Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reminder - Chopped After Hours Tonight

Photo - Food Network
Chopped After Hours, a web-series where Chopped judges face the same ingredient baskets that the competitors on Chopped have to deal with, will have its first episode online tonight.  As the new episode of Chopped is on at 10pm, it should be online at 11pm, and the judges will face the same ingredients those competitors had.  The episode will be available on the Food Network's Chopped website -> Link. (Update - it is available below now)

Tonight's Chopped After Hours says, "Alex Guarnaschelli hosts as Chopped judges Chris Santos, Marc Murphy and Aarón Sánchez attempt to conquer a basket featuring both fish and a chocolate candy bar."

Next week's web episode states, "Ted Allen hosts as Alex Guarnaschelli, Maneet Chauhan and Marc Murphy cook with a basket featuring an unexpected jarred food and pork butt."

Those are the only 2 episodes scheduled now, but there should be more in the future as they plan to air 10 of them.  It doesn't sound like the judges are actually competing against each other and being chopped, but I guess we will see.  I will update this post with a quick recap of the first web episode once it is online.

UPDATE - The Chopped After Hours episode is below (8 mins):

It is not a competition at all and just has the judges making one dish with the ingredients.  It is pretty laid back and they all taste their dishes together while discussing them.  Also, it is after they saw the competitors face the same ingredients, so there are no surprises to them and they had plenty of time to think about what to make.  I feel like they should have made it a competition of some sort.

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