Monday, October 7, 2013

Rodney Henry's Piestyle Tour Is A Real Thing

Rodney Henry, who was a finalist on the latest season of Food Network Star, is starting a tour called the "Let's Get Piestyle Tour 2013."  Rodney's POV on the Food Network Star was 'Pie Style,' but it was never actually clear what 'Pie Style' was to anyone except Rodney.

The description of his tour, which is set to begin October 9th in Detroit, doesn't reveal too much more about 'Pie Style' in typical Rodney fashion.  It will be his band playing with random people, and there will be pie, and you can bring your own pie to the show too.  If this somehow interests you, or even the thought of there actually being a 'Pie Style Tour' entertains you, the description and tour dates are below:

Like the Let's Get Piestyle Tour 2013" Here are the tour dates. We'll be picking up a few as we roll. I'll keep you all posted. The Popes are Playing the Fells Point Festival, Sat. Oct. 5th then is off for this tour, then the west coast. Good night you all. This tour is Myself accompanied by Brian Rise on Guitar, Piano, Slide. Don "Doop" Duprie will be playing solo and maybe with some accompaniment from some random hobo's off the street. This tour is going to be a fun time. We're bringing pie to every show and we're encouraging everyone who wants, to bake a pie of your own and bring it to the show to share with everybody as well. Ain't no Party like a Pie Party. See you all soon. RH
"Let's Get PieStyle" Tourdates

Wed. Oct. 9th 3rd Street Bar, Detroit, MI
Thurs. Oct. 10th Friendly Draft, Berwyn, IL
Fri. Oct. 11th Act One @ MayneStage Chicago, IL
Sat. Oct. 12th Barley House, Cleveland, OH
Sun. Oct. 13th Bertha's Baltimore, MD
Tues. Oct. 15th Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC
Wed. Oct. 16th Star Bar, Atlanta, GA
Thurs. Oct.17th The Station, Carrboro, NC
Fri. Oct.18th Wilmington, NC TBD
Sat. Oct. 19th Royal American, Charleston, SC
Mon. Oct. 21st Checkpoint Charlies, New Orleans, LA
Tues. Oct. 22nd Blue Moon, Lafayette, LA
Fri. Oct. 25th South Austin Brewing Company, Austin, TX
Sat. Oct. 26th Skylark Lounge, Austin, TX w.Brent Best
Sun. Oct. 27th Dallas/Ft. Worth TBA
Tues. Oct. 29th Little Rock, AK TBA
Fri. Nov.1st Charlie Bob's Nashville, TN
Sat. Nov. 2nd Dino's Nashville, TN

Come on out. Bring some friends and Spread the word. RH


  1. What is this..I don't even....

  2. Man his supporters must be everywhere. Who downvoted this and WHY???

  3. Good question. Must be some hunger for what some call entertainment rather than real talent. It is incredible what the public can vote for sometimes. I wonder if he has any youtube videos. I'd watch him more for comic relief.

  4. Well, what do you know?

  5. Depending on the cost of admission, I would consider going... if he were coming to my area, that is. I like Rodney. = D

  6. For $7 in Atlanta I almost want to be there

  7. Someone needs to go and give a review of what went on.

  8. Matt, I'm assuming it's Little Rock, which case, the abbreviation is wrong. It's AR, not AK. AK is Alaska. (Sorry, it's a pet peeve).

  9. haha, that was a copy and paste of Rodney's Facebook message, so not my error. Fans in Alaska are going to be disappointed.

  10. More Rodney.

  11. I've had his pie. It is delicious.....but I did not enjoy him on TV. I couldn't understand the judges' fascination with him.

  12. I had so sincerely hoped I'd never have to hear the term "pie style" again.

  13. I didn't think he was cut out to host a food show and couldn't figure out why he lasted so long, but his heart seems to be in his music and I wish him the best of luck with that.

  14. Don't forget the spot in his heart for pie

  15. The best part of this article is your understated comment, Matt. " If this somehow interests you, or even the thought of there actually
    being a 'Pie Style Tour' entertains you, the description and tour dates
    are below:" I've been laughing for 5 minutes.

  16. PieStyle has iPhone and Android apps as well.... Rock on Rodney, you crack me up dude.

  17. You're literally the biggest hater I've ever come across on the internet.

  18. You must be kidding. If you watched or heard him on Food Network Star, he may have been a bit funny, but the talent just isn't there. He will likely make a ton of money on this tour but if he doesn't perform any better than he did on TV, I don't think people would go see him again. Most amateur Karaoke singers sound better.