Tuesday, June 11, 2013

'Hero' Charles Ramsey Worked at a Food Network Star's Restaurant

Here is a little bit of useless but interesting information related to Food Network Star.  Remember Charles Ramsey from Cleveland (pictured right), who heard screams from his neighbors home, and ended up rescuing three kidnapping victims?  His video interview with the news describing the rescue as well as his 911 call both went viral and he was an internet sensation last month.

Well, Charles happened to be working as a dishwasher at the restaurant of a Food Network Star contestant during this ordeal.  So which contestant's restaurant was it?

Charles Ramsey was the dishwasher at Chris Hodgson's restaurant Hodge's in Cleveland.  If you look at Chris's tweets from May 6th, such as this one: "Were so proud of our employee #charlesramsey for helping and not turning his back on the young women! Come hug him!"

The restaurant also sold shirts of Charles Ramsey to help honor the victims and raised more than $17,000 (according to Hodge's Twitter Acct), with all of the proceeds going directly to the victims.  The restaurant also named a burger after him and offered him free burgers along with other Cleveland restaurants.  However, Ramsey said through his lawyer that he didn't endorse burgers being named after him and didn't want the free burgers, so they have removed the item from their menu.

I reached out the Chris yesterday to see if he still worked at his restaurant or if he keeps in contact with him, to which he responded: "He's too famous for a small timer like me now."

Charles has signed a public speaking deal in which he could supposedly earn as much as $10,000 per speaking engagement.

The video which brought Charles his fame is below if you somehow have not seen it yet:

Dead Giveaway!

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