Monday, May 13, 2013

Ristorante Barolo From Restaurant Impossible Has Been Sold

Ristorante Barolo Restaurant Impossible
Photo - Food Network
Ristorante Barolo, which was featured on season 3 of Restaurant Impossible has been sold.  The restaurant was located inside the Bayview Hotel in Aptos, California.  The owners owned both the hotel and the restaurant, and have decided to sell the restaurant only and keep the hotel.  The restaurant is currently closed, and will reopen under new ownership and management according to Facebook Posts from the Ristorante Barolo page, which are referenced below:

A Facebook post about an upcoming event stated:
"We have SOLD the portion of our business - Ristorante Barolo will only be open for a few more weeks!!! - THIS week we are celebrating by saying CIAO to BAROLO by CHOWING DOWN the amazing cuisine.... come by on Saturday April 20th, starting at 4PM - Lunar Flame Fire-Art Productions will be performing later in the evening and The Big Bamboo will be rocking the beats... The Bayview family is happy to focus on the Bed & Breakfast, and say goodbye to Barolo."

And in the event details, this was posted:

"Bar patrons & valued loyal customers of the Ristorante Barolo Restaurant & Bar

COME join the BAROLO WORLD family as we SAY CIAO to the BAROLO name & CHOW DOWN the Italian Cuisine one last time...

This Saturday, April 20th starting @ 4PM BAROLO is saying goodbye to it's old ways & saying HELLO to the GOODBYE BAROLO Party with The Big Bamboo (RockNRoll music)!!!
The restaurant will be CLOSED for some time after this event so get into the BAROLO WORLD quick, before it's gone forever!!! Lunar Flame Fire-Art will be setting the night on fire...

The NEW & IMPROVED, UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT & NEW OWNERSHIP Restaurant will re-open sometime in MAY 2013.

THE BAYVIEW HOTEL will remain in regular business hours & ownership"

Finally on May 6th, they posted: "The Restaurant is CLOSED for restoration, yet the HOTEL is available for VACANY... Give us a call!"

The Restaurant Impossible Page with all of the updates has been updated to change the status of Ristorante Barolo to 'Sold.'  


  1. Was that the one with the woman who was hoarding and the husband who seemed to have a drinking issue?

  2. Yes, this was the messy place. The woman had a stroke shortly after the episode aired. I'm assuming that it was just too much for them to take care of due to her poor health.

  3. Ah, I did not realize that about her stroke. Definitely made a bad situation much worse given how much they were struggling before.

  4. He didn't have a drinking issue, he had some health problem that reduced his stamina and effectiveness; his brother became the chef.

  5. That's not my recollection but whatev.

  6. He had a drinking problem. I read something that at the time of RI he had been sober for like a year but he was suffering from the effects of cirrhosis of the liver (which was mentioned in the episode).

  7. He was sick, he couldn't stay standing the whole time (I recall him laying down during the episode), and the wife said that he had some recent health issue -- I want to say it was liver-related, but in truth I don't recall what it was. From the FN blog:
    -- Giovanni’s health has remained a challenge for him, but he continues to run the front of the restaurant. “Giovanni is doing the best he can while still dealing with his health issues.”--

  8. In the updates -- I also read that the wife had a stroke and they hd to put off cleaning up her office -- WAY too much stress with that place!

  9. So sad to hear she had a stroke. Hope she is doing better. What I couldn't believe that she would borrow money from her children and owe them. Why couldn't she sell pieces of the furniture that cluttered the place? She could of hired 3 semi tractor trailers, the local football team to load up all the items and taken them to the school parking lot and sold every item. Not take not one item home. Even if you sold an item for 1 dollar. Did you see the chair that they cleaned out in her office? It needed to go to the curb on pick up day, Someone would of gotten it. RI must of put all that stuff in storage but it is very very expensive. SELL SELL SELL IT ALL!

  10. "could of," "would of"... Seriously? Man, you need to learn some English grammar!

  11. Really retard? Stupid dumbass grammar Nazis. Go shove a hot poker up your ass.