Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food Network's November 2013 Programming Highlights

The Food Network has put out a press release detailing the programming in November on the channel, which includes a lot of new and returning series.  Some of the highlights include:

  • The series premiere of Restaurant Express on November 3rd, although the first episode has been On Demand for some time.
  • The series premiere of On the Rocks on November 17th, which is pretty much a Bar Rescue knock-off, where a bar expert tries to help struggling bars.
  • The series premiere of Farmhouse Rules, which is a daytime show with Nancy Fuller.
  • A Food Network 20th Birthday Party celebration on November 9th.
  • New Daytime episodes of Trisha's Southern Kitchen (See the celebrity guests on this season), Guy's Big Bite, Rachael Ray's Week In a Day, Southern at Heart, Giada at Home, and Pioneer Woman.
  • Another Thanksgiving Live! special on November 23rd.
  • Two more Iron Chef Specials on November 10th and November 30th.
  • New Primetime episodes of Restaurant Stakeout, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Restaurant Impossible, Guy's Grocery Games, Restaurant Divided, Chopped, and Cupcake Wars.

The full press release with more information is below:

NEW YORK – October 14, 2013 – All aboard the Restaurant Express as Robert Irvine tests the business and culinary skills of nine aspiring restaurant owners in new series premiering Sunday, November 3rd at 9pm. Also in primetime, On the Rocks premieres Sunday, November 17th at 10pm, as John Green, expert bar consultant, revitalizes watered-down establishments in hopes to bring money and customers back to the businesses. Nancy Fuller, another fresh Food Network face, joins the daytime lineup in Farmhouse Rules (wt) on Sunday, November 17th at 11:30am as she serves up delicious dishes from her upstate New York home, and Trisha Yearwood is back with a fourth season of her family’s favorite recipes in Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on Saturday, November 9th at 10:30am. It’s an on-air party as Food Network celebrates 20 years in Food Network’s 20th Birthday Party hosted by Mo Rocca on Saturday, November 9th at 9pm. Then, Food Network gets in the Thanksgiving spirit with two back-to-back theme weekends anchored by Thanksgiving Live! on Saturday, November 23rd from 12pm-2pm. is the one-stop shop for recipes and entertaining tips to make this Turkey Day a success. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


Restaurant Express

Chef Robert Irvine heads to Las Vegas to give nine chefs a chance at fulfilling their lifelong dream of launching a restaurant in Sin City in new series, Restaurant Express. Over the course of seven episodes the chefs will visit different cities and locations travelling aboard the Restaurant Express bus, competing in challenges that test their culinary skills and business savvy as potential restaurateurs. After each challenge Robert will review their performances, with one chef being eliminated each episode. The final contestant standing wins an opportunity to help launch and become the executive chef of a restaurant at the M Resort Spa Casino, just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Premiering Sunday, November 3rd at 9pm – “Vegas Meltdown”
Robert Irvine welcomes the nine chefs and aspiring restaurateurs to Las Vegas as they come aboard the Restaurant Express bus. Right away the contestants realize there are only eight beds on the bus as they must pitch themselves and their dream restaurant concept to Robert. One chef’s vision comes up short as they fail to make it aboard and are left behind as the journey begins. For the next challenge, the competitors are charged with creating a restaurant with only $500 and six hours before they’ll be serving a hungry crowd of 250 people. The challenge is all about profit, and Robert tells the contestants that the bottom three earners will have to face him in a review. Robert decides which other contestant will be sent home with the remaining seven one step closer to their dream.

Premiering Sunday, November 10th at 9pm – “Tantrum in Temecula”
The Restaurant Express bus arrives in Temecula, Calif., a small, upscale town with plenty of restaurants. Robert wants to test the chefs’ market knowledge and tasks them to discover what’s missing on the local restaurant scene. They must propose to Robert and the mayor a new restaurant that they think could be successful in the town, and the contestant with the best pitch gains an advantage going into the main challenge. Robert then tells the chefs that they will now test their restaurant ideas on the local community at a lunch fair. The bottom three profit earners have to face off in the review with Robert, who will decide which contestant no longer has a spot on the bus.

Premiering Sunday, November 17th at 9pm – “Express: Impossible”
The Restaurant Express bus arrives in Los Angeles, and Robert explains that the remaining six contestants will divide into two teams of three. In a tribute to Restaurant: Impossible, each team is given 24 hours and $5,000 to revitalize two struggling restaurants. Robert will dine at each establishment with two visiting critics to determine which team has done a better job. The losing team will face Robert in the review as he determines which contestant will be sent home based on their contributions.

Premiering Sunday, November 24th at 9pm – “Battle by the Beach”
The Restaurant Express bus arrives at the iconic Balboa Pier in the ocean community of Newport Beach, Calif., as Robert gives the remaining five contestants their challenge. Every good restaurant has something that stands out, so the best way to test this is to open a concession stand! The chefs need to make the same three food items with their own flare and produce a 30-second commercial to advertise their boardwalk concession stand. Robert decides which concession stand has not lived up to its potential, and one chef is left by the side of the road as the bus pulls away for its next destination.

Online at, get bonus video, episode highlights and a sweepstakes for a trip to Vegas. Follow the bus on Twitter using #RestaurantExpress.

Restaurant Divided

Family restaurants on the brink of failure are given a unique chance to turn their fortunes around with the help of celebrated chef and restaurateur Rocco DiSpirito in the six-episode series Restaurant Divided. Each struggling restaurant is run by a family torn apart by conflicting ideas on how to save their establishment. Rocco puts them both to the test by dividing the space into two restaurant concepts open side-by-side, serving real customers and critics for one night. Based on profitability, customer reviews and his own expertise, Rocco ultimately decides which vision is most successful and stays open.

Premiering Thursday, October 24th at 10pm – “Mia Famiglia”
Rocco DiSpirito steps in to help feuding siblings Larry and Laura resolve their conflicting ideas about how to save their struggling family restaurant, Mia Famiglia, opened in honor of their late father. Laura believes changing to a sports bar concept will bring in the customers, while Larry is certain that a steakhouse will save them. In order to reveal the future of the restaurant, Rocco divides the restaurant to open both concepts for one night. Based on his assessment of customer reactions and the financial viability of each concept, Rocco chooses only one restaurant to move forward, bringing this family together and giving them hope for the future.

Premiering Thursday, October 31st at 10pm – “Gyros and Goodies”
Strong-willed restaurant owner Terry has sunk all of her life savings as well as a major financial investment from her future son-in-law, Neil, into her New Jersey Greek eatery. But all the money is gone as the restaurant fails to make a profit. Unable to decide how to move forward, Terry’s daughter and Neil’s fiancée, Vicky, is torn between the two people she loves most. Rocco DiSpirito steps in and divides the restaurant, helps them design new menus and décor and opens both concepts for one night. Rocco chooses only one restaurant to move forward, in hopes of reuniting this family and saving their future

Farmhouse Rules (wt)

Premiering Sunday, November 17th at 11:30am
Farmhouse Rules (wt) looks into Nancy Fuller’s kitchen and the Hudson Valley farming community that supplies it. Nancy is a loving mother of five, grandmother to thirteen and a no-nonsense owner of a multi-million dollar business she runs with her husband. Follow Nancy as she gathers the best the land has to offer and feeds her friends and family classic, farm fresh meals.

On The Rocks

Premiering Sunday, November 17th at 10pm
Failing nightlife establishments across America get a complete overhaul in a last ditch effort to make a profit in Food Network’s new series On The Rocks. Top consultant and bartender extraordinaire, John Green, assesses establishments that have taken a ‘dive’ in hopes of filling the bar stools and pint glasses once again. Whether he is shaking hands or martinis, John knows the business behind the bar and never settles for mediocrity, but can he make these bars the toast of the town?

Southern at Heart

Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 10:30am
Season nine Food Network Star winner, Damaris Phillips, brings her fresh take on Southern cuisine to the Food Network lineup with new series, Southern at Heart. Her “Southern food is the food of love” philosophy and quirky sense of humor lead the way as she teaches people how to impress through cooking. From preparing a special dish for a date to helping beginners master the perfect meal for their partner, Damaris plays matchmaker and chef to a tee in her six-episode series, providing entertainment and delicious food along the way.



Premiering Tuesday, October 29th at 10pm – “Competition Italiano”
The chefs are pleased to see a delicious selection of Italian ingredients for the appetizer round, including pasta dough, but time management issues lead to some big problems with the plates. The tasty trend continues in the entrée round with veal chops and bottarga in the basket, and one chef makes a repeat mistake. Then, desserts made with figs are the final two dishes the judges will taste.

Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Maneet Chauhan and Scott Conant

Premiering Tuesday, November 5th at 10pm – “Redeemed or Re-Chopped?”
With the odds stacked against them, four former runners-up seeking redemption return to the Chopped Kitchen. In the first round, a faux meat and hot mustard must be successfully combined. Then, in a competition between chefs who questioned the judges’ decision to send them home the first time, sour grapes is an appropriate ingredient in the second basket. Due to an extraordinary chain of events, neither finalist will ever forget the desserts that they prepared from bubble tea and papaya – or the judges’ reactions to them.

Judges: Marc Murphy, Aarón Sánchez and Alex Guarnaschelli

Premiering Tuesday, November 12th at 10pm – “A Chopped Thanksgiving”
This Thanksgiving, football doesn’t have anything on Chopped! Four chefs fight ferociously to see who can make the best holiday meal from the bountiful mystery baskets. In the first round, the chefs must make green bean casserole into something more inviting. Then, the competitors find a big bird and a frozen orange treat in the second basket. With both of the last two chefs determined to show all that they can do with desserts, ambition is amped up in the final round.

Judges: Geoffrey Zakarian, Maneet Chauhan and Chris Santos

Premiering Tuesday, November 19th at 10pm – “Cloche Call”
Two cultures collide in the first round when the chefs must combine kimchi and gefilte fish. The second round has the chefs working with uniquely flavored vodka and a green snack, and when the two finalists find marshmallow cake and citrusy water in the final basket, the judges hope for delicious desserts.

Judges: Marcus Samuelsson, Aarón Sánchez and Maneet Chauhan

Don’t miss Chopped After Hours, a web series on, where the Chopped judges step out from behind the chopping block to put their own spin on some of Chopped’s toughest and strangest baskets.

Webisodes include:

Premiering Tuesday, November 5th at 10pm – “Redemption”
Judges Marcus Samuelsson, Aarón Sánchez and Amanda Freitag see what they can make out of the appetizer round basket ingredients, which include vegan lobster, canned chop suey, winter melon and hot mustard.

Premiering Tuesday, November 12th at 10pm – “A Chopped Thanksgiving”
Judges Chris Santos and Maneet Chuahan, plus host Ted Allen, attempt to prepare a Thanksgiving feast with four mystery basket ingredients: a whole turkey, giblet gravy, pumpkin pie ice cream and Brussels sprouts. Alex Guarnaschelli hosts.

Tweet about Chopped and your craziest basket ingredients using #Chopped.

Cupcake Wars

Premiering Saturday, November 2nd at 8pm – “Miss America”
The Miss America Pageant is making its triumphant return to Atlantic City, and four talented cupcake bakers vie for the chance to have their cupcakes at the center of the action. To get there, they must first win over a special guest judge, reigning Miss America, Mallory Hagan. The winner also walks away with $10,000.

Premiering Saturday, November 9th at 8pm – “Barbie”
Barbie is moving to a new dream house, and four extraordinary bakers with a long history of winning Cupcake Wars championships are coming back to battle to get their cupcakes at the center of the festivities and a $10,000 prize.

Premiering Saturday, November 16th at 8pm – “”
Love is in the air as four bakers battle for the chance to bring their cupcakes to one of’s exclusive Stir Events in Los Angeles. To get there, the must first tackle a difficult taste challenge – to unite men’s favorite foods like cheeseburgers or jalapeno poppers with women’s favorites like chamomile and chocolate covered strawberries to make a cupcake match made in heaven. The winner will also take home a $10,000 prize.

Premiering Saturday, November 23rd at 8pm – “Aquarium Of The Pacific”
Four cupcake bakers vie for the chance to bring their cupcakes to a celebration of Explorer’s Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific. To get there, they must first face down the taste challenge: create a delicious cupcake out of sustainable seafood! The winner also walks away with $10,000.

Which sweet cupcake creations should take the cake? Comment on Twitter using #CupcakeWars.

Cutthroat Kitchen

Premiering Sunday, November 3rd at 10pm – “S’more Sabotage”
In this episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, the chefs battle to make the most be”wich”ing sandwich, and things get switched up when two chefs are forced to swap their baskets. Then, sharing is anything but caring in the fiery barbecue round when two chefs have to share their cook time. Finally, the competition gets s’more heat when one chef adds fuel to the flame by forcing their opponent to build their own campfire.

After the show, viewers can visit to watch Alton and each episode’s judge revisit the chefs’ biggest missteps and most surprising triumphs.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Premiering Monday, October 28th at 10pm – “Sammies and Stew”
This trip, Guy digs into some super sandwiches and savory stew. In Santa Fe, N.M., a cafe with a native Kenyan in the kitchen serves up totally fresh fish, like island spiced banana leaf mahi mahi and a killer Caribbean goat stew. In Albuquerque, N.M., a school lunch maven cranks out creative sammies like turkey avocado with green apple chile chutney and a totally unique Duke City Reuben.

Premiering Monday, November 18th at 10pm – “All Kinds Of Gobble Gobble”
This trip, Guy gets a variety of Thanksgiving tastes and treasures. From traditional turkey wild rice soup and pumpkin pie in Santa Fe, N.M., to a totally unique take on the Thanksgiving bird, this is the kind of holiday food extravaganza only a dude in a red Camaro could drum up.

Let us know your favorite local gems on Twitter using #DDD.

Guy’s Grocery Games

Premiering Sunday, October 27th at 8pm – “Frozen Feats”
In the first challenge, the four chefs create an Asian-inspired dish using only five ingredients. Then, Guy hands the chefs an unusual grocery list with items that they must locate from around the store to create the perfect fun, family meal to earn them a place in the next challenge. The two remaining chefs race against the clock as the store is closing its shopping hours. With only two minutes to shop, they must make decisions as fast as they can. The competitor who makes the most delicious pasta dish advances to the Super Shopping Spree with the hopes of winning up to $20,000.

JUDGES: Melissa d’Arabian, Beau MacMillan, and Jet Tila

Premiering Sunday, November 3rd at 8pm – “The Ol’ Switcheroo!”
In the first challenge, the chefs make a mad dash to the produce section to make a gourmet salad, but all the leafy greens are out of stock, so they have to substitute and improvise on the spot to create their dish. Then, coupons and quick thinking come in handy during a budget battle. In the final challenge, making a comfort food meal seems simple until the final two chefs must swap their bags of ingredients. The chef who can improvise and impress the judges earns the chance to go on the Super Shopping Spree.

JUDGES: Richard Blais, Troy Johnson, and Catherine McCord

Premiering Sunday, November 10th at 8pm – “Surfs Up!”
In the first battle, the chefs must find a way to make amazing surf and turf dinners using only canned foods. Then in the second challenge, Guy tells the chefs to ditch their carts and gather as many ingredients as they can using only their hands to make a soup and sandwich combo. The final two chefs get Guy’s grocery list of diverse ingredients and must make their best steakhouse dinner for the last challenge. The winner earns the chance to go on the Super Shopping Spree.

JUDGES: Melissa d’Arabian, Lorena Garcia, and Troy Johnson

Premiering Sunday, November 17th at 8pm – “Feisty Fiesta”
It’s a frozen food feud as the chefs race to aisle eight for frozen dishes to make a savory seafood meal. Then, three chefs stride on to the second challenge, where they get Guy’s unusual grocery list and must incorporate all six mandatory ingredients. Will they be stumped, or can they make a delicious Mexican dish using soy sauce? The final two chefs race through the aisles without shopping carts in search of breakfast ingredients they can carry. The most impressive dish advances the chef to the Super Shopping Spree.

JUDGES: Lorena Garcia, Troy Johnson, and Jet Tila

Premiering Sunday, November 24th at 8pm – “Five Star Frozen Feud!”
Guy challenges the chefs to make him a five-star dinner using only ingredients in the frozen food aisle. Then, the chefs must gather as many healthy items as they can without using their shopping carts to create a kid-friendly meal. The pressure is on as the final two chefs race through the store while the lights are off with just a few minutes to shop. The most delicious savory pie will bring one chef to the Super Shopping Spree worth up to $20,000.

JUDGES: Richard Blais, Melissa d’Arabian,and Beau MacMillan

Online at, get bonus video, episode highlights, a “How Well Do You Know Guy?” quiz and a sweepstakes with a $5K prize. Comment on your favorite episodes on Twitter using #GroceryGames.

Iron Chef America

Premiering Sunday, November 10th at 10pm – “Thanksgiving Past & Present”
In this themed episode, the new kids in Kitchen Stadium, Iron Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Alex Guarnaschelli take on and try to take down reigning Thanksgiving Battle victors and Iron Chef Veterans Bobby Flay and Michael Symon.

Judges: Donatella Arpaia, Laurence Fishburne, Gina Torres

Premiering Saturday, November 30th at 10pm – “Ghosts of Holiday Ingredients”
The Chairman unwraps his traditional holiday feast with a new first for kitchen stadium. Three teams featuring one Iron Chef and one Celebrity Cooking Channel Chef (Iron Chef Michael Symon & Ching-He Huang; Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto & G. Garvin; and Iron Chef Jose Garces & Bobby Deen) must cook with the most feared ingredients from previous holiday battles in a battle Ghosts of Holiday Ingredients Past.

Judges: Simon Majumdar, Karine Bakhoum and Ed Schoenfeld

Restaurant: Impossible

Premiering Wednesday, October 30th at 10pm – “Feathers Fly”
Robert Irvine ruffles quite a few feathers when he goes to Kokomo, Ind., to help the Duncan family save their 33-year-old business, Ducky’s Family Restaurant. Robert’s unflinching assessment of their terrible food and dysfunctional management style were hard enough to handle, but when the family and long-time staff start to be honest, emotions really erupt.

Premiering Wednesday, November 6th at 10pm – “His Way or the Highway”
The Windsor 75 in Windsor, Conn., is just seven years old, but is filled with problems – including an outdated decor, five different menus and an overworked staff; but owner George can’t get out of his own way to fix anything. George’s wife and kids are fed up with the restaurant and George’s stubborn ways. Can Robert bring George and the restaurant out of the past in only two days?

Premiering Wednesday, November 13th at 10pm – “Outside the Box”
When Robert arrives at the Coach Lamp Restaurant & Pub in Louisville, Ky., he’s baffled. The restaurant looks nice, the food tastes good and the owners are smart and knowledgeable. Robert has to sift through the puzzle pieces to discover why this restaurant is failing, and (over the owners’ protests) come up with a completely outside the box plan to make the Coach Lamp shine.

Premiering Wednesday, November 20th at 10pm – “Soul Searching”
Chef Robert travels to Hagerstown, Md., on a mission to save the Georgia Boy Cafe. The stress of the restaurant is ruining the once loving relationship between owners Chuck and Montez, who now avoid each other at all costs or end up screaming at each other in front of their guests. Robert also needs to address the heaping health hazards in the kitchen, but first, he needs to get the owners back on speaking terms.

Don’t miss the Restaurant: Impossible Top 5 countdown videos, like Top 5 Dirtiest Kitchens, Top 5 Heartwarming Moments and Top 5 Angry Owners at FoodNetwork.Com/RI. Tweet using #RestaurantImpossible

Restaurant Stakeout

Premiering Wednesday, October 30th at 9pm – “Clueless Cousins”
Willie swoops in to VB3 in Jersey City to come to the aid of two cousins that opened up a high-end Italian restaurant a year ago. Chef Mike is running the kitchen with precision, but his cousin Joe is having difficulties operating the restaurant and managing an unorganized staff. Without Willie’s help, the doors will close and the cousins’ million-dollar investment will disappear along with their business.

Give us your feedback on the restaurants’ dirty deeds using#RestaurantStakeout.


Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Premiering Saturday, November 9th at 10:30am – “Retro TV Dinners”
Trisha invites her sister Beth over to dress up 50′s-style and transport back in time with a retro-inspired meal. They whip up Individual Chicken Potpies, Green Beans with Cheese Sauce, and finish off with Chocolate Pudding Frosted Cupcakes to enjoy while reminiscing and watching the classics on TV.

Premiering Saturday, November 16th at 10:30am – “No Fuss Thanksgiving”
Trisha is switching up her traditional Thanksgiving this year and invites over her close friends along with her sister, Beth to help out in the kitchen to create this quick and easy feast. On the menu, Turkey and Dressing Casserole, Homemade Turkey Gravy, buttery Roasted Carrots and a Yearwood classic, Sweet Potato Pie. Instead of just saying grace, this year Trisha will lead her friends in singing it.

Premiering Saturday, November 23rd at 10:30am – “Kelly Clarkson in the Kitchen”
After finding out Kelly Clarkson is in town, Trisha invites her over for a delicious home-cooked meal. Trisha makes a quick Corn Salsa to greet Kelly, and together they cook up Stuffed Pork Chops and a Sweet & Crunchy Garden Salad. After they share a meal, they duet in the kitchen to Walkaway Joe, and Trisha sends Kelly on her way with her favorite sweet treat, No-Bake Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter Squares.

Premiering Saturday, November 30th at 10:30am – “Sex and the Country”
Trisha and her friends, Natalie and Jarrah, and her sister Beth come over for a TV marathon party to watch Sex And The City. The girls prep Cousin Warren’s Chicken Bites, Cream Cheese Roll Ups (Redneck Sushi), and Mamie’s Teacakes for the perfect finger food menu. Let’s not forget a little Summer in a Cup served in a martini glass!


Giada At Home

Premiering Saturday, November 2nd at 11:30am – “Casino Night”
Giada and her husband Todd host a glamorous casino night party inspired by Giada’s recent trip to Monte Carlo. The menu features Lobster Risotto Arancini, Crostini With Poached Figs, Goat Cheese and Crispy Pancetta, Tangerine Sorbet With Vanilla Cream and Candied Pistachios and Basil Blackberry Spritzers.

Premiering Saturday, November 16th at 11:30am – “Thanksgiving Leftovers”
What do you do with all the Thanksgiving leftovers? Giada takes some of the traditional favorites and makes fun new twists to enjoy after the holiday. The menu includes Thankful Shepherd’s Pie, Cranberry Barbecue Sliders With Celery Apple Slaw, Eggs Benedict on Stuffing Cakes and Apple Pie Martinis.

Premiering Saturday, November 30th at 11:30am – “Gifts Galore”
The perfect way to thank a host or hostess is with a homemade treat. Giada makes a handful of easy and delicious recipes that can be taken to any party like Double Ginger Cookies, Crispy Chickpeas, Rosemary Cashews, Raw Goji Berry Trail Mix, Moscow Mule Cocktails and even Peanut Butter Dog Treats for the host’s pets. Giada also shows us how to wrap up these edible gifts in creative and fun packaging.

Guy’s Big Bite

Premiering Sunday, November 3rd at 10am – “Hash Out the Beef”
Guy takes some breakfast staples and re-introduces them into lunch and dinner. Recipes include: Grilled Skirt Steak Hash with a Roasted Red Pepper Hollandaise that has never been so foolproof. For dessert, a Grilled Fruit Salad served with Toasted Pound Cake and Lemon Whipped Cream.

Premiering Sunday, November 10th at 10am – “Peri Peri Please”
Guy loves a good steak, and today he cooks up one of his all-time favorite cuts – the skirt steak. Guy makes Grilled Skirt Steak With Peri Peri Sauce, serving it with a veggie-packed Wild Rice Salad dressed in a Champagne Vinaigrette and fresh lemonade to drink.

Premiering Sunday, November 17th at 10am – “Grateful Duck”
Around Thanksgiving, Guy likes to shake up tradition a little bit and keep everyone guessing. This year, he’s filling his table with an elegant meal you can make for your family year-round. The menu this year: Spice Rubbed Duck Breast; a Creamy Celery Root, Fennel and Apple Salad; Cumin Roasted Carrots and Garlicky Roasted Brussels Sprouts. To wash it all down, The Black Rose – a crimson cocktail of red wine, whiskey, raspberry liqueur and more.

Premiering Sunday, November 24th at 10am – “For the Glory of Tandoori”
Recently Guy’s been loving Indian spots, and at home he craves those smoky flavors and mouthwatering, complex aromas. Guy brings his favorite Indian flavors to his family and yours, including Cast Iron “Tandoori” Grilled Chicken with a cool Cucumber Mint Raita. Enjoy those dishes like Guy and wrap them in homemade, Whole-Wheat Garlic Flatbread and serve a Turmeric Roasted Chickpea and Lentil Salad on the side.

Premiering Sunday, December 1st at 10am – Guy’s Big Bite -”S’LAMB’n Ribs”
Guy has a real cast of characters over for a cook-off, and the first challenge is Guy’s Grilled Lamb Ribs. Then he whips up an Apricot Mint Chimichurri and Smashed Tri-Color Potatoes.

Pioneer Woman
Premiering Saturday, November 2nd at 10am – “Tex-Mex for Cowboys”
It’s a frontier style Tex-Mex feast for the whole Drummond crew after a big day working cattle. There’s a pre-dawn start so they’re going to be hungry for a rib-sticking spread including delicious Chicken and Beef Fajitas packed with grilled meat and fixin’s, Fiesta Beans and Cinnamon Ice Cream With Cinnamon Chips for dessert.

Premiering Saturday, November 9th at 10am – “Scrumptious 16-Minute Meals”
No time is not a problem as Ree whips up three super-fast 16-minute meals. There’s an incredible Chicken Taco Salad for lunch, plus some great ideas for doctoring up dressing. She also makes a delicious Quick and Easy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta for a fast home-alone meal and six varieties of fabulous French Bread Pizzas with toppings including a Greek salad!

Premiering Saturday, November 30th at 10am – “Dinner for Dad”
Ree’s home alone and throwing an impromptu dinner party for her dad and stepmom. She’s making her dad’s favorites including Steak Oscar, Mushroom Pilaf and Pots De Creme With Brandy Whipped Cream.

Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day

Premiering Sunday, November 3rd at 9am – “A Little of This, A Little of That”
Rachael whips up a variety pack of meals sure to satisfy – no matter what your food mood is. On the menu: Chicken and Green Bean Casserole; Spicy Chicken and Rice With Almonds; Mushroom Lover’s Marinara; Sloppy Whatdyaknow Joes, Pizzaiola Style; Bacon and Artichoke Pasta.

Premiering Sunday, November 10th at 9am – “Some Like it Hot”
Rachael whips up a fiery feast to satisfy spicy food fans. On the menu: Red Eye Chili; Jalapeno Chermoula With Penne and Flaked Fish; Meatless Taco Salad; Indian Curried Chili Oven Fries; Hot and Sticky Noodle Bowls With Chicken, Chilies and Green Beans.

Premiering Sunday, December 1st at 9am – “Easily Entertained”
Rachael cooks up everything you need for a stress-free soiree. On the menu: Chutney Chicken; Potted Beef With Pears and Cipollini Onions; Braised Pork With Caraway, Apples and Onions; Mustard and Cheddar Mashed Potatoes; Veal Ragu With Gorgonzola; and Fancy Fisherman’s Stew.


Food Network’s 20th Birthday Party

Premiering Saturday, November 9th at 9pm
Join Food Network as we celebrate our 20th birthday! Hosted by Mo Rocca, Food Network takes a look back at the last 20 years to revisit its start on-air and see how far it’s come over the years. Hear from the beloved chefs and hosts who helped make Food Network what it is today – viewers’ best friend in food and entertainment.

Visit for a round-up of fans’ most-loved recipes, and full episodes of classic Food Network shows featuring Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten and more!

Thanksgiving Live!

Premiering Saturday, November 23rd from 12pm-2pm
Food Network is Thanksgiving Central once again. An all-star cast of Ina Garten, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis are on-call live to answer viewer questions about all things Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Weekends

Premiering Saturday and Sunday, November 16th-17th and 23rd-24th from 7am – 12pm
For all your turkey time needs, make Food Network’s weekend cooking blocks your one-stop shop for holiday information. Anchored by Thanksgiving Live! on Saturday, November 23rd from 12pm-2pm, Food Network serves up premiere episodes ofGiada at Home, Guy’s Big Bite, The Pioneer Woman, Southern at Heart, Trisha’s Southern Kitchenand Farmhouse Rules.

Premiere episodes include:

Premiering Saturday, November 16th at 10:30am – Trisha’s Southern Kitchen – “No Fuss Thanksgiving”

Premiering Saturday, November 16th at 11:30am – Giada at Home – “Thanksgiving Leftovers”

Premiering Sunday, November 17th at 10am – Guy’s Big Bite -”Grateful Duck”

Parties and Entertaining Weekend

Premiering Saturday and Sunday, November 30th – December 1st from 7am – 12pm

Whether you’re throwing a big bash or an intimate gathering, Food Network’s all-star cast of chefs share the top tips for preparing the best party with premiere episodes of Giada at Home, Guy’s Big Bite, The Pioneer Woman, Southern at Heart, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day and Farmhouse Rules.

Premiere episodes include:

Premiering Saturday, November 30th at 10am – The Pioneer Woman – “Dinner for Dad”
Premiering Saturday, November 30th at 10:30am – Trisha’s Southern Kitchen – “Sex and the Country”
Premiering Saturday, November 30th at 11:30am – Giada at Home – “Gifts Galore”
Premiering Sunday, December 1st at 9am – Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day – “Easily Entertained”
Premiering Sunday, December 1st at 10am – Guy’s Big Bite -”S’LAMB’n Ribs”



Get ready for an all-time favorite feast with classic Thanksgiving recipes as well as new ideas from your favorite Food Network chefs. From Alton Brown’s five-star rated (4,000 times over) turkey recipe to Ina Garten’s herb and apple stuffing and Trisha Yearwood’s famous pecan pie, Food Network has delicious ideas for every dish.

Thanksgiving Live!

Food Network will be sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos from rehearsal and the set via social media before the broadcast at, and during the broadcast, Food Network Kitchens will be answering fan questions via social media! Don’t miss out!

On the Road

Make sure the busiest travel time of the year is also the most delicious with restaurant recommendations and recipes inspired by the best of what the country has to offer. Guy Fieri advises on the restaurants with the best turkey dinners and gives coast-to-coast pie picks. Plus, get favorite regional Thanksgiving recipes and tips on feeding a crowd from Aarón Sánchez, Alex Guarnaschelli and more.


Food Network chef’s delicious appetizers are a fun and easy way to get started planning for Thanksgiving. Hungry guests will feast on classics like Giada De Laurentiis’ foolproof stuffed mushrooms and Alton’s hot artichoke dip.


Whether you’re planning on roasting, brining or finally tackling a deep-fried turkey this year, Food Network has the recipes and tips you’ll need to pull it off. From Ree Drummond’s tried-and-true roasted turkey to Bobby Flay’s black-pepper molasses-glazed bird, you’re sure to find a no-fail plan for the star of Thanksgiving.


From green bean casserole to macaroni and cheese and Brussels sprouts, find standout Thanksgiving sides from your favorite chefs. Bobby Flay shows you three ways to make cranberry sauce, and Alton Brown unlocks the secrets to perfect mashed potatoes.

Stuffing and Dressing

Thanksgiving without stuffing is like a birthday without cake. Try the Neelys’ cornbread stuffing, Giada De Laurentiis’ ciabatta stuffing or countless others that will be a hit on any Thanksgiving table.


Focus on the most fun part of any celebration: dessert!You’ll find recipes for cakes, cookies, cupcakes and of course, lots and lots of pie. Bake Ina Garten’s deep-dish apple pie, Alton Brown’s sweet potato pie and more can’t-miss sweets.


Discover great tips and ideas for hosting the perfect Thanksgiving from Food Network chefs. You’ll get inspiring tablescapes and party planning ideas from Sandra Lee, plus wine pairing tips and centerpiece how-tos.


While you could make just enough food to feed family and friends on the big day, you’d be missing out on one of the best parts of Thanksgiving: leftovers. We’ll have great ideas and recipes from Rachael Ray and Melissa d’Arabian for sandwiches, soups, stews and more.

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