Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From Scratch: Inside The Food Network

There was a book released today called From Scratch: Inside the Food Network, which was written by Allen Salkin and details many behind the scenes details of the Food Network and reveals some previously unknown stories about Food Network personalities.

I received an advanced copy of the book and haven't been able to read through much of it, but I did scan though a lot of it.

The beginning of the book details the early days of the Food Network, and how it got started.  The book also details a lot of the biggest Food Network stars, how they got started, the controversies they were involved in, and some random facts about them.

Author Allen Salkin has tumblr page that is counting down "50 things you didn't know about the Food Network," which will give you an idea the type of things that are in the book.  This book may be of interest to a lot of the people who visit this site.


  1. From Scratch -- so I guess Sandra Lee isn't in it?

  2. LOL! I pre-ordered this from Amazon. It's supposed to arrive Friday. Can't wait.

  3. She's in it -- as is her recipe writer, the woman who gave the world the Kwanzaa cake...