Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Restaurant Express' Premiere Available On Demand

Photo - Food Network
Restaurant Express, the new competition show with Robert Irvine as the host, is not scheduled to premiere until November 3rd at 9pm on the Food Network.  However, if you have Comcast as your cable provider, the first episode is available to watch On Demand (not sure about other cable providers, so if you have another provider, let me know in the comments if the episode is on there as well).  I am not sure if this is a mistake having it On Demand early, or they are trying to generate interest.

The episode starts with Robert Irvine meeting all of the contestants, and they have to pitch their idea for their restaurant.  One of the contestants is eliminated after their pitch and is not allowed on the bus to start the journey.  Then, the remaining eight contestants have to set up their own lakeside restaurant in Las Vegas with $500.  The 5 chefs who make the most money are safe from elimination, while the bottom 3 have to face Robert and one chef is eliminated.  Of course Robert had to spit something out that he didn't like when trying the food.

It is pretty much set up like Top Chef, however instead of a judging panel, it is Robert Irvine alone that is going around and tasting the dishes, and Robert Irvine alone is deciding who to eliminate from the bottom three.  To see who was eliminated from the first episode, continue reading (Spoiler Alert).

UPDATE - I have been told both Direct TV and Verizon FIOS has this available on demand as well.

Ameera Watson - Food Network

The contestant that was sent home first after the pitch of their concept was Ameera Watson (right).

The contestant that was sent home after the restaurant challenge was Kimmy Moy (right).

Kimmy Moy - Food Network

I will have a more detailed preview of the season when it is closer to the premiere date and let you know who has already been on reality TV before (3 of the 9 contestants).


  1. It's up On Demand on Cablevision (LI, NY area)

  2. Not unusual for Comcast on demand to have premieres prior to on-channel premieres.

  3. I was expecting Adam to win but they went with Seonkyoung in the end, and as far as the prize, they did say that she will get to work as the executive chef at her restaurant.