Friday, January 10, 2014

Paula Deen To Appear At South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2014

Paula Deen will be appearing at the 2014 South Beach Wine & Food Festival according to the Miami New Times.  While she is not advertised on the SOBEWFF website as appearing, she apparently will host a cooking demonstration at the Grand Tasting Village on Sunday with her sons Jamie and Bobby.

Although Paula is not on the website, the Grand Tasting Village event has "The Deen Family" on the schedule (see picture below) for Sunday at 4:15pm to 5:00pm.

Paula has appeared at other cooking shows after her scandal, such as in Dallas and Houston, but what makes this one kind of significant is that the South Beach Wine & Food Festival has the Food Network as the title sponsor.  Who knows if the Food Network has any say in who appears at the event, but you would think they would have been notified about Paula appearing.

Last year at SOBEWFF, Paula appeared on the Today show, where many people thought she appeared drunk.  In 2011, she licked butter off of Robert Irvine's abs and rode him like a horse, which spawned the Paula Deen Riding Things tumblr.  In 2009 at the festival, Paula accidentally mooned the crowd while she was on stage.

She will probably be on her best behavior this year if she has hopes of having a successful comeback.

(Miami New Times article)


  1. Not a surprise...FN will slowly assimilate her back into the FN heard. Maybe an admission that, in their haste, they screwed up?

  2. I NEVER want to see Paula Deen on tv again...she is the most unsanitary cook I've ever watched, plus I got sick of watching her paw every young guy who appeared on her show. Sick of watching her make a spectacle of herself.