Friday, February 8, 2013

Winner Of Rachael Vs. Guy Season 2 Crowned This Sunday

Rachael Vs Guy Season 2 Finale
Photo - Food Network
This Sunday is the season 2 finale of Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cookoff, where the winner will take home $50,000 for their charity of choice.  The 2 finalists are Dean McDermott and Carnie Wilson, and Dean's charity is Miracle Babies, while Carnie's is the Autism Research Institute.

Lets take a look back at the order of eliminations so far this season:

Episode 1 - Gilbert Gottfried was eliminated after his 2nd try at peanut butter and jelly didn't impress

Episode 2 - Cornelia Guest was eliminated for her stuffed portobello mushrooms
Episode 3 - Chilli was eliminated in a milkshake challenge
Episode 4 - Johnny Weir was eliminated in a hot dog challenge where he didn't make a hot dog
Episode 5 - A 'shocking' double elimination when Hines Ward and Kathy Najimy were both eliminated after an 'anything on a stick' challenge.

Last Sunday, the show was going against the Superbowl, while this Sunday's finale is going up against the Grammy's.  This, paired with also being a pretty terrible show can't be too good for ratings.  Who are you rooting for in the finale?  Dean, Carnie, or who cares?

UPDATE - Dean McDermott ended up winning season 2 of Rachael Vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-off by 1 vote and $50,000 for his charity, Miracle Babies.  Great beginning to his culinary career, which is sure to have a James Beard Award in the future.  The Food Network also game $10,000 to Carnie Wilson's charity, Autism Research Institute.


  1. Dean, because he seems like the only "celebrity" on the show who can cook.

  2. I've seen a few episodes of Dean's reality show with his wife Tori Spelling, and he has actually trained as a chef. Not a surprise that he'd make it to the finals. Seems useless to complain about fair play, though.

  3. This has to be the weakest show FN has ever put on.

  4. Still not as embarrassing a Food Network program as "Mystery Diners" or "Restaurant Stakeout."

  5. Foregone conclusion from the first episode.