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Robert Irvine Trying Out A Live, Online Cooking Event

Robert Irvine Live Event
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Food Network's Robert Irvine is going to try to have a live, online cooking event with his fans on Wednesday, May 29th.  There will be two different times for this event, which are 6:30 and 9:30 EDT.

The way it will work is you have to sign up for a StageIt account, and the first 500 people for each time will need to pay $5, with the remaining people paying $10.  Robert will send everyone who signs up a list of ingredients needed for the event.  You will then need to go out and buy those ingredients, and will use them during the cooking event to cook along with Robert.  The event is supposed to be 30 minutes of cooking, then 20 minutes of Questions and Answers.

Details from Robert Irvine's Website below:

Dinner with Robert Irvine Wednesday, May 29
"There are few things I love more than to make a meal with family and friends. But I have often wondered, what if there was a way to cook with all of my friends and fans, around the world and have that meal together.

Thousands of people, all making the same meal, at the same time, and enjoying it together. Sound impossible? You know me… Nothing is impossible!

One night, one meal, and we’re all going to cook it together.

I’ll send you the shopping list, and a few tips and tricks and we’ll cook dinner together. Don’t worry about the recipes, I’ll teach you how to cook everything…live, online and in real time.

So join me in this groundbreaking event Wednesday, May 29 – 6:30 EDT and 9:30EDT. One Night. One Meal. One Global Family.

I’ll see you there! You can buy tickets for the 6:30 EDT or 9:30 EDT event NOW!! Just like all of my other live events, a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit our wounded warriors and veterans.

Here’s How It Works

First you will need an account on StageIt is our online provider, and will be streaming the event. Second, you will need to purchase a ticket to the show. Third, you will need the ingredients on the shopping list. And lastly, login, take your laptop to the kitchen and follow along. There will be two events at 6:30 EDT and 9:30 EDT so it will work with your schedule. Purchase your ticket for whichever event you prefer and you will receive all the instructions you need right to your inbox!"

Here is the link to the Stageit event page as well as Frequently Asked Questions from Robert's Website that has a bit more info.

Think this event will work out?  Has anyone signed up for the event yet?  I would love to hear how it goes if any of you participate.

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