Monday, February 11, 2013

Chopped Champions Final - Winner Receives $50,000

Chopped Champions Poll
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The finale of Chopped: Champions is tomorrow night at 10pm EST, and the winner will be taking home $50,000.  By looking at the fan vote right now, it seems most people are pulling for Vinson Petrillo or Rob Evans, but lets take a look at the final 4 who won their episode, and are competing for the $50,000 prize:

Kenneth Johnson Chopped Champions Round 1 Winner
Episode 1 - The winner of episode 1 was Kenneth Johnson, who is the Executive Chef at Pescatore Restaurant in New York, New York.  Kenneth is the oldest of the bunch, and hopes his experience in the kitchen pays off.
Vinson Petrillo Chopped Champions Round 2 Winner

Episode 2 - The winner of episode 2 was Vinson Petrillo, who is currently the Chef de Cuisine at Prospect in Brooklyn, New York.  If Vinson wins the $50,000, he plans to take a bit of time off and relax.

Jun Tanaka Chopped Champions Round 3 WinnerEpisode 3 - The winner of episode 3 was Jun Tanaka from London, England.  Jun is the Executive Chef of Pearl Restaurant and Bar in London, and regularly appears on cooking TV shows in the UK.  Jun was the first and only Chopped winner to come from Britain and says he plans to use the $50,000 to help open a new restaurant.

Rob Evans Chopped Champions Round 4 WinnerEpisode 4 - The winner of episode 4 was Rob Evans, who is from Portland, Maine.  Rob is a James Beard Award winning chef, who is the former owner of Hugo's and current owner of Duckfat in Portland, Maine.  If Rob wins, he plans to purchase new farming equipment for his farm that he owns in Western Maine.  (Side Note - Another chef from his restaurant Duckfat, named Melissa Corey, has also won an episode of Chopped)

Who are you rooting for?  I will update this post with the winner after the episode airs.
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UPDATE -  Chef Kenneth Johnson was the first chef eliminated after the appetizer round.  Chef Vinson Petrillo feared elimination after seeing the other chefs dishes in the entree round, and his fears were warranted as he was the next chef eliminated.  This put Jun Tanaka against Rob Evans in the dessert  round for the $50,000.  In the end, the judges decided that Rob Evans would be chopped and Jun Tanaka was the chef taking home $50,000.  Congratulations to Chef Tanaka! 


  1. I hope Jun wins!!

  2.  Looks like you got your wish

  3. I'm so happy!!!! I knew he would! xD

  4. I liked Vincent and Rob's dishes. I hoped Rob would win. A Brit? We have so many wonderful chefs here.

  5. How come no 1posted the winner I know who won but I thought it would have been posted

  6.  There is an update at the bottom of this post that listed the winner

  7. So glad Jun won...Rob Evans was a bad loser.  Don't like him at all.

  8. Im happy Kenneth didnt win his attitude was rather annoying even if his food was good... I was fine with either Vinson, Rob, or Jun winning ...

    I oersonally liked Rob a little more in the finale so I felt Rob had every right to be mad , but really either one stood up to the standard of the grand champion... I felt the thing with Jun is that he is already a sort of top chef.. the British episode had 4 renouned British chefs so whomever won that I felt could have easily won the grand championship if allowed in... I was personally shocked that Jun was selected for the tournament and really thought he was the obvious winner (in which he did anyways) but I will say both rounds he didnt get by easily(ironically both rounds Elise and Rob didnt take losing to Jun lightly for different circumstances)... Vinson was the other guy I was sort of rooting for, something about the "nervous guy but has natural talent" is fun to watch... but he did shoot himself in the foot by being brutally honest about his dish!

    Either way it was a good one I suppose... however the span of seasons for them to choose from was huge this time and there were so many oher champions I wanted to see compete that didnt (and quite a few that did compete but probably shouldnt have!)

  9. OK, Can Jun get his own FN show now?  PLEASE?!

  10. Did you read the article?  Its listed at the end.

  11. OMG! Jun is so freakin sexy! He can cook, has the low tone of Tom Hardy, and an amazing smile!

  12. Chopped is the most prejudgous compition ....your shouldn't be able to see who cooks what...your winners are always a sad sack story who can't cook pick the winners for that And not for what this shows about The Best Meal made with the basket are all a bunch of hipicridcule liberal haters!!...Georgio should have compition...but he was the wrong should all be ashamed of yourselves.