Thursday, January 23, 2014

Damaris Phillips' 'Southern at Heart' Renewed for 2nd Season (Updated - Now Official)

Photo - Food Network
Damaris Phillips, who was the winner of Food Network Star season 9, had her show Southern at Heart renewed for a 2nd season.  The 2nd season of Southern at Heart should premiere sometime in March in a Sunday morning timeslot.  Look for this season to have 13 episodes as most shows on the Food Network have 13 episodes after they get past the first season.

The proof that there will be another season is on the Food Network's website.  If you look at the episode guide for Southern at Heart, you see that there is a season 2 listed (pictured below).  No specific episodes are listed yet because the Food Network schedule is only updated through February right now.

Pretty much all of the recent winners of Food Network Star have had their show renewed for at least a 2nd season, with the exception being Justin Warner, who only got a 1-hour special.  Whether the format stays the same or is switched up a bit for the 2nd season remains to be seen.  Maybe there will be females as well as males being taught how to cook this season?

UPDATED 2/4/2014 - From a press release highlighting the March programming highlights on the Food Network, the renewal of Southern at Heart is now official.  The 2nd season will start Sunday, March 16th at 10am:

"Southern at Heart

Premiering Sunday, March 16th at 10am

Southern spitfire and season nine Food Network Star winner, Damaris Phillips, whips up her modern Southern cuisine in a second season. She highlights easy, approachable recipes designed to give viewers a personal look into her culinary style. She also visits local purveyors for seasonal ingredients, adding a contemporary edge and dressing up the traditional Southern fare, all the while keeping the food deliciously simple for at-home cooks."


  1. I have never watched more than ten seconds of Damaris. She reminds me of a robot. The Stepford Wives!

  2. She needs to cook with women as well..comes off as fake to me.I don't like when she strains herself to sound more southern than she really is..

  3. i never thought Justin was television worthy. Damaris is okay, but doesn't have the wealth of knowledge behind her that a television chef "should" have. i'd rather watch Anne Burrell with her new pink mohawk teaching me methods and flavors and stuff I don't already know.

  4. I have to agree. She's cute and I didn't really dislike her on FNS but I don't enjoy the flirtatious persona and her voice drives me up the wall. I can't watch her either.

  5. I strongly DIS-agree with the negative comments so far. I think Chef Damaris is the best winner to come along in several years! Here's why:
    1. She can Cook! Even Iron Chef Bobby Flay complimented her on a tip she gave him, the night she won Food Network Star.
    2. She Won!--Food Network Star and beat out 11 others!
    3. Bob Tuschman has said: "She's a Natural." (on camera, for TV). He should know. I agree.
    4. She's down-to-earth, real and not pretentious. I think Vic is 100% wrong about her being a robot. Have you seen her in the Buick LaCross commercial? Great smile, sincere, outgoing and a fresh look.
    5. She didn't just go to culinary school. She TEACHES in one! Before that she's been cooking even as a young girl for a large family. It's in her blood. She's good at it. The Judges loved her food in season 9 of Food Network Star and Damaris was the ONLY contender who was never dead-last-on-the-bottom or lost a challenge!
    6. I disagree with Mabel, too. Damaris has PLENTY of knowledge. Check out her recipes! I'm sure there are many more good ones where these came from. See:
    7. She is a good teacher/explainer and she makes food I'd actually want to eat. Good variety: Pot Roast Sandwiches, Scones, HER Chili, Parfaits, Veggie Pot Pie, Peppered Pork and so much more!

    If this article/news above is true, it's some of the best news Food Network has had in a long, long time! It's finally about the FOOD again! From someone likeable and knowledgeable. Bring her on! Give us more!

  6. Is this the official word from Food Network or a should-be probability from the writer? The show was wonderfully educational. Many useful tips. Would love to see Food Network continue with Southern at Heart. Damaris is awesome. Will feel better with an announcement from top management or seeing new commercials for season 2 or an article definitely saying so in Food Network Magazine. Crossing my fingers.

  7. Damaris' show just isn't good. The whole concept of her "teaching" clueless men how to make a special meal for their wives/fiancees/whatever is awful and, let's face it, does anyone believe that the men are rushing home to actually prepare the stuff?

    "If you supply the love, I'll supply the food.... the food of love".... what the hell is that even supposed to mean?

    If she goes back to just a straight cooking format, I *might* consider watching Season 2 but I can't take anymore of this hokey "oh he wants to cook a special meal for the day they find out the gender of their child" garbage.

    I think Damaris is going to last about as long as Aarti did. I'd much rather watch Amy Thielen or Nancy Fuller.