Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chopped All-Stars Competitors Announced - Begins April 7th

We knew Chopped All-Stars was coming back for a third season, but we didn't know the actual competitors that were going to appear on the show.  We now know the competitors after a press release today detailing who will be on the five episode series.  The series will start on Sunday, April 7th at 9pm EST and the finale will be on Sunday, May 5th with the winning chef getting $50,000 for their charity.  The categories for the first 4 episodes are: Food Network Vs. Cooking Channel, Mega Chefs, Chopped Judges, and Celebrities.  See the competitors and judges for each episode after the jump:

Part 1: “Food Network vs. Cooking Channel” Premieres Sunday, April 7th at 9pm ET/PT
Competitors: Nadia G., Jeff Mauro, Gabriele Corcos, Sunny Anderson
Judges: Chris Santos, Geoffrey Zakarian, Maneet Chauhan

Part 2: “Mega Chefs” Premieres Sunday, April 14th at 9pm ET/PT
Competitors: Elizabeth Falkner, Chuck Hughes, Gavin Kaysen, Richard Blais
Judges: Chris Santos, Marcus Samuelsson, Maneet Chauhan

Part 3: “Chopped Judges” Premieres Sunday, April 21st at 9pm ET/PT
Competitors: Alex Guarnaschelli, Amanda Freitag, Scott Conant, Marc Murphy
Judges: Aarón Sánchez, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcus Samuelsson

Part 4: “Celebrities” Premieres Sunday, April 28th at 9pm ET/PT
Competitors: Johnny Weir, Joey Fatone, Laila Ali, Judy Gold
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcus Samuelsson

Part 5: “Finale” Premieres Sunday, May 5th at 9pm ET/PT
Judges: Aáron Sanchez, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcus Samuelsson

Looks like Geoffrey Zakarian gets to judge Alex Guarnaschelli again, which could irk some people as it did on The Next Iron Chef.  If Alex Guarnaschelli and Elizabeth Falkner make it to the finale and Alex wins again, some people will definitely be angry.

Who do you want to win?  And who do you think will take home the prize?  I would say the celebrities have no shot.

Link to Press Release


  1. Oh, they should have had a round of "home cooks," like in that laughter episode of "Chopped" a couple of Sundays back that appeared to have been filled by rejects from "The Worst Cooks in America."

  2. Scott Constant all the way!

  3. I hate auto correct! I typed Conant!

  4. Yess i knew Falkner would have her shot here... i hope she wins it overall ...... im disappointed that since they 'ran out' of their normal judges (aside from Scott Conant) that they had to recycle judges that have competed before(I was also hoping that instead of Ted hosting he should be asked to compete, itd be awesome to see how he does in the Chopped kitchen)... Jeff Mauro is getting a redemption, although he didnt compete in All-Stars he competed in that special Food Network Stars Winners episode in which Aarti won... that round is hard to predict tho... Were all rooting for Liz since she was robbed twice of the iron che title she clearly deserved, but she is up against some stiff competition, I dont care much for Gavin but I know he can cook, Richard Blais is a favorite from Top Chef, and Chuck is just a loveable guy.... in the Judges round I actually want Amanda to win it since she was so impressive on NIC this past season... and im a little shocked that the Celebreties round isnt all competetors from the Rachael vs Guy thing ... we know how Joey and Johnny cook but Laila and Judy will be a mystery..

    Cant wait.. last season underwhelmed me as I didnt care for any of the final 4 and really cared less that Marcus Samuelsson won...

  5. The Home Cooks episode was just premiered this past Sunday ... and why would they have home cooks in a All-Stars tournament?

  6. It was actually the "Fan Favorites" of a couple of Sundays back.  Four utter incompetents.  I was hoping the judges would chop all four after the first round.  Embarrassing.

  7. Can't wait to see Joey Fatone!!!

  8. Ooh, Joey Fatone is going up against his former DWTS competitor, Laila Ali. I hope he's learned enough from "My Family Recipe Rocks" to win the episode.

  9. Hope Falkner takes the entire thing...she is far and away superior to ANY other competitors or PAST competitors and has been robbed in past competitions. 

    Love Alex Guaranschelli, but she really didn't deserve to win over Freitag.  That said, although I believe Freitag is the superior chef, her whiney personality leaves me cold, and I would not have wanted to see her as an Iron Chef...much prefer Alex's take-charge personality.  I would never have watched Freitag on Iron Chef.

  10. Wow I totally disagree with your Freitag comments.. I never found her to be whiney and she got robbed (not as badly Faulkner tho) of the title ... I find Alex to be overbearing at times and she was really boring last season and I felt the judges let her get by... Alex waited til the finale to perform while Freitag was working her ass off the whole time .. maybe its the whole Freitag is one of the few girly chefs out there since most of the top women chefs are pretty much bruts in the kitchen since they have to compete in a male dominating field and thats perhaps why you see Freitag as whiney but really shes just practical and is more of a sweetheart...

  11. On another side note.. glad that Maneet Chauhan is more a part of judging this time, out of the regular judges she still isnt seen as much as the others I know its partially because she was pregnant and then had her baby but stil... she is one of the most calm chefs ive ever seen and I really like that about her.. during her season of NIC i remember he judges ripping her apart but she took all criticism with grace and never seemed to be faded by it and even on here theres been a few times that chefs have been rude to her not accepting her critiques but she never acts out of character instead tends to look down upon them like the idiots they are!

    I still cant wait for this one just hope Its not as disappointing as the last one

  12. Personally, I'm tired of seeing the same FN faces everywhere. I think it's time for most of them to move on to other things. Don't they have restaurants to run?

  13. An Iron Chef on Chopped? C'mon. There are too many Iron Chefs (US) anyway but they have their own show. The rest of the Chopped shows are compelling