Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bryan's Smokehouse From Restaurant Impossible Has Been Sold

Bryan's Smokehouse in Lufkin, Texas, which was featured on season 6 of Restaurant Impossible has been sold to new owners.

The Lufkin Daily News did a story about the restaurant being sold, in which the owner Lynn Bryan said she is switching careers.  That newspaper requires paid access, so you will not be able to read the article, but she says she is thankful that the show came, and then follows that up by complaining about the show and the city of Lufkin.

She claims Robert Irvine said the show usually gets a great reception in the city they go to, but Lufkin did not accept them and people were rude.  She said she had to apologize for Lufkin on behalf of Lufkin, which has locals upset in the Facebook comments of the article.

Lynn also claimed that the show needed a script, so they came up with the idea that she was lying to Tommy about the debt of the restaurant.  She said she never walked away from the restaurant as the show portrayed.

The original update on this site detailed the overwhelmingly negative reviews about the restaurant and there were also many comments about Lynn after the show aired. Lynn actually posted in the comments that they were probably ex-employees posting bad reviews, and were fired for being "thiefs(sic), trash, or drug users."

The new owners are keeping the name of the restaurant the same, which is kind of surprising with the negativity surrounding it.   The Restaurant Impossible Update Page has been updated to show Bryan's Smokehouse as Sold.

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