Friday, January 10, 2014

Oops! - Food Network Canada Doesn't Air Chopped Canada In Timeslot

Last week, Chopped Canada premiered on Food Network Canada to record breaking ratings, making the show the highest rated series premiere in the network's history. So, you had to think they would be excited about this week's show and were promoting the new episode set to show at 10pm ET/PT.
The only problem was, at 10pm, despite Chopped Canada being scheduled to show on the network, an episode of Restaurant Takeover was airing on everyone's TV.

Viewers went to Twitter to complain to Food Network Canada as well as Chopped Canada, who were just as shocked that the episode didn't air correctly.  Food Network Canada handled the situation pretty well though, with apologies to many, and were able to get the new episode of Chopped Canada to air an hour late at 11pm.
Food Network Canada also made the episode available online at its website.  Who knows how this will impact ratings, but I wouldn't expect any more records this week.

*Eater Montreal also has some tweets from last night during the fiasco.

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