Monday, June 24, 2013

Pizza Dough Doughnuts is a Giada De Laurentiis Recipe

Giada Pizza Dough DoughnutsLast night on Food Network Star, Lovely Jackson was eliminated mostly due to the doughnuts she made as her dish in the movie challenge.  Chris was wondering why you would make doughnuts with pizza dough and it seemed to be the theme of the episode.  When the judges tried Lovely's doughnut, they overreacted and said they couldn't bite into the doughnut.

Then at the judging table, Giada De Laurentiis was giving the critique of Lovely and asked what she used to make the doughnuts, and when Lovely responded "pre-bought pizza dough,"  Giada gave her an eye roll.  She also said the doughnut was 'dense' and 'unservable.'

Well, guess what?  Giada uses Pizza Dough in her Italian Doughnut recipe on the Food Network website. 

It is pretty much the same recipe, but it is listed twice, one for appearing on Everyday Italian, and one for appearing on an All-Star Desserts Special.  Makes it pretty funny that everyone was so critical of a recipe that a fellow judge has done on multiple shows.

At least Sandra Lee and Sunny Anderson went with biscuit dough for their doughnuts.


  1. But did Lovely cook them at the right temperature? Time? Same dough? Just variables to think about, but the eye roll was a classic.

  2. I wouldn't even try to guess without tasting them. It's perfectly possible for one to be delicious and one to be inedible. I'm not going to guess that the judges "overreacted" without having tried them myself. Agree about the eye-roll, though.

  3. I will note, from the picture, Giada actually made hers into a donut shape instead of just a ball o' dough, which probably cooks better and results in a better final product.

  4. Maybe the eyeroll was because she realized the her recipe had been poached?

  5. I think she rolled her eyes at it being pre bought and not at the idea of pizza dough