Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Watch Ted Allen Cook in Chopped Kitchen on 'Chopped After Hours'

Photo - Facebook
Ted Allen has been hosting Chopped for hundreds of episodes and has yet to cook in the Chopped kitchen until the latest episode of Chopped After Hours.  While it is not a competition like Chopped All-Stars or anything, you still get to see Ted cook under the same conditions.  The other judges cooking with Ted Allen are Marc Murphy and Maneet Chauhan, while Chris Santos hosts the episode.  They all tackle the same ingredients that were on Chopped last night, which include crab legs, sweet vermouth, asparagus, and Mexican wedding cookies.

Video of the Chopped After Hours episode is after the jump:


  1. Loved it! Ted can seriously cook.

  2. That's Chris Santos, not Chris Cosentino. LOL Anyhow, I'm a huge fan of Chopped and enjoy these after hours bits. Love Ted, love Marc. Maneet is gorgeous. I used to loathe Chris until I saw him being himself and not judging. I like him a lot better now.

  3. haha, good catch.. An autofill/multi-tasking mistake. Fixed now