Wednesday, June 12, 2013

University Grill From Restaurant Impossible Has Closed

University Grill Restaurant Impossible Closed
Photo - Food Network
The University Grill in Burlington, North Carolina, which was featured in Season Three of Restaurant Impossible, has decided to close their business after selling it on Monday.  This was the episode where Elon University students painted a mural on the outside of the restaurant.  According to The Times-News, there was a hand-written sign on their door stating "Closed for vacation," but that the vacation was forever.

Owner Eleni Fotiou-Madren stated she sold the business so she could spend more time with her family.  She did state that the restaurant was busier since the Restaurant Impossible visit.  The Fotiou family still owns the building the restaurant was in, and the restaurant was for sale since August 2012 before the sale went through Monday.  The new owners plan to open an Italian Restaurant in the location.

The University Grill Facebook Page also put up a message stating: 

The Fotiou family would like to thank all of our family, friends and customers for the many years of support. We have sold the business, so that we may devote more time to our families and loved ones. We have enjoyed serving you!!

I have updated the Restaurant Impossible Update Page to reflect this restaurant closing.  While they sold the restaurant, it will be a totally different restaurant under a different name, therefore will have a 'Closed' rather than 'Sold' status.


  1. At least (from RI's perspective) they didn't close because the business was going under like many of the recent closings.

  2. The new owners will probably paint over that beautiful mural.

  3. I am from Burlington and have eaten there several times, before and after the show. After the show this restaurant kept NONE of the new menu items and was never busy, even on a Friday night. Service was terrible and food was not good. We mainly went for their cheap wing special on Thursdays. I'm not surprised that this place closed, I am surprised it stayed open as long as it did!!!