Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Kitchen Sink With Tregaye Fraser To Premiere January 15th

Photo - Food Network
When Tregaye Fraser won season 12 of Food Network Star, it was announced that she would be a co-host on The Kitchen Sink.  A new 13-episode season of The Kitchen Sink will begin on Saturday, January 15th at 11am ET/PT with Tregaye Fraser as one of the co-hosts.  The other co-hosts are Spike Mendelsohn (Top Chef, Iron Chef, etc) and Fanny Slater (cookbook author who won Rachael Ray's cookbook contest).  They will also be joined by special guests each episode.

A press release states:
"Over 13 half-hour episodes, the co-hosts along with special guests take a look at the latest culinary trends, offer up kitchen hacks and time-saving shortcuts, while sharing delicious new recipes for every occasion, including inspired culinary delights from the latest and greatest digital food frontier. In addition to culinary tips, trends and techniques, the co-hosts serve up delicious recipes to make at home; from Sunday brunch to a Saturday night party including an epic take on a cinnamon roll, Super Easy Sloppy Sliders for a do-it-yourself party menu, a weeknight pasta dish using only five ingredients, nachos with a twist and many more. THE KITCHEN Sink will also step out of the studio and on to the streets with Sink on the Street, going on location for a deep dive into popular food trends and the culinary delights they inspire."

The first season of The Kitchen Sink had 6 episodes, which rotated co-hosts Marcella Valladolid, Katie Lee, Geoffrey Zakarian, Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro.  It appears they will not be on this season as co-hosts, but may appear on the show as special guests.

If you are interested, the first four episode descriptions of The Kitchen Sink are below:

Foods You Didn't Know You Wanted
Kitchen Sink kicks off with a new way to weave bacon into every bite of breakfast, then Tregaye Fraser and Jeff Mauro take nachos to a new level with twists on the classic snack food. Inspired by the pizza pot pie, Fanny Slater wows with her combination of pizza and quesadillas. Finally, the Sink hits the streets to see one of the hottest dessert trends then shows how to make twists on ice cream cones at home. (Episode: SI0201H)

Carbs on Carbs
The carbs-on-carbs menu kicks off with an over the top sandwich cake, then Spike Mendelsohn and Tregaye Fraser demonstrate two inexpensive weeknight pasta dishes that are just five ingredients each. Frozen fries get a makeover with two different takes in a skillet, and finally, Katie Lee brings carbs to dessert with a four-ingredient twist on the classic apple pie. (Episode: SI0202H)

The Ultimate Party Menu
Spike Mendelsohn kicks off the show with his Super Easy Sloppy Sliders that will feed a crowd. Then, Sunny Anderson mashes up three crowd favorites into a Mozzarella Stick Pizza Onion Rings appetizer and puts a spin on the classic loaded baked potato. The hosts check in with our Food Network Kitchen correspondent, Vivian Chan, who shares the latest boozy trends. Then, inspired by the trends, the hosts create a dessert taco bar. (Episode: SI0203H)

Sunday Sunday: Brunch
Things kick off with an enormous egg sandwich that will feed 12 people, then Fanny Slater introduces an epic cinnamon roll. Plus, the hosts make a cake that masquerades as America's favorite breakfast food and whip up pancakes with surprises inside! (Episode: SI0204H)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Food Network's December 2016 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Below are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air on the channel in December.  There are once again a lot of new Chopped episodes (all varieties) and a lot of holiday themed shows/specials. The Holiday Baking Championship will crown its winner on December 18th and there will also be a Holiday Baking Championship special on Christmas that brings in three previous champions and three fan favorites from Kids Baking Championship.  The Jonas Brothers will be featured in a special called Jonas Restaurant: Family Style where their family opens up a restaurant in North Carolina.

The press release with episode descriptions and air dates is below: