Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Food Network In The News

Nothing too exciting going on right now to write a story about, so I will leave you with some news and links involving Food Network personalities.

  • Bobby Flay's new restaurant will be called Gato and not Bolo, and will have a mix of Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. (Eater)

  • Duff Goldman will be on E! tonight at 9pm on a special called LA Sugar, where he makes a cake for Joey Fatone of Rachael Vs. Guy:Celebrity Cook-Off fame. (E! Online)

  • Alex Guarnaschelli recently did a Google Talk on her cookbook and about her mother being a cookbook editor.  It is a 52-minute video if you are interested. (Youtube)

  • Nigella Lawson is scheduled to be in court tomorrow for her divorce hearing, just weeks after the choking incident. (Mirror UK)

  • Food Network was going after the right to the top level .food domain and didn't get it.  Who even knew .food domain names were available? (Domain Name Wire)

  • Today is Alton Brown's birthday, and he is 51 years old. 

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  1. Ghastly picture of Alex. She's much better looking than that.