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Food Network March 2013 Programming Highlights

Worst Cooks In America Season 4
Photo - Food Network
The Food Network has put out a press release detailing the programming in March on the channel and some of the highlights(their term, not mine) include:

  • The last five episodes of Worst Cooks In America Sundays at 9pm EST including the finale on Sunday, March 31st.

  • Cupcake Wars returns Sundays at 8pm EST with the season premiere on Sunday, March 3rd.  I guess Food Network feels the cupcake craze/trend is not over.

  • Rebel Eats, the One-Hour special from Justin Warner is set to air on Saturday, March 30th at 10pm

  • The third season of Restaurant Stakeout on Wednesdays at 10pm starting March 13th.  Not sure how this show is still going, with it not being very real and every restaurant being in NY and NJ.

  • Premiere episodes of Chopped Tuesdays at 10pm, and Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell Thursdays at 10pm

  • New episodes of Restaurant Impossible, which move to Sundays at 10pm rather than the normal Wednesday night time (although there is one Wednesday March 13th)

  • Also countless re-runs of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Press Release Below:



Plus: ‘Food Network Star’ Winner Justin Warner explores the South in ‘Rebel Eats’ and FoodNetwork.Com Serves Up On-The-Go, Family-Friendly Recipes and St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

NEW YORK – February 19, 2013 – Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay cap off March as they crown the winner of Worst Cooks in America in the season finale on Sunday, March 31st at 9pm. Food Network also brings back fan-favorite primetime programs with season premieres of Cupcake Wars on Sunday, March 3rd at 9pm and Restaurant Stakeout on Wednesday, March 13th at 10pm. Food Network Star winner Justin Warner hits the road to find America’s culinary revolutionaries in his special Rebel Eats premiering Saturday, March 30th at 10pm. Also on the March menu, Food Network serves up premiere episodes of Chopped, Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, Iron Chef America, Restaurant: Impossible and more. FoodNetwork.com is the go-to destination for party recipes and creative ideas to please the whole family in the kitchen. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Worst Cooks in America

Premiering Sunday, March 3rd at 9pm – “Fire and Ice”
Anne and Bobby train the remaining ten recruits’ palettes as this week is all about creating their own flavor combinations. The recruits hit the road for another road trip, and this time to a gelato laboratory. After learning about crazy flavors like olive oil and cheddar cheese gelato, they are challenged to make their own unique flavors of gelato for their main dish challenge. The recruits begin playing with fire as they create a wonderful flavor combination with a classic American dish: the burger. Special guest Willie Degel, of Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout, joins Anne and Bobby as they covertly watch the recruits on closed circuit television as they attempt to either rise to glory or go down in flames. The two recruits that don’t stand up to the challenge will be sent home.

Premiering Sunday, March 10th at 9pm – “Do It Yourself Cooking”
Anne and Bobby give the Worst Cooks in America a surprise visit to their house in order to give them a lesson on how to stop relying on others to cook for them and to cook for themselves. These eight recruits have relied on take- out menus and delivery boys far too long. They must complete a homemade Chinese dish for their skill drill challenge, as they race against a delivery from Anne and Bobby’s local Chinese restaurant. The recruits then head to bootcamp where they find Ron Ben-Israel, of Food Network’s Sweet Genius. He teaches them how to make a cake from scratch before they must create their own for some very special guests. The two that fall below the culinary bar are sent home.

Premiering Sunday, March 17th at 9pm – “Face Your Fears of Feeding Others”
The remaining recruits haven’t been able to give their friends and family a healthy, sufficient meal in years because of their lacking skills in the kitchen, but today Anne and Bobby are going to change that. In their first team challenge, they must shop for their ingredients and buy the right products in a mad dash around the store before creating bite-sized samples for the many customers as they shop. Then, they continue to face their toughest critics yet, as they host a local biker bar. They must create their own flavor combination of chicken wings with a complimentary sauce. Anne and Bobby show them the basics but they are on their own for the burly critics. The two recruits that can’t rev up enough flavor will hit the road.

Premiering Sunday, March 24th at 9pm – “Revisit Your Past Before the Last”
Four recruits are left and are one week away from a chance of winning $25,000. Bobby and Anne challenge their recruits to show them how much they’ve learned by a role reversal teaching tool – the recruits must teach the chefs. Each team is served an identical dish, Grilled Lamb Chops with Charmoula, but the chefs won’t be able to see or taste it. The recruits will be hidden behind a wall and, through headset, explain to their respective chef how to replicate it. Then, the recruits are in for a big surprise for their Main Dish Challenge, as they will be cooking for some very special guests – their loved ones. Each recruit will make a different dish and friends and family must vote on their favorite dish in a blind tasting. The two that fall short will head home with their loved ones, as the final two get ready for their last week at bootcamp.

Premiering Sunday, March 31st at 9pm – “So Close I Can Almost Taste It” – SEASON FINALE!
In the final battle, Anne and Bobby go head to head for the second time, as the two remaining contestants must execute their own three-course menu for a panel of culinary titans at New York City restaurant, The Dutch. Bobby and Anne work with their respective contestants to design the menus, taking into account their personal culinary journey. The contestants learn new techniques, go grocery shopping with some special visiting guests, practice their menu and execute all three courses in a dramatic end to an exhausting competition. Finally, the panel of culinary experts, including Andrew Carmellini, Anita Lo and Floyd Cardoz, determine which chef has moved their recruit from worst to first.


Cupcake Wars -Premiering Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm

Premiering Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm – “San Diego Zoo” – SEASON PREMIERE!
The fur will be flying as four bakers fight for the opportunity to serve their cupcakes at a members-only party at the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Premiering Sunday, March 10th at 8pm – “Rejects”
Four returning bakers, all looking for a second chance to win Cupcake Wars, will have to hit just the right note if they want to have their cupcakes featured at a VIP party for the platinum selling band, The All-American Rejects.

Premiering Sunday, March 17th at 8pm – “Aloha Cupcakes”
Four bakers will have to “lei” it all on the line if they want to win the chance to serve their cupcakes at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival in Oahu.

Premiering Sunday, March 24th at 8pm – “The Young and the Restless”
Expect lots of twists and turns when four cupcake makers face off for the chance to be featured at an exclusive cast and crew party celebrating the 10,000th episode of the classic soap opera, The Young and the Restless.

Restaurant Stakeout – Premiering Wednesday March 13th at 10pm

Premiering Wednesday, March 13th at 10pm -”Three Strikes and You’re Out!” – SEASON PREMIERE
Willie Degel, New York City restaurant czar, is the last hope for Mohammad Ababafha, owner of Shiraz Persian Restaurant in Elmsford, N.Y. Hard times and bad luck have forced Mohammad out of business not once but twice before, and this is his final shot at keeping his restaurant afloat. Willie’s team of surveillance professionals equips the entire space with hidden cameras and microphones to determine what has kept the restaurant from being a success. Can Willie uncover the problems that have led to disaster in the past, and fix the restaurant once and for all?

Premiering Wednesday, March 20th at 10pm – “Momma’s Boy”
It’s Willie Degel, New York City restaurant guru, to the rescue to save Luis Concepción, owner of authentic Puerto Rican restaurant The Latin Kitchen in The Bronx. Due to a tragic accident and some fierce competition in the neighborhood, Luis and his restaurant are on the verge of ruin. It’s up to Willie and his surveillance professionals to find out what has been going on behind-the-scenes that is ruining the restaurant. Will Willie’s stakeout save the Latin Kitchen before it is too late?

Premiering Wednesday, March 27th at 10pm – “You Can’t Be Everything to Everybody”
Restaurateur Willie Degel comes to the aid of A.J. Cohen of A.J.’s Burgers in New Rochelle, NY. when he finds that despite award-winning burgers the restaurant is failing financially. Willie and his stakeout team must uncover the issues that are driving the business into the ground, and educate the owner and staff on where they went wrong. Will Willie be able to turn things around? Or will A.J.’s have to close its doors for good?


Rebel Eats – Saturday, March 30th at 10pm
Food Network Star Season 8 winner, Justin Warner hits the road for his biggest challenge yet — finding the real culinary rebels of America. Armed with $300 for gas, a beat-up car and a nose for good food and crazy characters, Justin travels the back roads of the South to try everything from moonshine and bacon beer to deep-fried PB&J, jellyfish salad and bowling alley barbecue served in a mason jar.



Premiering Tuesday, March 12th at 10pm – “Just for the Halibut”
In the first round, the chefs hope to create some delicious appetizers from smoked beef tongue and garbanzo beans. Then, the competitors have a heck of a time making halibut work with aquavit in their entrée dishes. As the dessert round rolls around, the judges are eager to see what the last two chefs can do with banana chips and almond butter.

Premiering Tuesday, March 19th at 10pm – “Redemption Intention”
Four Chopped runners-up courageously return to the competition, intent on redeeming their previous defeats. Will a pre-cooked protein and a sea creature in the first basket throw anybody off their game? The chefs who make it to the entrée round are challenged to create a dish from a very difficult basket of poultry tongue and pineapple.

Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell

Premiering Thursday, March 7th at 10pm – “An Interview to Remember”
Chef Anne Burrell brings in four candidates to compete for the dream job as the next executive chef at Culina Modern Italian restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles. The chefs are asked to create a pizza using seafood and are then asked to make a four ingredient dish. One chef quits in the middle of the interview and another gets an on-the-spot job offer during dinner service.

Premiering Thursday, March 14th at 10pm – “Not a Day at the Beach”
Husband and wife Fred and Cheryl are looking for a new executive chef for their restaurant, Ola, located on the north shore of Oahu. The chefs are asked to elevate the traditional Hawaiian dish Loco Moco and are then tested to create an original dish combining difficult local ingredients. The two remaining chefs are given the ultimate test of running the restaurant for an evening. After seeing the chefs take two very different approaches to dinner service, Fred and Cheryl struggle to make a decision as to which chef is the right fit to join the family at Ola.

Premiering Thursday, March 28th at 10pm – “Meet Me in Cincinnati”
Jeff Ruby, one of the biggest restaurateurs in Cincinnati, is in desperate need of a new executive chef for his flagship steakhouse, the Precinct. Anne Burrell brings Jeff four candidates who are tasked with creating a high-end steak dish using inexpensive cuts of meat, and then they must create a signature dish to add to Precinct’s menu. The final two chefs are handed the keys to Precinct for a dinner service. One candidate’s focus on speed ends up causing execution issues, while the other candidate has a confrontation with the owner that could ruin their chances at getting the job.

Iron Chef America

Premiering Sunday, March 3rd at 10pm – “Flay Vs. Thaimee”
Iron Chef Bobby Flay faces off against Challenger Hong Thaimee. Chef Thaimee is Executive Chef at Ngam, a Thai restaurant in New York City. Judges are Troy Johnson, Ree Drummond and Josh Ozersky.

Restaurant: Impossible

Premiering Sunday, March 10th at 10pm – “Maniaci’s Italian Bistro”
In Mohnton, Penn., Robert meets the Maniaci family and makes their failing restaurant his next mission. Brothers Tim, Geoff and John share the grief of losing their mother and now share the fear of losing her dream restaurant. They have invested too much time, too much money, and too much heartache into Maniaci’s Italian Bistro to let it slip away. In two days and with $10,000, Robert and his team face a tough challenge to completely change the food and décor. It’s a tearful goodbye for the family and tremendous pressure on Robert.

Premiering Wednesday, March 13th at 9pm – “Caseyville Café”
At the Caseyville Café in Caseyville, Ill., Robert meets his next mission. Owners Diane and Robin are a mother-daughter team about to lose it all – their investment, their reputation and their relationship. They have stopped working together as a team and their staff has started working against them. What was once a dream for this mother and daughter is now a nightmare. Neither of them has ever taken a paycheck from the business. Diane and Robin keep the doors of the Caseyville Café open so they can pay their employees to live. Can Robert straighten out the staff and get the team back on the track to success, or will the Caseyville Café close its doors for good?

Premiering Sunday, March 17th at 10pm – “Soup to Nuts”
Robert takes a trip to Tavares, Fla., where restaurant owner Sharon Whitmore is in serious trouble. Sharon owns a 1950′s-themed diner that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since then. The Soup to Nuts Diner is in need of a deep clean, for the kitchen, the dining room and even the staff’s attitudes. This mess might be too much for Chef Irvine to handle, but if he walks away, the doors close on the only opportunity Sharon has left to make a living. With the restaurant losing about $1,000 a month and Sharon’s house on the verge of foreclosure, the chances of turning things around is getting slimmer and slimmer. Robert has to pull out all the stops to stay on budget, train the staff and get Sharon’s head back in the game.

Premiering Sunday, March 24th at 10pm – “Sweet Tea’s”
In Pineville, N.C., Robert is on a mission to save the Cohen family’s restaurant Sweet Tea’s, but first he has to find it. The location is easy to miss and Robert’s mission just got all the more impossible. To make matters worse, the Cohen’s are a husband and wife team with more than just a restaurant on the line. If Robert can save Sweet Tea’s, he can save the family from losing everything. Robert turns up the heat as he whips the owners into shape, monitoring the design, recreating a menu and letting Pineville know that Sweet Tea’s is here to stay.

Daytime: Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Paula’s Best Dishes, The Pioneer Woman and Sugar Dome
Primetime: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives


Share Our Strength Bake Sale Weekend Block – Sunday, March 17th from 7am-12pm
Food Network supports the childhood hunger organization Share Our Strength, with a bake sale cooking block.

Spring Feast Weekend Block – Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th from 7am-12pm
From spring lamb to an Easter ham, Food Network serves up a spring feast of fresh recipes for the season with premiere episodes from Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, Paula’s Best Dishes and The Pioneer Woman.


Kids and Family Hub
Find dozens of ways to make eating fun for the whole family with quick and easy weeknight dinners, on-the-go snacks, better-for-you meals and tips from Melissa d’Arabian, Ree Drummond, Guy Fieri and more.

Award-Winning Eats
Roll out the red carpet while enjoying an A-list spread. Try the best supporting snacks from Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada de Laurentiis, plus award-inspired drinks and the best possible popcorn.

Launching February 25th Invite friends and family over for an Easter springtime feast. Get classic recipes for Alton Brown’s ham, Paula Deen’s sinful biscuits, Sunny Anderson’s spring salads and delicious desserts like shortcakes and cupcakes.

St. Patrick’s Day
Launching March 1st
Spread the luck of the Irish with classic dishes and drinks, as well as a few new favorites from Bobby Flay and more Food Network chefs.

Spring Entertaining Guide
Launching March 1st
Ease into spring with recipes and menus just right for company, from Giada de Laurentiis’ Salmon Cakes to the Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Yogurt Cake.

Spring Produce Guide
Launching March 1st
Learn how to spot the best farm-fresh fare spring has to offer, like strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb, asparagus, artichokes and peas. Plus, get the best recipes to show off spring flavors from Alex Guarnaschelli and other Food Network stars.

5 Weeknight Dinners
Launching March 1st
Shop once and eat all week with great-tasting, affordable recipes from Food Network chefs. Find springtime picks celebrate the season, like roasted asparagus from Melissa d’Arabian and lemony pasta from Rachael Ray.

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