Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sticky's Finger Joint Owner From '3 Days To Open' is Being Sued

Sticky's Finger Joint Bobby Flay
Photo - Food Network
Here is some random news related to the Food Network.  Remember Sticky's Finger joint, which appeared on 3 Days To Open with Bobby Flay?  During the episode, Bobby butted heads a lot with the owner Paul, and Paul came across as not caring about what Bobby had to say.  Paul wasn't very professional and after the show replied to every negative comment about him or the restaurant (link to original update).

Well, now the owner Paul Abrahamian is in the news again for all of the wrong reasons.  He is being sued by a former employee who said he tricked her into eating shrooms by telling her it was a new recipe he wanted her to try according to the NY Post.  He "had her shut her eyes to taste the dish in front of the entire staff" and "shoved a handful of hallucinogenic mushrooms in her mouth, then slapped his hand over her lips."  The complaint was filed yesterday in court and the other co-owner of Sticky's denies the claim.

This will probably be hard to prove in court, but does this surprise you at all if you saw the Sticky's episode?


  1. Whatever happened to that show? I saw like three or four episodes of it and then nothing.

    And no it doesn't surprise me. That guy had serious mental issues. Narcissistic for sure..possibly more.

  2. Doesn't surprise me at all. He was a seriously no-class act.

  3. I think Bobby Flay said he just had too many other things going on to film that show again. Shame, I liked it too.