Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bobby Flay and Jeff Mauro Win at Burger Bash SOBEWFF

Jeff Mauro Burger Bash Champion
Photo - Jeff Mauro Facebook
The 7th annual Burger Bash was held last night at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF).  The Burger Bash is one of the most popular events at SOBEWFF and there is a lot of competition and bragging rights between the star-studded chefs that compete.

There are prizes awarded for the judge's favorite burger, and for the people's favorite burger each year.  The judges this year were Anne Burrell, Andrew Zimmern, Jeffrey Chodorow, Geoffrey Zakarian and Spike Mendelsohn. 

Bobby Flays Green Chile Burger
Photo - Bobby Flay Facebook

After trying all of the burgers (34 this year), the judges decided that the Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro made their favorite burger and he was awarded the judges champion. 

The people's choice award goes to the burger that the people in the audience think is the best, and Michael Symon has taken home that award for the past three years.  This year however, Bobby Flay edged out Michael Symon, and took home the people's choice award for his Green Chile Burger (pictured to the right.)  Michael Symon came in 2nd place, and Guy Fieri showed he could hang, with a 3rd place finish in the vote.  Guy did use his famous Donkey Sauce in his burger and he did show up dressed like this:

Guy Fieri Burger Bash Sleeveless
Photo - Zagat

By the way, the name on his sleeveless getup says 'Guido.'


  1. This is a sad day for Jeff Mauro haters everywhere. 

  2. so tired of guy fieri, go away already. 

  3. Mauro winning this was no more a surprise than when the Iron Chef vanquishes the competition on ICA.  Having said that, I feel dirty for daring to compare, in any way, a talentless hack like Mauro with a maestro like Morimoto.