Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moss' Prime Rib From Restaurant Impossible To Close

Restaurant Impossible ClosingMoss's Prime Rib, which appeared on season 3 of Restaurant Impossible announced on their Facebook Page, that they will be closing on April 13.  The episode of Moss's Prime Rib originally aired in February of 2012 on the Food Network.  The owner was previously trying to sell the restaurant at auction in December of 2012, but it did not sell (link).

In a post from their Facebook Page, they stated:

"With much regret and a very saddened heart, today we have been forced to make the unfortunate decision to close Moss' of Downtown Elyria. As of April 13th we will be closing the doors for the last time. It has truly been a pleasure to serve our great friends and customers. Over the past eleven years, so many of you have come into Moss' as a customer and now we are so very proud to have turned those relationships into a great and lasting friendships. We do hope that over the next week and a half that many of you will stop in to say "arrivederci" as we all at Moss' begin the next chapter of our lives.

Sadly yours,
Sandi, Sam, Gary (chef), Grant (server, cook), Richard (server), Jody (bartender), Rob (dishwasher), Collin (cook) "

I have updated the Restaurant Impossible Update page (found at the top of site) to reflect this closing.  This restaurant is the 15th restaurant that has closed from Restaurant Impossible through five seasons according to my research.


  1. What a disgrace! Bad service & Food. After Chef Irvine dedicated his time to help save this restaurant, what a waste of his time. Some things never change! That's why your restaurant failed because you decided to blow it and go back to your old ways. Its an INSULT to Chef Irvine & Food Network! I know a few locals in Elyeria and they told me about the rudeness of staff & the horrendous food, so people of Moss's you blew it! As a culinary professional I am appalled by your actions and trust me your story isn't a sad one its that you people decided to sink the restaurant and go back to your old ways. Its embarrassing and all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. When the old owner owned it, that was a true Moss experience! But when he gave it up, ever since its been ran by a bunch of numbskulls, the new owner should be a ashamed of herself, you were under oath on camera and made a fool of yourself! Moss's needs a Brand new Culinary Team & ownership not despicable people!

  2. Damn, nigga, you got told!

  3. IT's a fun show to watch, but in all realality your not going to change many pepole in two days....R.I. got his hands full but it's just a show. ..As a whole Food Network is going down the hill. Seems all the old favorite cooks are gone or can,t keep thrir mouth shut.

  4. Sandi you're restaurant CLOSED because you're very rude and your son is a loser

  5. I'm sorry for you Sandi, what will you do now?

  6. The place was appalling, the food terrible, the staff atrocious and the prices outrageous.
    It was such a good restaurant before Sandi got her hooks into it.
    Even Robert Irvine couldn't save this one folks...