Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paula Deen Now Selling Giant Tubs of Butter

Paula Deen Butter ErrorWord came out today that Paula Deen is now selling 'Finishing Butters,' which are available at Walmart.  Eater has a good recap with all of the information and recent videos of her discreetly pushing it on The Chew and Today shows.

The butter flavors she is selling are: Southern Grillin', European Style, Garden Herb, Lemon Dill, and Sweet Citrus Zest.  She also plans on selling tortilla chips and chocolate and the information is available on her website.  What I thought was funny, is that if you click on any of the flavors of butter, it has the dimensions listed as 4 Ft. X 8 Ft.  Y'all better have a truck for that.


  1. Good grief...

  2. "4 feet x 8 feet"...what's wrong with that? Sounds about right for her (if not a little sparse)

  3. Finally, a use for my quart-size (!) "butter warmer."