Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Great Food Truck Race Season 4 - Spoilers and Preview

Great Food Truck Race Season 4
Photo - Food Network
The fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race is set to start on Sunday, August 18th at 9pm on the Food Network.  It is taking the Sunday night primetime spot of Food Network Star and Tyler Florence is once again hosting.  This season is being touted as the longest route in series history and spans 4,181 miles.  They are again using contestants that currently do not have a food truck and the contestants are competing to win a food truck and $50,000.

There are eight teams competing this season, and they are:
Aloha Plate (Los Angeles, Maui and Oahu, Hawaii), Boardwalk Breakfast Empire (Sea Bright, N.J.), Bowled and Beautiful (Los Angeles), Frankfootas (New York), Murphy’s Spud Truck (Los Angeles), Philly’s Finest Sambonis (Philadelphia), The Slide Show (Los Angeles) and Tikka Tikka Taco (St. Louis).

While the contestants are forbidden to talk about anything about the show, that doesn't stop other people from writing about it, so continue reading if you would like to know some spoilers and eliminations for each of the seven episodes.

  • Episode 1 - Los Angeles/San Francisco, California
  • Food Truck Eliminated - Murphy's Spud Truck. Proof - A blog post from the Portland episode has seven trucks listed, and Murphy's is not one of them.
  • Episode 2 - Portland, Oregon
  • Food Truck Eliminated - Boardwalk Breakfast Empire
  • Episode 3 - Pocatello, Idaho
  • Food Truck Eliminated - Frankfootas (Updated after episode 2).  Proof - A story from the Rapid City episode has the five remaining trucks listed.
  • Episode 4 - Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Food Truck Eliminated this episode - Bowled and BeautifulProof - An article about the Minneapolis episode lists the final four trucks.
  • Episode 5 - Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Food Truck EliminatedThe Slide Show. Proof - An article about the Annapolis episode has the three remaining trucks named.
  • Episode 6 - Chicago, Illinois 
  • No Food truck is eliminated this episode.  The remaining three trucks - Tikka Tikka Taco, Aloha Plate and Philly's Finest Samboni's, are told that this is actually the finals, and it is an 800 mile final leg that will last two episodes.
  • Episode 7 - Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC
  • There is a truck eliminated after the Annapolis part of this episode. 
    Food Truck Eliminated - Should be Philly's Finest Samboni'sProof - As Aloha Plate was advertising on Facebook and Twitter about their location in Washington, DC, it is safe to say they were one of the final two.  Also there is a comment on Facebook during the Washington, DC episode about Tikka Tikka Taco moving their location, so they should be in the finals as well.

So, it looks like it is down to Tikka Tikka Taco against Aloha Plate in the finale, but no definite answer who will win this thing.  Aloha Plate seemed pretty confident on their Facebook page, but only time will tell...


  1. Dang, that was quite the detective work! Great job. I love spoilers myself. I'm weird that way :)

  2. Hey Matt do you have any info on Heartland Table to be aired this September? I don't remember seeing this show on this year's upfront and I only heard it through a user on TWOP.

  3. Added my source.

  4. Here you go... Show description:

  5. Happy to hear this is back and that train wreck Food Court show is gone.

    I'd like to see more of Tyler on FoodNetwork. He's a guy and he cooks. Not loud or gimmicky. I'd like more of that please....

  6. Was there ever any follow up on the Korilla cheating scandal? I tried looking up if they ever broke the silence, but couldn't find anything.

  7. If it all comes to what this blog says... Nice..... Hawaiian vs Indian. I'm quite interested in the final outcome.

  8. Food Court brought to you by.......the maniac himself, Gordon Ramsay (who says he deplores the Food Network - talks0

  9. That's a pity about the breakfast truck. I used to go to their restaurant all the time; it was a great place to grab a casual breakfast. Many of the little storefront businesses are finding it hard to rebuild from all the sand and water damage. I was hoping they'd do well.

  10. Pity, but not a surprise. I love breakfast at lunch/dinner, but not on a regular basis and I suspect most others are the same way. It makes it a hard sell.

    Also not a surprise about Frankfoota. If they don't make their own sausage, they're going to be viewed as overpriced hot dog cart.

  11. Gordon is only a maniac on American television, where he sold his soul to Fox. A very different and more palatable Ramsay is available for viewing in his BBC shows, including Ramsay Behind Bars and his culinary journeys through India and Vietnam, as well as the original UK Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

  12. Philly,Philly,Philly!!!!! I am fromNY anyways.

  13. I hope aloha plate wins!