Thursday, July 18, 2013

Food Network Being Sued by 'Giving You The Business' Winner

Photo - Multivu
Giving You The Business was a show that premiered in April on the Food Network, where contestants unknowingly 'vie for the chance to win their own food franchise' and 'based on their actions and decision-making and judged by their company’s CEO, one winner will be awarded their own franchise.'

The winner of an episode is now suing the Food Network claiming that he did not receive his prize of a franchise.  Kris Herrera won the episode featuring the 16 Handles Yogurt franchise and claims that he received stock in the parent company rather than a franchise.  Both the Food Network and the Yogurt City Inc. have not yet commented on the matter.

Who knows how the contracts are worded for the show, but I would guess the responsibility is more on the franchise rather than the Food Network for awarding the prize.

This reminds me of other shows where its more about producing a show than awarding a prize.  Chef Wanted contestants repeatedly win and do not end up accepting the job for various reasons.  Also, last season's Food Network Star winner didn't receive a show produced by his mentor as stated in the press releases for the show.  Even a recent Food Court Wars winner refused the prize they won on the show.

I will update this post if there are any updates on the lawsuit.

Lawsuit is below if you want to read through it:


  1. Was there any word on why the Food Court Wars winner didn't take the prize?

  2. They said they didnt want to move to Meridian, MS

  3. They posted on their Facebook pages that the mall was a three-hour commute from their home and they didn't want to drive that every day. Makes you wonder why they competed in the first place.

  4. Why did they even compete???

  5. I specifically remember the young lady on this episode as having won. Am I mistaken?

  6. Jeeze, it's even worse than just "receiving stock" instead of a franchise. He got one share, with no voting or other rights, to be given back when he stops working for the company. Essentially, his award was... nothing!