Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chef Wanted Updates - Season Three Premieres Tonight

Tonight at 10pm is the Season Three premiere of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, so I figured now was the time to get the Chef Wanted Update page created.  The link to the Chef Wanted Update Page is here (it is also at the header of the website),and it will track whether winning chefs took the job at their episode's restaurant or not, and if they are still currently at the restaurant.

After two seasons, the current numbers are: 8 of 19 chefs accepted the job, 11 of 19 chefs rejected the job, and 5 of the 19 winning chefs are still at their episode's restaurant.  So, the show doesn't seem to be having much success with finding chefs to fill these positions (below 50%).

Here are some possible reasons why:

  • It is up to the restaurant to offer the salary and package, rather than the Food Network, so contestants probably go into the filming not knowing what the salary of job will be.  Other shows have a specific reward (Chopped = $10,000), where the reward for Chef Wanted ("opportunity of a lifetime/dream job") probably depends on the restaurant.
  • The casting of the show - A lot of the time, the chef's on the show are not local, so would have to relocate to take the job.  Five episodes have been filmed in New York, and none took the job there, probably due to high cost of living.
  • Both restaurants and chef's probably apply to be on the show to get the free publicity of being on national TV to help build their brand.  Restaurant's may not even be looking for a chef, and chef's may not even be in need of a job.

Let's see if there are any adjustments to the upcoming season, and if they are more successful at finding chefs to take the job.  It seems the first few they air each season take the job, so expect some success early on.

I will keep the update page up-to-date after each episode and may do some posts on specific episodes, but I will probably not do a post for every episode this season.  So check the update page to see the updates for all upcoming episodes.

If Season Three has 13 episodes, what is your prediction on the number of chef's accepting the job?


  1. Bring back Chef Hunter! Those chefs actually TOOK the jobs.

  2. Thanks for this! The record is actually far better than I thought.

  3. Thanks for doing the legwork! It would be interesting to know how the "Chef Hunter" jobs worked out, for comparison's sake.

  4. According to a local restaurant website, the Winner of the Bistro episode at the Bacara in Santa Barbara (I think the second episode of the season) is indeed the Chef opening the restaurant.

  5. Chef Tin was the best Owner/Executive Chef that I saw. Most of the owners are arrogant SOB's that I would never want to work for...and they probably offer the chosen chef a salary just above minimum....

  6. Has anyone noticed that Anne isn't yelling and screaming this season as she has done in previous seasons? I feel she has also toned down her attitude toward the contestants and speaks in a 'kinder, gentler' voice, which I think is much better.