Sunday, June 9, 2013

Food Network Star Season 9 - Episode 2 Recap - Burger Bash

Food Network Star Burger Bash
In the second episode of Food Network Star, the contestants were tasked with creating a burger and presenting it to 100 burger enthusiasts in a two minute presentation.  The enthusiasts then decide whose burger they want to try based on the presentations by the Food Network Star contestants.

Here are some quick thoughts on how each of the contestants did with their presentations and how their burgers tasted:
  • Nikki Dinki - Did a half veggie, half meat burger.  Seems like a way to turn off meat eaters by putting veggies in, and vegetarians by putting meat in.
  • Andres Guillama - Went with a Cuban style burger.  Judges want him to play off the weight loss POV, but he doesn't want to.  Instead wants to teach men how to win over ladies by cooking.
  • Rodney Henry - Surprise, went with a pie burger.  When I think of a delicious burger, pie always comes to mind.  Said about 10,000 words in 2 minutes.
  • Chris Hodgson - Korean style burger, and didn't finish his presentation and stumbled a few times.  Used his Great Food Truck Race strategies to try to bring people to his line.
  • Connie "Lovely" Jackson - The 'Lovely' Turkey Burger.  Did pretty well, but they still think she is gimmicky.  Didn't hear any Glam stuff this week, which is good, but heard a lot of 'Lovely.'
  • Russell Jackson - Did better than last week and played up the '7 deadly sins' slogan that he created.  Repeatedly shouted BACON to try to get people to come to his stand
  • Danushka Lysek - Playing the villain and said she was going to take her shirt off to attract the crowd.  Doesn't like Nikki Dinki's name or maybe anything about her.  Did a small Bison Burger that wouldn't hurt her jaw when eating it.
  • Viet Pham - Vietnamese Bahn Mi burger, and played up beating Bobby Flay in an Iron Chef battle, which was suggested by Bobby.  Did much better than last week.
  • Damaris Phillips - Pimento cheese burger.  Did a shimmy and tried to seduce the crowd, which 'Lovely' was not feeling.  Ended up crying for no reason when being critiqued by the judges
  • Stacey Poon-Kinney -'Baja Betty Burger' with chorizo and ground beef.  Did very well, and even Giada cheered for her.
  • Chad Rosenthal - Memphis style BBQ burger, and he won over the crowd and had them cheering.

After the judges tried all of the burgers and critiqued the contestant's presentations, it was determined Chad Rosenthal, Stacey Poon-Kinney, and Russell Jackson were the top three and would be safe from elimination.

The bottom three was then announced, which was Danushka Lysek, Nikki Dinki, and Andres Guillama.  After some deliberation, the judges/mentors (minus Bob and Susie) decided that Andres Guillama would be eliminated.  Looks like they are keeping Danushka around as long as they can because people like to root against her.  Fans will be angry once again for that reason.

Andres Guillama Food Network Star Eliminated
Photo - Food Network

Next week, the contestants will be doing a Chopped challenge, and Alex Guarnaschelli will be a guest judge. (Click here to read all of the episode descriptions for this season)

What are your thoughts on this week's elimination?  Angry Danushka is still there?  Do you think the dials actually portray what the focus group feels, or does the Food Network edit it however they want?  Where were Bob and Susie aka 'The Network' this week?


  1. Danushka is has an acrid personality. However, as someone commented last week, they'll keep her around for all of the sour faced drama she'll trail in her wake. I wish ANdres has made a better burger and they had less of a reason to let him go.

  2. Saw Danushka on Chopped, the judges did not like her and was stunned that she made the cut to be on this competition.

  3. Andre was a real dud.

    Seems like it will be down to between chad and Stacey in end (with Viet being a dark horse).

  4. Andres just waffled too much on his POV. I'm not happy Danushka is still there.

  5. I agree with most of the comments. I'm not happy to see Daushka and sad to see Andre go. Feels like the team is supporting/promoting Stacy and want her to win the show.

  6. Danushka is literally a love her/hate her type of person ... she is completely candid and thats why i personally am starting to like her.. will she win this competition? Absoltely not but im intrigued by her she stayed because of that tiny bison burger she made was actually delicious enough.. despite her not having a good presentation again, and only 2 people coming to her line... even though 'she didnt do good' on chopped she has a leg up on other contestantt just for the sheer experience so i believe shes going to get on by next week unless she just fails again.(Rodney got cut in he first round of his Chopped ep so im not sure how hell do).. Andres was bland and the fact he avoided he one thing that would have saved him(weight loss pov) is pretty much the curse of him (and curse of the show.. vegetarian or helthy povs tend not to last very long despite the producers REALLY aiming for one)... he was just so uncomfortably awkward where Danushka is awkward but kind of in a hilarious lets make fun of her kind of way..

    What i didnt like about the show was the cheap editing it got..during their presentations did anyone else notice they used the same 'wooing' cheer soundbyte for almost all the contestants when they said something interesting? Not only hat but they also used the same crowd reaction edits over and over and i didnt get it! Particularly the long haired blonde guy reacting and the guy with curly brown hair and sunglasses... my guess is maybe a lot werent as interesting but to keep us invested they used those shots whenever they can to make it seem like ppl were interested..

    I still dont hink theres a clear cut frontrunner.. you can say Chad and Stacey are but i believe both will hit a rock at some point of he comp.. Chad because bbq shows/pov are quite boring after a while in my opinion, Stacey I believe may hit a challenge she cant pull off but they both do have the most fluid and camera-ready personalities out of the whole bunch so thats why theyre succeeding so well right now... Russell stepped up but im still concern his message and henin general are too intimidating for people to watch. Viet bores the hell out of me he only lasted this week because ALTON told him what to talk about, if he didnt hen Viet would still be stiff and boring and unsure of what to say,dont care about his culinary chops when this show is also about entertainment.. Nikki became obnoxious this week and i had a feeling shed fall flat. Damaris also became unattractive this week despite being so loveable last week. And Rodney, Chris and Lovely are in the middle of it all right now.

    Favorite candid Danushka line of the ep: "I dont want to watch someone with the last name Dinki!'

  7. Yeah, I noticed the editing with the same crowd shot too. Yeah, it was obvious that the long blonde haired guy wanted to get on TV and succeeded. I would guess the 2 guys that ate Danushka's burger only did it to get on TV as well.

  8. Lol i think the 2 guys were tired of waiting in other lines and decided to give the hot girl a chance because 'hey we dont have to wait for food and she has no tokens anyways,' ... and lol yeah i remember the blonde guy's ridiculous reaction to Chad's burger.. definitly seem he might have been high off something and very excited to be on tv!

  9. Danushka is being kept around because she's a train wreck and obviously a viewer grabber. Knew she wasn't going to be let go unless she actually killed someone with the food.

  10. Someone actually said they thought the producers might've put them up to it in order to give them an excuse not to boot her off this week ("well....she wasn't the absolute worst this week..."). Wouldn't put it past them either.