Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chopped After Hours - New Web Series From Food Network

Chopped After Hours
Photo - Food Network
Ever want to see the Chopped judges face the same ingredient baskets that the competitors on Chopped have to deal with?  Now you will get your chance with Chopped After Hours, which is a web series set to air on the Food Network site.

From the Food Network Blog:
"They’ll cook against the clock in the same amount of time as traditional contestants, but among these friends and colleagues there will be as much eating, drinking and playful joking happening at each station as there is high-quality food preparation. None of the judges will settle for creating anything less than masterful meals, but they know well how to balance work and play — and will surely make time for a cocktail or two and even subject their fellow judges to a few hilariously timed interruptions."

The first episode is set to be online April 30th at 10pm on the Chopped webpage, with a second one planned for May 7th at 10pm.  Cynopsis Media has said that "The plan is to air 10 total episodes at various times through the end of the year."  It is not clear if the judges will be judged by other people, or will just be making dishes from the baskets for fun.  The picture from the Food Network Blog above has Aaron Sanchez, Chris Santos, and Marc Murphy making dishes in the kitchen.  I would assume other judges would also be doing this with 10 total episodes planned.

So after watching the judges compete on Chopped All Stars, you will also be able to see them cooking on the online series Chopped After Hours.

UPDATE - Here is the first episode

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