Friday, August 30, 2013

Damaris Phillips Show Update

Photo - Food Network
It looks like we have a premiere date and time for Food Network Star winner Damaris Phillip's new show.  According to the Food Network Ad Sales website, Damaris's show has a working title of The Damaris Project rather than the name of her pilot of Eat, Date, Love.

It is pretty standard that the Food Network does not use the pilot name that is filmed during Food Network Star.  Last year, Justin Warner's pilot was Rebel with a Culinary Cause, and he had a working title of Justin's Excellent Adventure.  Then when his 1 hour show finally aired, it was called Rebel Eats.  So don't be surprised if The Damaris Project doesn't end up being the show name.

Right now, The Damaris Project is scheduled to start filming in a few weeks, and is supposed to air starting Sunday, October 27th at 10:30am.  There will be replays on Wednesdays at 5:30pm as well, which will start Wednesday November 6th.

Damaris has confirmed to a few fans on Twitter that her show will start filming soon and that it will air in October (Tweets below), so barring any crazy setbacks or controversies, nothing should change.

After last year's debacle of getting the Food Network Star winner (Justin Warner) his show, it seems like the Food Network wants to get Damaris's show on the air as soon as possible.  They have also moved back to giving the Food Network Star winner a morning slot on the weekends.

UPDATE 9/18/2013 - Damaris revealed with at tweet (below - which was later removed) that filming for her show would start next week and that it would be filmed in her hometown of Louisville.



  1. I like this name and I hope it stays. Her idea for Eat, Date, Love was headed in the right direction, but she needs to do more than teach imbecilic guys how to impress girls with food. If she can have different kinds of people from all walks of life on her show so she could teach them to express their love of someone through awesome Southern food, then that's a show that I could really get into.

    Damaris is real, she is personable, funny, likable, and above all she is a great teacher. She needs to play to her strength of teaching and share this ability with all kinds of people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. If she can do that while retaining her natural charisma, then she will shine. I'm unimpressed with most of the Food Network's conventional cooking show hosts. They are boring and have no energy or personality.

  2. Another reason the name might've changed is because Bravo has a show called "Eat Drink Love". Could've be some legal issues if they'd kept it.

  3. Looking forward to Damaris Phillips's new show. Sugarcube is right when she says: "Damaris is real, she is personable, funny, likable, and above all she is a great teacher." I wholeheartedly agree! Teaching is Damaris's strength. Let her do it. Just as she is. I would add, that Damaris has had consistently great Flavors, and her dishes always look nice. Those are her trademarks. And wonderful ones they are. Keep those going, along her informal/warm personality, show/encourage the audience how its easier than they thought to make *very* tasty southern dishes (and become a better cook) and she is gonna shine like we haven't seen in a long time! So glad that America saw her good food quality and real personality. I wrote about this latest news in the Food Network Star Blog (her winner's thread, pg.8), too. Let's help give her a good start: E-mail yer friends and share/post about her on twitter/Facebook once her show starts. Give her a good 7 or 8 episodes to show us some variety. I think she's the best winner to come along in years. Wishing her all the best. :) --crouton40, creator of

  4. They need a name that makes people think about Food. Maybe ..?.."Southern & Scrumptious" or "Delightfully Delicious" or anything that is more appetizing-sounding. A "Project" could be yer daughter's chemistry mid-terms.

    Still plenty of time to tweak a bit. I just hope the network let's Damaris be Damaris. If you saw her audition-video, how she was at the "Auction episode" and when she was at the Donut shop, she's fabulous as-is. Just let her do that good teaching she can do, and show us those yummy recipes and she'll be a huge benefit to the foodnetwork, and us!

  5. Looking forward to it. Damaris is personable and her food looks good. And thank God, we're not going to be subjected to a show called Pie Style!

  6. How true. Next season, let's hope we don't get more bizarre points of view that they try to convince us is "cool." Or weird people. I won't watch either the tattooed downtown-edgy type, or the sissy with bow-tie type or the nose-ring/blue-jean tomboy girl. People can sell us on their better cooking and fun personality, not how outrageous they can be. And I'm a younger viewer.

  7. I would be the perfect candidate to be on this show! 24 y/o medical student, HUGE food network fan, love to cook, especially for my lady, but not real great at it. How can I get on this show?!?!?!