Monday, July 22, 2013

Paula Deen Cancels NYCWFF Event

Paula Deen was scheduled to appear at the New York City Wine & Food Festival this year for a Saturday October 19th event.  The event was a Classic Comfort Brunch hosted by Paula Deen and tickets to the event were $150.  Tickets were still available for sale on the NYCWFF website after her scandal broke, so I took a screenshot (below) as I figured it would get cancelled.

Paula Deen Brunch
Now if you look at the event site, this is what you see:

Paula Deen Brunch Cancelled

The cancellation message states:
"Paula Deen has informed us that she will not be appearing at this year's Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival, which she has tirelessly supported year in and year out. While we are disappointed, we understand and support her decision. Our focus will remain on the charitable mission of the festival and those who had previously purchased tickets to this event will receive a refund."

It says that she cancelled, but who knows if she was forced not to appear as the Food Network is a big sponsor.  Also note that Celebrity Cruises was taken off of the description, but as they still have Paula Deen cruises planned for 2014, I don't think there is anything to that.  So, if you bought a ticket for this event, make sure you get a refund.


  1. No doubt the NYCWFF people should be anticipating an influx of butter wrappers (from her fans) any day now in their mail.

  2. I'm sure it was understood that she wouldn't be in attendance when FN dropped her show. According to the National Intruder--er, Inquirer--her marriage is on the rocks. I want to know when she will be doing her mea culpa with Oprah?