Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Catch Marcela Valladolid on CBS and Robert Irvine Online Tonight

Marcela Valladolid American Baking Competition
Photo - Facebook
Tonight, you can watch Food Network stars Marcela Valladolid and Robert Irvine on places other than the Food Network.

Marcela will be a judge on The American Baking Competition, which premieres tonight at 8pm on CBS.  There are 10 bakers on the show, and the winner will receive $250,000 and a publishing contract for their own cookbook. 

Fellow judge on the show, Paul Hollywood, recently split from his wife and the British tabloids are insinuating that it was because of Marcela Valladolid.  That is very big news across the pond, so I am sure they will be paying attention to the chemistry between the judges on the show.

Also tonight, Robert Irvine is trying his interactive cooking event along with viewers at both 6:30pm and 9:30pm ET.  You have to pay to participate, and a shopping list was sent out people with what they will need for the cooking event.  Here is the shopping list that he sent out which seems like it would be easy to follow.

If you attend Robert's event, I am curious to know how it went, so leave a comment.

Update 5/30 - I was right on with my assessment.  The first headline from the DailyMailUK - "Paul Hollywood and new love Marcela Valladolid share no chemistry in TV debut of The American Baking Competition"


  1. We did the live event with Robert tonight. People who had done the first session posted that it would be helpful to start dicing before it started and I'm glad they did...I don't chop as fast as Robert does! The food was excellent and I now know how to properly cook a pork tenderloin. I would do this again since just reading the posted recipes does not do them justice. Peaches really DO mix well with potatoes and onions and bacon!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Looking at Facebook comments, it seems most enjoyed but would have liked warning to preheat the oven and chop a bit before getting started.

  3. There were live comments alongside the video and that was what most people were saying. Several comments said that there were problems with the picture/sound but we didn't have any. Overall it was fun but you DEFINITELY needed more than one person participating.

  4. I watched the American Baking Competition. Enjoyable, but I have no idea where anybody got the idea there was anything between Marcela and Paul, since they barely looked at each other. As well to suspect she's chasing after Jeff Foxworthy!