Saturday, February 8, 2014

Giada De Laurentiis Walks The Runway at New York Fashion Week

This week at New York Fashion Week, Giada De Laurentiis walked the runway for the Heart Truth Red Dress event, to raise awareness for heart disease.  She was among many celebrities that walked down the red carpet for the event, and a few pictures of her walking down the runway are below:

Giada Red Dress Runway
Photo - Twitter

Also, if you want to watch the video of the event, or specifically the Giada part, the video is after the jump (Fast forward to 17:30 if you want to see Giada walk the runway):


  1. Were they raising money for services to prevent heart disease? Everything I'm finding about this campaign just says it promotes women's heart health but doesn't say how or if it's even a fundraiser.

  2. I'm tired of seeing that woman's cleavage.And trust me, I don't dislike cleavage.

  3. It's not just Giada's cleavage; it's an epidemic. I don't mind a nice line of deep top cleavage in the neckline of a dress, but I'm tired of seeing 270 degrees of circumference between the boobs.

  4. Here's a snip from an article linked to below:

    28-day challenge during American Heart Month to take action to lower your risk for heart disease. Throughout the month of February, join us on Facebook to accept the challenge of the day and share how you're making changes for a healthy heart in 2014.

    Unite with women across the country as you take action to improve your heart health and lower your chances of developing heart disease by taking on one challenge a day, whether it's learning your numbers or making a healthy swap in the kitchen.

  5. Everybody's seen your clevage, Giada, so just pull 'em out and let those puppies take a deep breath. I'd pay a dollar for -that- .

  6. So very, very tired of anything Giada!