Saturday, October 26, 2013

Damaris Phillips - 'Southern at Heart' Preview

Southern at Heart, the show from the recent winner of Food Network Star Damaris Phillips, will premiere tomorrow at 10:30am ET/PT on the Food Network.  Some preview clips have been put online, and I have put them below.  There are 3 clips in total including the intro to the show.

Here is the intro to her show where "if you supply the love, I'll supply the food... The food of love."

Here is a clip of her teaching someone to make icing:

Finally, here is a clip of Damaris making caramel apples



  1. Watched all 3 videos! Excellent! Especially the 1st one. She is easy to understand, and informative.

    That southern smile of hers looks genuinely happy. Green n black outfit in 3rd video was pretty, too . If you missed her in season 9 of Food Network Star, her food is known for its appetizing appearance and superb flavors!

    Damaris knows what she's doing, she can explain it, and she can help you--to Cook better. Tell your Facebook friends. DVR her show if you need to.

    "Best new show (and winner) in years!"--Crouton40

  2. I am watching her show now and love it. Finally, a food network show that shows you how to cook. I truly hope that they keep this show on. She has been great so far, light without being silly. Very informative.
    Love it.

  3. After weeks of waiting...was it worth it?

    Answer: Yes. Southern at Heart w/Damaris Phillips is a definite hit!

    I watched the 1st episode today. I will definitely be watching more of this show. Because there's alot to like. Such as:
    1. This lady can Teach! Clearly. I understand her and she's informative. !

    2. Seeing, and hearing her, it's hard to imagine anyone not liking Damaris. Outgoing and fun, yet down to earth.

    3. Her food looks fabulous! (I WANT that Chili!)

    4. I learned things I didn't already know. Like, Sorghum. It doesn't grow here in the Pacific Northwest. Watching Damaris was informative. And, the Peanut Butter in Chili to balance acidity (I had no idea).

    5. Thinking about it, nothing about Damaris would make me not want to watch her show. No neck tattoos, snooty attitudes, none of that. Like others have said: a breath of fresh air.

    6. Those Caramel Apples she made. When they were all done and it showed them in plastic w/the straw-like ribbons on them...I woulda thought they were professional-in-the-store. And she showed us how we can do it.

    I hope Food Network shows these episodes during the weekday afternoons, like they do for Ree Drummond, etc. Food Network has a definite keeper here. A knowledgeable, pleasant lady who makes food I'd really want to eat--and makes me a better cook. What's not to like? . A show like this will be good for years to come. :) Tell your friends! Crouton40 (on Twitter)

  4. I find her highly personable and I did enjoy the show. But I certainly wouldn't have put beer into a dish meant for a pregnant woman.

  5. Love her show. Good tips. The only thing wrong is that it was over too soon. Can't wait to see again.

  6. How much alcohol does the recipe call for? Doesn't a good deal of it get cooked out anyway?

  7. She put what looked like a 12 ounce bottle. I don't know how much cooks out, but not all of it does. I may be overly cautious, but when I was pregnant I teetotaled.

  8. Well worth the wait. She taught me some tricks I did not know. I loved the way she explained not only the "how to's" but also the "whys". She smoothly incorporated educating into the show and you learned something with out feeling like it was a technical education type program.

  9. Decent show, better than a lot of what they run these days since her personality is bit different than the typical FN host.

  10. Oh, twelve ounces is quite a bit! And I don't think being a teetotaler when pregnant is overly cautious; I think it's a good idea.

  11. I just finished watching the show, and while her speaking voice was great, her voice-overs had that annoying Paula quality to it, almost like she was using her Southern accent too much.

  12. I noticed that at the beginning of the show too

  13. Roberta Elise BriscoeNovember 13, 2013 at 6:22 PM

    Love, Love Her, doese she have a cookbook? I'd love to buy it!!!!

  14. Not right now, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before she does.

  15. Shannon! Good to see you. I kept posting about Damaris after she won Food Network Star, simply hoping that more people, in more places, reading different comments/forums, and twitter. who maybe didn't see season 9, would find out about her and tune in. The more fans she gets, the better. I've been honest in my comments. Now, that day is here, and the people can see for themselves. And from the comments I've been reading, viewers are really liking what they see. Its a happy time.