actual show Food Network is considering creating.  With that said, all of the pilots were traveling type shows where the contestants try other people's food and the pilots were not a show where the contestants cook their own food.

I will update this post once the winner is announced and will also update the post with any information about the winner's show (if there is one).

Continue reading to find out who won (Spoiler):

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Food Network Star Season 14 Winner - Poll

Photo - Food Network Twitter
Season 14 of Food Network Star is down to the final three contestants and each of them have filmed their pilot.  Manny Washington's pilot was directed by Duff Goldman, Jess Tom's pilot by Robert Irvine and Christian Petroni's by Sunny Anderson.  We got glimpses of what their pilot is about, but the full pilots will not be shown until next week's episode.  This makes it so it is hard to determine who did the best or what their pilot is even about until next week.

There is always a poll on this site to determine who people are rooting for to win Food Network Star.  So vote below to let everyone know who you want to win and feel free to discuss in the comments. Last year Jason Smith was the overwhelming favorite in the poll and ended up winning the competition.

UPDATE - BOTH Jess Tom and Christian Petroni were named winners.

Food Network Star Episode 8 Elimination

Photo - Food Network Twitter
Tonight on Food Network Star, the final three contestants were joined by the winner of Star Salvation to make there be four finalists again.  The winner of Star Salvation was Jess Tom and she rejoined the competition.

For the challenge on tonight's episode, the four contestants had to cook a dish that displayed their culinary style and the eliminated contestants were there to serve as sous chefs.  Manny had Samone, Christian had Palak, Amy had Harrison, and Jess had Rebekah as their sous chef.  The final three then had to present their dish to the camera.  Previous Food Network Star winners Tregaye Fraser and Jason Smith were there to help Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay judge the challenge.  The judges decided that Amy Pottinger would be the finalist eliminated and she did not get to shoot a pilot.

The three finalists who shot pilots were Christian Petroni, Manny Washington, and Jess Tom.  The pilots were directed by Sunny Anderson, Duff Goldman, and Robert Irvine.  Robert Irvine directed Jess's pilot, Sunny Anderson directed Christian Petroni's, and Duff Goldman directed Manny Washington's.

The winner of season 14 of Food Network Star will be revealed next week.  I will have a poll up shortly to see who everybody is rooting for to win although there is no actual voting by the audience this year.

UPDATE - Here is a link to the poll.