Sunday, June 23, 2013

Food Network Star - Star Salvation Episode 1

Star Salvation
With the new twist this year of having an eliminated contestant come back on Food Network Star, it was announced tonight that a web-series call Star Salvation would be how it is determined who it is.  The first episode of Star Salvation is online now, and it is after the jump, so click to see who was eliminated for good from this season.

Scroll Down if you do not feel like watching and want to know who was eliminated.

Daniela was eliminated for good after the first challenge.  Danushka and Andres were the bottom two in the second challenge, and Robert decided Andres would be eliminated for good.  So, same elimination order as the original show so far.


  1. Updated... Thanks! I guess that happens when you scan through and fast forward to the end.

  2. You forgot to mention that Daniela was eliminated in the first part of the challenge..

  3. OMG. Comcast has the Star Salvation #2 Episode out now (Sat afternoon) and it shows who was eliminated on the episode 5 (to be aired tomorrow Sunday 6/29). WEIRD!!!

  4. Nice work Andrea! I just did a post about it... Thanks