Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Frozen Meals Launch

Barefoot Contessa Frozen Meals
Ina Garten has paired with Contessa Premium Foods to create a frozen food line that is set to hit grocery stores this weekend.  Back in 2008, Contessa Premium Foods filed suit against Ina Garten, LLC over using her name for retail frozen meals (copies of legal documents if you are interested).  Since then, they have decided to partner up and release a Barefoot Contessa frozen meal brand with Ina Garten using her recipes and having full quality control over the product. 

The meals will retail for around $8.99 and are meant to serve two people. Ina stated at her recent appearance in Delaware that the meals will be hitting grocery stores this weekend.  Contessa Premium Foods CEO Don Binotto told Undercurrentnews that the grocery stores that will be shipped the meals include: Shaws, Wakefern, Price Chopper, WalMart, Safeway, Publix, Ahold, Meijer, and Marsh Supermarket.  From reading both articles, it looks like there will be nine different Barefoot Contessa meals including a chicken and shrimp jambalaya, a shrimp scampi linguine, beef bourguignon, and sesame chicken.

Hopefully Ina's frozen food line gets better reviews than Guy Fieri's Frozen Smore's Pizza, and her husband Jeffrey can understand the directions on the packaging.

(Undercurrent News Story and Photo - Barefoot Contessa meal range launches in Walmart, Safeway, Others)


  1. Can't stand frozen prepard meals.  ICK.

  2. Frozen Food.


    What a sellout to promote this rubbish.

  3.  Money talks I guess.... Need that place in the Hamptons

  4. I was skeptical but desperate for something frozen but good and not full of empty carbs. Directions were too simple. I threw out the mushy parsley and chopped some from the garden thinking at least I'd have something fresh even if the rest was ordinary. The final direction was to add salt and pepper to taste. I thought that was odd. Any dish worth its salt shouldn't need additional seasoning.

    With the first bite I was flabbergasted. It actually tasted like beef bourguignon! It was full of flavor, color, texture and didn't need anything. Glad I added the fresh parsley though.

  5. Terrible name for a meal. When I'm trying to eat, some middle-aged lady's smelly, disgusting feet are not what I want to be thinking of.