Sunday, February 23, 2014

Caseyville Cafe From Restaurant Impossible Has Closed

Photo - Food Network
The Caseyville Cafe in Caseyville, IL, which was featured on season 5 of Restaurant Impossible has closed.

I have received emails from multiple readers letting me know about the closing, some of which dated back to February 13th.  I tried to find more information about the closing, but no one has been answering the phone since that day and the restaurant has taken down their Facebook page.

One email said there was a sign on the door that said, "closed until further notice, due to family issues."  Another email said the "word on the street" was that there was an illness in the family.

Finally, a local went to go get a picture of the sign on the door, and there was a new sign that said, "Coming Soon, Toni's Restaurant" and there was a 'Now Hiring' sign outside.

If any more information becomes available about the closing, I will update this post.  This is the 5th restaurant from season 5 (2012 - 2013) of Restaurant Impossible to close, and the Restaurant Impossible Update Page has been updated to show this.


  1. Worst cooks is very funny. Anne & Bobby seem stern but respectful to the contestants. The contestants also seem more serious this yr. Bonus: They actually have a cute guy on this season!

  2. Don't like Jeff's sandwich show but do like him on this show, but the unitard thing was stupid, and I wish they wouldn't go there. They recently added chatter and clapping to make it sound like there's an audience. Wish they had NOT done is so contrived. One reason I like the show is because there is no audience.
    Jeff's lips just drive me nuts...he looks like he's wearing lipstick.

  3. This is about Worst Cooks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show, and it is flat-out hilarious!!!