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Food Network's March 2014 Programming Highlights

Photo - Food Network
Here are some of the highlights of the Food Network programming scheduled to air in March:

*Buy This Restaurant was on the list as a prime time show, but it looks like it has already been taken off Wednesday nights and moved to Sunday afternoons.  Look for this show to get cancelled.

A full press release with episode descriptions and air dates is below:

New Series SAVE MY BAKERY Among Food Network's March Highlights

Food Network brings the heat this March with new series Beat Bobby Flay premiering Thursday, March 6th at 10pm as Bobby Flay takes on the brightest chefs in America to see who can throw down in the kitchen.

Then, Chopped Tournament of Stars warms up the weekend as America's most beloved celebrities prove they can handle the pressure of the Chopped Kitchen beginning Sunday, March 9th at 9pm. Debuting on Wednesday, March 19th at 8pm, Save My Bakery highlights expert Kerry Vincent's journey to help struggling bakeries in the face of crumbling profits and stale design.

Rounding out March, Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell crown a winner in the season finale of Worst Cooks in America on Monday, March 31st at 9pm. Also in primetime, Food Network serves up premiere episodes of Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Guy's Grocery Games, Food Court Wars, Restaurant: Impossible and more, and Heartland Table and Southern at Heart return in daytime with new is the recipe HUB for kicking off spring with recipes and tips for any at-home cook. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Chopped Tournament of Stars - Premiering Sunday, March 9th at 9pm
With a $50,000 grand prize for charity on the line, celebrities from different walks of life compete in the ultimate Chopped Tournament of Stars. The five-part competition series, hosted by Ted Allen, includes four celebrities going head-to-head each week in themed episodes over three rounds: appetizer, entrée and dessert - each featuring mystery ingredients within the Chopped basket. Featuring sports stars, comedians, actors, and for the first time, veterans from Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, the celebrities are judged by a rotating roster of Chopped regulars, including Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos and Geoffrey Zakarian,to determine which celebrity will advance each week to Face Off in the finale on Sunday, April 6th at 9pm, with a chance to win the grand prize for the charity of their choice.

Premiering Sunday, March 9th at 9pm - "Sports Stars!"
Four famous athletes bring their fierceness and passion to the Chopped Kitchen for a five-part $50,000 celebrity tournament! With the charities they are playing for in their minds, the competitors open the first basket to find a scary ingredient - alligator. Then in the entrée round, the celebs must cook with some strange eggs and some tiny limes. The final two sports stars that make it to the dessert round put their athleticism and enthusiasm into making a great final dish that includes crystallized ginger and wafer cookies.
Competitors: Brandi Chastain,Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Greg Louganis, Charles Oakley
Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 9pm - "Rachael vs. Guy!"
These four competitors are all cooking-competition veterans as alums of Food Network's Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, but they have never stepped foot in the Chopped Kitchen! How will they do with beef tongue and microwaveable chocolate cake in the appetizer basket? Then, the stars have a pizza party in the entrée round after they discover leftover slices in the basket. With hopes of making it to the $50,000 finale, two competitors must make desserts using chocolate bars and banana chips.
Competitors: Penn Jillette, Coolio,Lou Diamond Phillips, Carnie Wilson
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos

Premiering Sunday, March 23rd at 9pm - "Comedians!"
Bringing the funny to the Chopped Kitchen, four comedians compete for a chance to move on to the $50,000 finale. Playing for their favorite charities, the stars open up the first basket and find a pork delicacy and a gummy candy. Then in the entrée round, the three comedians left must make jalapeño poppers palatable with beer can chicken. With vanilla cupcakes in the final basket, transforming the ingredient becomes key for the two finalists.
Competitors: Tommy Davidson, Sinbad, Gillian Vigman, Robert Wuhl
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Chris Santos, Geoffrey Zakarian

Premiering Sunday, March 30th at 9pm - "Actors!"
With only one spot left in the $50,000 charity tournament, four actors bravely take on the role of chef. In the first round, one competitor tries desperately to figure out the right cooking technique for a tricky ingredient. A pretty citrus fruit and a spiny lobster are two of the mystery ingredients that the competitors must demystify in the entrée round. In the final round, the two remaining stars make a mess in The Kitchen with some very creative desserts with mascarpone and strawberries.
Competitors: Lucas Grabeel, Michael Imperioli, Peter Scolari, Tasha Smith
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli

Visit for exclusive Exit interviews with the celebrity contestants and follow the battles on Twitter using #Chopped.


Beat Bobby Flay

Premiering Thursday, March 6th at 10pm
Skilled chefs compete for the opportunity to cook against culinary master Bobby Flay in the new eight-episode competition series Beat Bobby Flay. The action starts with two talented cooks going head-to-head in a culinary battle using an ingredient of Bobby's choice, in front of a studio audience and a rotating cast of special guests, whose goal is to pick the challenger with the skills to potentially Beat Bobby Flay. The winner proceeds to round two for the ultimate food face-off against Bobby - but with an advantage: the contender makes their signature dish, and Bobby has only minutes to come up with his own interpretation of the dish. After a blind taste test, a panel of judges ultimately decides if the challenger has the chops to Beat Bobby Flay or if Bobby's food reigns supreme.

Viewers wanting more can visit for behind-the-scenes photos, interviews and more insider coverage. Follow all the action on Twitter using #BeatBobbyFlay

Save My Bakery

Premiering Wednesday, March 19th at 8pm
Stale bakeries turn to expert Kerry Vincent to revive their sweets and their sales in new series Save My Bakery. Armed with years of baking experience and a no-nonsense approach, Kerry is on a mission to reinvigorate local bakeries, putting them back on their neighborhood radar. In hopes of also mending the strained relationships behind the struggling establishments, Kerry helps families heal and put the pieces of their failing business back together. From bolstering old doughnut recipes to improving employee morale, Kerry turns poor pastries into delectable desserts and outdated spaces into truly sweet spots.


Worst Cooks in America

Premiering Monday, March 3rd at 9pm -"Glazed and Confused"
Anne and Bobby test the remaining ten recruits' palates as this week is all about creating flavor combinations. The recruits sample unique doughnut flavors that blow their minds - Mexican Chocolate Glazed Donuts with Red Chili Almonds and Apple Cider Glazed Donuts with Bacon and Toasted Walnuts. Then, they must experiment with their own combinations and create doughnuts to wow Anne and Bobby. In the Main Dish Challenge, the recruits learn all about a classic roulade then have a flavor-building exercise to perfect their own to go with a delicious protein. In the end, the two recruits that do not measure up are sent home.

Premiering Monday, March 10th at 9pm -"Surprise!"
In an effort to learn how to cook in quantity, the recruits work together to make enough sushi to feed the hungry lunch rush at a busy conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. Later, the recruits arrive at a dark Boot Camp and are shocked to learn they will be catering a surprise party for celebrity guest, Betsey Johnson. Bobby shows his team how to make dishes like Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts Spring Rolls with Sesame Ginger Dipping Sauce, and Anne demonstrates a few including Chicken and Broccoli Rabe Summer Rolls. The recruits must make their own versions of these delicious finger foods to wow the party guests, while facing surprises and twists at every corner. The two recruits that cannot rev up enough flavor will hit the road.

Premiering Monday, March 17th at 9pm -"Two-A-Day"
The recruits wake up at the house to find Anne and Bobby in their pajamas demanding breakfast. Luckily, guest chef Sarabeth Levine makes a surprise visit and teaches the recruits how to whip up a delicious Eggs Benedict dish. Later, the recruits arrive at Boot Camp and are taught to make Grilled Ribeye with Fra Diavolo Lobster Relish and Dry-Rubbed Rib Eye with Chili Lobster and then must put a personal spin on the surf-and-turf dishes. The two that fall below the culinary bar are sent home.

Premiering Monday, March 24th at 9pm -"Eat, Pray, Love"
Four recruits are left and are one week away from a chance of winning $25,000. Bobby and Anne challenge their recruits to show them how much they have learned by a role reversal teaching tool - the recruits must teach the chefs. Each team is served a dish, but the chefs will not be able to see or taste it. Through a headset, the recruits must identify the ingredients and explain to their respective chef how to replicate the dishes. In the Main Dish Challenge, the fate of the final four recruits lies in the hands of those closest to them, as their loved ones judge this challenge.Each recruit will make a different dish and friends and family must vote on their favorite dish in a blind tasting. The two that fall short will head home, as the final two get ready for their last week at Boot Camp.

Premiering Monday, March 31st at 9pm - "Timer's Up"
Without help from Anne and Bobby, the final two recruits must prepare a three-course menu for a panel of culinary titans at a New York City restaurant. First, each recruit must compete in a mise en-place relay race as they go head-to-head dicing, chopping and grating their ingredients. Then, the finalists prepare and serve their life-changing meal to guest judges Maneet Chauhan, SPIKE Mendelsohn, and Jimmy Bradley, who determine which chef has moved their recruit from worst to first. In the end, the most improved recruit not only wins $25,000, but also the Boot Camp bragging rights.

Viewers wanting more can visit for photo galleries, interviews and more insider coverage. Don't miss the new How-To video series and fun culinary quizzes with the contestants. Tweet using #WorstCooks.


Restaurant: Impossible

Premiering Wednesday, March 5th at 10pm -"Up In Smoke"
Five years ago, Lisette and Steve got married, blending their families, and purchased the Mill Creek BBQ Restaurant in Redlands, Calif., modeling it after her father's established nearby restaurant. Instead of the faster, more casual version of her father's restaurant, Robert Irvine finds bland food and inefficient management. He will have just two days to change the barbecue from boring to bold, get Steve to regain his mojo and find a way to repair the severely broken relationship between Lisette and her 21-year-old daughter.

Premiering Wednesday, March 12th at 10pm -"A Lot to Lose"
Eileen's restaurant, Tootie's Texas BBQ in Cathedral City, Calif., started a deep decline while Eileen was battling cancer. Weeks away from closing for good, she calls on Robert Irvine for a rescue. Robert immediately identifies the tasteless barbecue, poor service and the fact that Tootie's is not bringing in the lunch crowd as the problems causing the restaurant's downfall. Robert has just two days to give Eileen a second chance at success.

Premiering Wednesday, March 19th at 10pm -"Fiery Family Fusion"
Monica and Elvis opened Pasion Latin Fusion two years ago, hoping to bring fun and authentic Latin cuisine to Albuquerque, N.M., but have found little success. Worn down, they turn to Robert Irvine, who has to address two major issues: the tension between Monica and their main investor, Elvis's brother, and a menu that is leaving customers confused and frustrated.

Premiering Wednesday, March 26th at 10pm -"NY State of Mind"
The food at Mama Della's N.Y. City Pizzeria in Baton Rouge, La., is great, but stubborn owner Barry is the biggest obstacle to his restaurant's success. Robert Irvine has a tough two days of fighting ahead of him to get Barry to change the "my way or the highway" attitude that is scaring away customers.

Do not miss the Restaurant: Impossible Top 5 countdown videos, like Top 5 Dirtiest Kitchens, Top 5 Heartwarming Moments and Top 5 Angry Owners at FoodNetwork.Com/RI. Tweet using #RestaurantImpossible


Buy This Restaurant

Premiering Wednesdays at 9pm

Aspiring restaurant owners take the first steps toward achieving their dreams in new Food Network series Buy This Restaurant. With the help of commercial real estate expert Keith Simpson, each hopeful restaurateur searches to find the ideal space to launch their new business. In each episode, Keith shows each novice three different properties that could work for their restaurant concept and helps them visualize how the space can work for their business. From a turn-key operation complete with supplies but little room for creativity to a vacant, dilapidated space that needs renovation but has tons of potential, Keith helps the newbies secure the foundation to run the restaurant of their dreams.


Premiering Tuesday, March 4th at 10pm -"Grandma vs. Grandma"
For the first time, four determined grandmothers Face Off in the Chopped Kitchen. In the appetizer basket, they find a favorite grandma leftover: a coffee can of bacon grease. The three feisty grandmas who make it to the entrée round must make meatloaf mix work with an aptly named cocktail. The judges cannot wait to get some grandmotherly love served up with their oatmeal desserts.

Premiering Tuesday, March 18th at 10pm -"Dread and Breakfast"
The usual rounds are replaced by breakfast, lunch and dinner. In round one, the chefs attempt to make a glorious morning meal from coffee cake and cream-filled chocolate eggs. Then in the second round, three very energetic chefs race to create delicious fish dishes for lunch, but one competitor's recklessness leads to an emergency situation. Finally, the judges are excited to see what the two finalists can do with a divine dinner basket.

Do not miss Chopped After Hours, a web series on, where the Chopped judges step out from behind the chopping block to put their own spin on some of Chopped's toughest and strangest baskets.

Chopped Canada

Premiering Thursday, March 6th at 10pm -"Offal to the Races"
Strawberry and sausage stump four fabulous chefs in the appetizer round. An offal entrée basket sets one chef apart from the rest, but will it be enough to survive the chopping block and win it all? A marriage of marzipan and tarragon brings things to a brittle finish.

Premiering Thursday, March 13th at 10pm -"You Can't Win If You Don't Plate"
A common breakfast ingredient causes the chefs to fritter away time, and key ingredients miss making the plate. Miso paste challenges the palate in a salty entrée basket, and a surprise eel in the dessert round leaves the chefs looking for inventive ways to present old favorites.

Premiering Thursday, March 20th at 10pm -"The Sweet Taste of Success"
This candy-filled episode pits Quebec chefs vs. Ontario chefs in a heated battle for Chopped Canada Champion. Black licorice and candy-coated chocolates cause sweet struggles in the first two rounds, while a basket of woodsy and spicy flavors turns things upside down when it comes time for dessert.

Premiering Thursday, March 27th at 10pm -"Slippery When Wet"
A lunch lady, a dinner theater chef, a prodigal daughter, and a small town cook with big city dreams battle to prove they are worthy of the title of Chopped Canada Champion. The chefs are dealt a slippery hand as they must work with smelts and smoky eel.

Cutthroat Kitchen

Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 10pm -"It's Not Delivery, It's Old Delivery"
Breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day when three chefs must find new uses for common breakfast appliances. Then, a chef must decide to go sweet or savory with their calzone when Alton swaps their entire stash of cheese for tiramisu. In the final challenge, a chef is forced to downsize when they have to cook their fajitas on a mini-skillet.

Premiering Sunday, March 9th at 10pm -"Pressed or Steamed"
Cutthroat Kitchen takes things to the extreme when one chef loses everything but a roll of tin foil and heat while cooking a dish. Then, Alton auctions off his compost bucket forcing one chef to make a quiche out of the food bits that are normally thrown out. Finally, a clothes steamer and iron are the only sources of heat for a chef cooking mussels.

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 10pm -"A Few Good Ramen"
Three chefs are forced to come up with new versions of BLT's when their main ingredients are taken away, and host, Alton Brown, forces one to use a gardening shovel as a cooking vessel. Then, a chef is forced to make ramen without noodles, while another swaps their soup stock for tea bags. Finally, a contestant is slowed down when they get a little puffed up while making a soufflé, and another must use an ingredient that defies logic and science.

Premiering Sunday, March 23rd at 10pm -"Breakfast in Bed"
It is happy hour in Cutthroat Kitchen, and one chef is forced to use alcohol as their only means of heat to prepare a bar snack while another is given their choice of the "top shelf." Then, breakfast in bed is given a whole new meaning when a chef must prepare a breakfast burrito entirely lying down. Finally, Alton decides to finally clean out the fridge, and one chef uses those leftovers to make a bread pudding.

Premiering Sunday, March 30th at 10pm - "Hawaii 5-Oh No!"
First up, pasta art is up for auction in a pesto pasta challenge, and another must cook their noodles on a cookie sheet. Next, Alton makes a chef hang loose when creating a Hawaiian plate lunch while another must use a shark tooth as a knife. Finally, a contestant gets their dose of sabotage when they are forced to do all their mixing in muffin tins.

Online, catch new episodes of Alton's After Show, a post-show conversation with host, Alton Brown, and the guest judges chatting about the strategies and tricks employed by the chefs in each episode. Follow the mischief and strategy on Twitter using #CutthroatKitchen

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Premiering Friday, March 7th at 10pm - "Dynamite Duos"
This trip, Guy checks out some spots that keep it all in the family. In New York's Lower East Side neighborhood, a sibling spot starts at the very beginning - pickling, smoking, curing and fermenting, everything from goat necks to chicken wings to pig ears. In Eureka, Calif., a husband and wife team cranks out Mediterranean favorites like a lamb plate alongside bar standards like a pulled pork po' boy. In Miami, a Southern-bred brother/sister duo serve up grandma's recipes with unique touches on favorites like whole fried snapper and beer-braised baby back ribs.

Premiering Friday, March 14th at 10pm - "Kickin' it in Key West"
This trip, Guy checks out some of the awesome eats of Key West. From a funky little shack that serves up New England seafood with coastal twists to a husband/wife team that dishes out standout fish tacos just down the street, Guy hits all the hot spots. A trip to this eclectic oasis would not be complete without a stop at the teeny tiny food cart that cranks out hundreds of Asian-Caribbean Fusion dishes a day.

Premiering Friday, March 21st at 10pm - "Late Night Legends"
Guy has sampled some of the best food in America and its border buddies. Many of those joints have a special way of keeping viewers up late and serving outrageous food well into the midnight hour. From dive bars and music venues to 24-hour spots, one thing all these late night haunts have in common is great food at all hours.

Food Court Wars

Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 8pm - "Fat Shallot vs. Glutton Force 5"
Shortly after they got married, culinary school sweethearts Sam and Sarah took their life savings and bought a food truck, which they named "The Fat Shallot." But navigating the cutthroat Chicago food truck scene is a challenge, so the ambitious couple wants to find a more permanent location so they can achieve the financial stability they need to have kids and support a growing family. Pat and Tim are best friends and competitive eaters who developed their love for great grub into a food truck concept they call "Glutton Force 5." While their food truck struggles to gain momentum, both Pat and Tim are forced to work at other jobs but dream of making the truck their full-time focus. Tyler heads to West Dundee, Ill., as these two teams duke it out for a chance to open their own food court restaurant.

Premiering Sunday, March 9th at 8pm -"Brunchaholics vs. Modern Southern Table"
Sisters Gabbie and Audriana grew up in the food industry while working with their father in their family-owned restaurant. Now the sisters feel it's their time to break out on their own and turn their passion for breakfast food into a thriving restaurant of their own. When best friends Sadaya and Maiya realized there was a shortage of quality Southern-style food in their area, they came together and started their own catering company to fill the void. With Maiya's help, Sadaya hopes to leave her corporate job and finally make her passion for food her full-time career. These two teams will go head-to-head for the chance to win a food court location in Zanesville, Ohio.

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 8pm - "The Mayobird vs. Wingzza"
Tyler Florence heads to Hickory, N.C., to meet friends and business partners, DeeDee and George, who came together to build a restaurant concept based around chicken salad which they call "The Mayobird." After working for the NFL for many years, DeeDee wants to change her career path so she can focus more of her time on being a single mom to her young son. With a long career in the restaurant business behind him, George sees this as an opportunity to finally achieve the culinary success he's always dreamed of. Larry and H.C. came together when Larry opened a food truck and brought on H.C. as the head chef to develop their menu of wings and pizza. With a baby on the way, Larry hopes that he and H.C. can grow their business to a successful restaurant franchise that would allow them to both provide for their families.

Premiering Sunday, March 23rd at 8pm - "Full Circle Sliders vs. Jonathon's Gravy Train"
Newlyweds Jennifer and Lara plan to turn their fun neighborhood gastropub "Full Circle Tavern" into a food court concept. Lara gave up her job to join self-taught chef Jennifer in the business, so they have to make sure it is a success. Jonathon and his wife Christine own and operate a small neighborhood restaurant called Jonathon's Oakcliff. In the two years they have been open they have received high praise from the local "foodie" scene. It's time for this husband and wife team to take their brand to the next level and expose more people to Jonathon's amazing food. Which team will emerge Victorious with a chance to win their own local mall food court spot in Lewisville, Texas?

Premiering Sunday, March 30th at 8pm -"Gaufre Gourmet vs. Pressed"
The town of Kelso, Wash., welcomes two teams as they pull out all the stops to claim their food court victory. Michael and Charlene have been dating for five years, and while they have invested their life savings into their waffle-themed restaurant/cart/truck Gaufre Gourmet, they have yet to achieve the success they dreamt of having. Best friends Robert and Mike met in culinary school and recently opened a sandwich-based food truck, Pressed. They Believe it is a natural fit for a food court and could provide them with the culinary success they have been chasing. Which team will emerge Victorious with a chance to win their own food court spot?

Iron Chef America

Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 9pm -"Vegas High Rollers"
It is all about Vegas, as the Chairman rolls the dice and pits Iron Chef Bobby Flay against challenger Angelo Sosa in a fight for the culinary title. Judges Hal Rubenstein, Judy Joo and Billy Harris determine who reigns supreme in Kitchen Stadium.

Mystery Diners

Premiering Monday, March 3rd at 10:30pm - "Mascot Mayhem"
Blaine, the owner of Zippy's Giant Burgers in Seattle, contacts Charles to investigate rumors that his new mascot is misbehaving. Mystery Diners Nadine and John go undercover to discover exactly who is behind the mascot costume.

Premiering Monday, March 10th at 10pm -"Paranormal Activities"
When Demetri, owner of Taverna Mazi in Seattle, hears rumors that customers are taking "haunted tours" of his restaurant, he contacts Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Hollie and John go undercover to show Demetri if his staff is getting carried away with the ghost stories.

Premiering Monday, March 17th at 10pm -"Coupon Coup"
After noticing an unusual increase in coupons, Aaron, owner of The Hangout in California, calls Charles to investigate. Mystery Diners Shelby and Kiel go undercover and discover the wait staff is taking advantage of their situation.

Premiering Monday, March 24th at 10pm -"Cover Charge"
David and Petra, owners of Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza in Moorpark, Calif., contact Charles to investigate discrepancies in their pizza supplies. Mystery Diners Amber and Grant go undercover and find out what's really going on backstage at Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza.


Heartland Table

Premiering Saturday, March 8th at 10:30am -"Heart of Fire"
Amy and her husband Aaron gather around the fire in their central wood stove not only for heat but also delicious home cooked dishes. Amy prepares a warm wood stove meal for Aaron consisting of Midwestern Fried Chicken and Gravy with a side of Whipped Potatoes and Swiss Chard with Honey-Roasted Garlic, followed by Indoor Buttercup S'mores made bruschetta-style with roasted marshmallows and dark chocolate.

Premiering Saturday, March 15th at 10:30am - "Hot Horseradish"
Harvesting and processing fresh horseradish root is a tradition in Amy's community, and like all horseradish-lovers, the hotter the better. As a thank you to her neighbor Katie for hosting the annual Horseradish Party, Amy invites her family over for a horseradish-spiked feast: Beef Stew with Red Wine, Mushrooms, and Horseradish Cream, Roasted Shrimp Wraps with Homemade Cocktail Sauce, and a sprawling Bloody Mary bar.

Premiering Saturday, March 22nd at 10:30am -"Say Cheese"
The Midwest produces some of the most beloved cheeses in the country. Amy celebrates the vast, comforting world of cheese dishes. Few can resist the charms of Crispy Cheese-Curd Risotto Cakes served with a side of Cherry Tomato-Arugula Salad, Best-Ever Cheese Soup and Stovetop Mac and Cheese with Bacon.

Premiering Saturday, March 29th at 10:30am - "On The Ice"
Northern Minnesota is known for its ice. Snow may arrive as early as December, and when the temperature soon plunges below zero, the wintery snow/ice mix does not leave until late spring. The locals learn to have fun in the cold, as is done during the annual Eelpout Festival on iced-over Leech Lake in Walker, Minn. The menu combats the fierce temperatures, starting with buttery Monkfish Almondine, Chestnut-Wild Rice Pilaf, Cast-Iron Curried Carrots and Vintage Toffee Bars.

Southern at Heart

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 10am
Southern spitfire and season nine Food Network Star winner, Damaris Phillips, whips up her modern Southern cuisine in a second season. She highlights easy, approachable recipes designed to give viewers a personal look into her culinary style. She also visits local purveyors for seasonal ingredients, adding a contemporary edge and dressing up the traditional Southern fare, all the while keeping the food deliciously simple for at-home cooks.


Barefoot Contessa

Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 11:30am -"Cocktails for a Crowd"
Ina hosts a fundraiser at the barn for the East Hampton Historical Society and shares her blueprint for a foolproof cocktail party. From invitations to store-bought cheats, this is entertaining made easy. She also serves up recipes for Caramelized Bacon, Potato Basil Frittata, Roasted Shrimp with Green Goddess Dressing and a Champagne Cocktail Bar.

Giada At Home

Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 11am -"All Grown Up"
Giada makes three comforting recipes that we all know and love from our childhood, but gives each recipe a grown-up spin. On the menu: Grown Up "Franks and Beans," Mushroom Mac and Cheese and Strawberry Shortcake Soup.

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 10:30am -"Giada's L.A. Vacation"
In this episode, Giadaputs her spin on three dishes from some of Los Angeles's most popular tourist attractions. She puts her twist on a Giada Dog from Pink's, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and Knott's Berry Farm's famous Boysenberry Pie.

Premiering Sunday, March 23rd at 10:30am -"Feel Good Food"
Giada makes four healthy recipes that may be low in fat and calories, but are full of amazing flavor. The menu features Egg and Kale Breakfast Wraps, Roasted Vegetables with Chipotle Cream, Grilled Salmon and Pineapple With Avocado Dressing and a Banana and Walnut Smoothie.

The Pioneer Woman

Premiering Saturday, March 1st at 10am -"Cowboy Mike"
Ree's brother Mike helps Ladd feed the cattle out on the prairie, and Ree makes a fabulous and comforting Mexican Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows for toasting over the fire. While everyone is hanging out, she makes Mike's favorite breakfast - The Eggbert's Sunriser with Orange Mini Muffins.

Premiering Saturday, March 8th at 10am - "Around the World in 16 Minutes"
Ree goes around the world with 16-minute meals. First stop is India with Easy Mulligatawny Soup for sharing with a friend. Then, for a solo meal, Thai Beef With Peppers. For dinner with the family, it is off to Italy for Chicken Picatta and delicious Buttery Lemon Parsley Noodles.

Premiering Saturday, March 15th at 10am -"B-Man"
It is dinner for two for Ree and her son, Bryce, so she treats him to all of his favorite meals. First up is Italian Meatloaf, then a No-Bake Mac and Four Cheeses served with a simple green salad and easy dressing. Finally, they have some mom and son quality time with Yummy Slice Cookies and Ice Cream Sundaes.

Sandwich King

Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 10:30am -"Speakeasy Sandwiches"
Jeff starts with a Hanger Steak Sandwich topped with Bourbon Creamed Spinach. Next up is a steakhouse classic with a twist - Open-Faced Clams Casino with a Parsley Lemon Mayo. For a cocktail, Jeff makes the "New" Old Fashioned.

Premiering Sunday, March 9th at 10:30am -"Sky High Sandwiches"
The first sky-high sandwich Jeff makes is a Buffalo Chicken Skyscraper topped with a zesty Blue Cheese Slaw and Crispy Onion Rings. Then, he serves up a stacked Bourbon BLT. Plus, he makes a leaning tower of Fried Pickles, Jalapenos and Pickled Carrots with an Angry Sauce for dipping.

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 11am -"Hog Wild"
Jeff goes hog wild with a Roasted Pork Sandwich with Piquillo Peppers and a side of Broccoli Rabe and Chorizo. Then, giant Pigs in a Blanket filled with sweet mascarpone cheese and topped off with Apple Chutney.

Premiering Sunday, March 23rd at 11am -"Jamaican, Mon!"
No need to travel when Jeff makes a Jamaican feast at home! He starts with a Jerk Chicken Sandwich topped with Mango Chutney and Fried Plantains. Then, he moves right on to Snapper with Escovitch Pickled Peppers and a Scotch Bonnet Aioli. Nothing says Jamaica like an island cocktail, so Jeff serves up a Booty Shaker with caramelized orange slices.

Premiering Sunday, March 30th at 11am -"Brunchwiches"
Jeff starts off by making a Fried Egg and Oyster Sandwich served up with crispy pancetta on baked green tomatoes. Then, it is a Tempura Poached Egg on an English Muffin with a Red Pepper Corned Beef Hash. For a little something sweet, he makes Red Wine Poached Pears filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with crushed granola.

The Kitchen

Premieres Saturdays at 11am
Food Network serves up five times the food and fun in the The Kitchen, co-hosted by culinary favorites Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian. From food trend discussions and family meal tips to trivia games and Twitter questions from viewers, the entertaining, one-hour episodes cover all things culinary.

Online at, check out exciting updates, including recipes from the show, behind-the-scenes photos and fun facts from the culinary department. On the FN Dish blog, get one post each week written by one of the hosts, plus special giveaways.

Trisha's Southern Kitchen

Premiering Saturday, March 1st at 10:30am -"Gold Medal Comfort"
Trisha is making a meal that will score a perfect ten with her friends Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner. The gold medal-winning gymnasts may be visiting her in the kitchen, but they also get Trisha in the gym and on the balance beam! To fuel the champions Trisha cooks up a delicious meal of Pork Medallions, Garlic Grits Casserole and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Nadia also contributes and shows Trisha how to make her Salata de Vinete.


Comfort Food Weekend

Premiering Saturday March 1st from 7am-12pm and Sunday, March 2nd from 7am-2pm
Curl up by the fire and fend off the winter chill with Food Network for two weekend mornings of warm comfort foods including premiere episodes from Barefoot Contessa, Giada at Home, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, Sandwich King and Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Premiere episodes include:
Premiering Saturday, March 1st at 10am - The Pioneer Woman -"Cowboy Mike"
Premiering Saturday, March 1st at 10:30am - Trisha's Southern Kitchen - "Gold Medal Comfort"
Premieres Saturday, March 1st at 11am - The Kitchen
Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 10:30am - Sandwich King -"Speakeasy Sandwiches"
Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 11am - Giada at Home - "All Grown Up"
Premiering Sunday, March 2nd at 11:30am - Barefoot Contessa - "Cocktails for a Crowd"


St. Patrick's Day
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by serving classic Irish dishes and drinks, as well as a few new favorites, such as Ina's Irish Soda Bread, Sandra's Slow-Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage and Melissa's Shepherd's Pie, plus get a look at Bobby Flay's tour of Ireland. Also, enjoy recipes like green velvet cupcakes, a shamrock cake and green milkshakes for grown up and kids.

Whether you are looking for an in-between-meals nibble, an after-school treat, afternoon pick-me up or a crowd-pleasing snack to bring to a party, turn to Food Network's snacks package for easy-to-make, sweet and savory snack ideas including hummus, homemade pretzels and bruschetta.

Make it 5 Ways: Turkey
Live on March 1st
This lean protein is not just for Thanksgiving! Turn turkey cutlets, ground turkey, turkey breast and even deli slices into family-friendly weeknight meals like turkey meatloaf, turkey tacos and turkey meatballs.

Everything Spring
Food Network's spring HUB is the best place to find recipes for in-season-now produce like asparagus, rhubarb, carrots, strawberries and peas. Whether you are making dinner on a busy weeknight, hosting a weekend dinner party, preparing a special Mother's Day brunch or planning Easter dinner, you will find everything you need.

Cooking from the Pantry
It is easy to throw together a quick meal using only the ingredients you have on-hand. Learn how to stock your pantry with convenient ingredients (like canned and dried beans, pasta, rice and dried herbs and spices) and then use them to make meals in a pinch.

Kitchen Shortcuts
Weeknight meals come together in a flash thanks to shortcut ingredients like rotisserie chicken and frozen produce, and with tips from The Pioneer Woman, Melissa d'Arabian and semi-homemaker Sandra Lee.

Comfort Food
During the cold winter months, satisfy your craving for hearty food with recipes like meatloaf, casseroles, slow-cooker favorites and homemade cookies. Sample stick-to-your-ribs classics from Ree Drummond, Sunny Anderson and Trisha Yearwood. #UltimateComfortFood

Help Around the Kitchen
Make 2014 the most organized year yet. Learn tricks from Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay for keeping your kitchen clean and efficient, and get daily tips to help save time and money.

Updated Food Network Recipe Box:
The revamped Recipe Box on helps make meal preparation a breeze. New features include:

All new, simple-to-use design
Easy to add and organize favorite recipes from Food Network and other sites, plus Capture your own personal recipes
New, simple and shareable Shopping List sorted by aisle, making your grocery store trip faster and easier
Syncs across all platforms - desktop, mobile web and Food Net

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  1. I am glad Amy Theilen's show was renewed. I also will check out Damaris & Beat Bobby Flay.

    Is this a Guy Fieri free line up? Never mind, scrolled up.

  2. Are you kidding? They should rename it "The Fieri Network "!

  3. That will never happen.. This only has the new programming... Plenty of reruns of Triple D at all hours

  4. Looking at Midwestern Tables line up of shows, many of these shows would have been ideal shows during thie cold winter months. Leave it to FN to air this just as winter is ending.

  5. What's going on with Iron Chef America? Sat nights then off for a month then Sunday nights, the gone again?

  6. So there are around 45 TV shows featuring the same five "Chefs" over and over and over again.

  7. Wow. As a professional in the hospitality industry, I was both shocked and mildly pleased that Lynn had given her employees the run of the asylum! While risky, I felt it was a concession of how dependent one becomes on a faithful staff. The allowance that Robert afforded this particular restaurant should have nipped the precarious debt in the bud. It's terribly unfortunate that what enthusiasm that was shown for tv's sake and sadly was, in fact, a bust. Were it not, Lynn would have found a solid staff that would back the new efforts of a redesigned venue with plenty of potential! -sad I live so far North, Lynn, I would have gone to bat for you!

  8. Brenda Maggard McCoyMarch 2, 2014 at 5:39 AM

    Wish they would mix up the line up of shows in the evening. I get so tired of watching Triple D and Restaurant Impossible all night long. Put more cooking shows on in the evening instead of reality shows. Not everyone can get the Cooking Channel.

  9. Once FN puts a celebrity chef into over-exposure mode.....exile from FN is next as they will use them up and then spot them out. This is a pattern with FN.

  10. Besides, with Triple D and Triple G, Fieri has a whole alphabet to milk.

  11. Cooking Channel hardly shows any "instructionals" any more either.

  12. It appears to be another owner blaming others for their woes. If she is the owner, she controls staff.

  13. Katherine PetersdorfJune 2, 2014 at 11:01 PM

    Personally, I don't think it is anyone's fault but the owner's when a business fails. I don't like that she blamed everyone else in the article for her inability to control her staff, hire and fire correctly, run her business, and make solid choices for the better.