Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell - Victor's Cafe

Victors Cafe New YorkTonight on Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, Anne is hoping to find an executive chef for Victor's Cafe in New York City.   Victor's Cafe has been in business for 50 years without an executive chef, and they are hoping Anne Burrell can help with finding their first one.  This is the 2nd to last episode of this season, so maybe one of the next two episodes will actually have a chef staying at the restaurant.

There wasn't much info about this episode on the Internet, and Victor's Cafe hasn't really mentioned anything about it either.  Victor's Facebook Page has a lot of mentions of the celebrities that have eaten there, so maybe this is another case of a restaurant looking for more publicity.  Hopefully not, but I will update this post with the winner after the episode airs, and if the chef is still at the restaurant.

Both chefs had a great dinner service, but Ted Torres from Philadelphia ended up winning this episode of Chef Wanted.

Ted Torres Chef Wanted
Photo - LinkedIn

And SURPRISE, Ted did not take the job and decided to stay at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia.  Only 1 more episode left of this joke of a show.

UPDATE - A local story from 5/9/2013 has Ted Torres stating "Despite my interest in winning, I didn’t necessarily participate to find a new job.  I wanted to sample the experience and see what it could bring.”

The article also states, "Having informed personnel he would listen to the job offer’s specifics, Torres decided to turn down the position for a few reasons, including only a marginal difference existing between his current salary and prospective wages. With New York City’s cost of living topping Philadelphia’s, he would not have been able to thrive and feared having to subsist."


  1. They should just post the next weeks winner-but-didn't-take-the-job video now and can this joke of a show now. It's pathetic. Just rerun some Good Eats episodes in its place - those we will watch.

  2. Bring back Chef Hunter! That was about the chefs and the competition, not about trotting Anne Burrell in front of the camera again. I see that their first-ever winner, Nyesha Arrington, is still at the Wilshire in the job they placed her in. Chef Wanted is a joke and not a good one.

  3. Stopped watching this show some time ago and now just enjoy laughing at the recaps. Has anybody seen any ratings? Just curious if anyone is actually still watching this.

  4. Too bad. This was the one guy I thought had a chance to stay. This show is absurd.

  5. I stopped watching this show. It's time they remove it from their lineup. Love Anne. VERY dissappoointed in the show.

  6. I'd rather see "Secrets of a Restaurant CHef". I actually learned something from that show.

  7. Totally agree. Anne is much, much better when she is being a chef and instructing viewers and not trying to sell viewers with some foghorn-style personality.