Thursday, June 20, 2013

Which Food Network Star Appeared on The Sopranos?

Sad news came in yesterday that The Sopranos actor James Galdolfini passed away of an apparent heart attack while in Italy.  The Sopranos was one of the greatest TV series of all time, and this news left many people shocked and devastated.

Did you know that one of the contestants on this season of Food Network Star actually appeared on an episode of The Sopranos?  Nikki Dinki appeared in Season 6 of the show on the Johnny Cakes episode (episode 8).  She was in the episode a couple times, but very briefly.  In one scene she is talking to A.J. Soprano in a club, and a few minutes later, she is in her bra giving him a back rub on a couch.  Video of her scenes are below:

The video is a reel of all of her acting, so if you want to just see The Sopranos stuff, fast-forward to 0:38 for the first part, and 2:38 for the second part.  If you watch the other parts of the video, there is some bad language if you happen to be watching at work.


So, 8 of the 12 contestants of this season have appeared on TV at some point in their careers, and the first 2 contestants eliminated were ones without TV experience.


  1. Wow. What a hottie!

  2. Youtube link is set as private. The blurry screencap isn't much help.