Sunday, May 19, 2013

Symon Vs. Zakarian - Iron Chef America Tournament Of Champions

Zakarian Symon Iron Chef Battle
Photo - Food Network
The semi-final battle of Iron Chef America: Tournament of Champions had Iron Chef Michael Symon facing Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, where the secret ingredient was wings.  Geoffrey Zakarian defeated Alex Guarnaschelli to get here, while Michael Symon had a bye.  Michael Symon has the best record of all Iron Chefs, and won season one of the Next Iron Chef, while Geoffrey Zakarian won season four.

With the new format of Iron Chef America, Chef Zakarian and Chef Symon were tied after both receiving a 12 for their first dish.  The culinary curveball was then announced, in which the chefs had to incorporate peanuts into at least one of their dishes.

After the judges scored all of the dishes, Michael Symon received a total of 82 points (first dish, taste, culinary curveball, originality, plating), while Geoffrey Zakarian received 76 points.  Pretty high scores for both of them, and Michael Symon lived up to his reputation.  We have yet to see an upset in any of the battles so far.

Michael Symon will now compete against the winner of the Masaharu Morimoto vs. Jose Garces battle in two weeks.  The winner of that battle will be the Champion of Iron Chef America Tournament of Champions.


  1. Not good to be able to pick the winner before the competition because of pecking order but I watch anyway.

  2. we know who was going to win. the match ups arent that hard to see. garces loses next week by a landslide. simon vs morimoto. winner simon. why no bobby flay??? cora???? batali??? all the chefs......

  3. Flay cannot handle the pressure of a tournament against real chefs because all he can do is grill stuff and open cans.

  4. How many Iron Chef jackets does Geoffrey Zakarian have? I've seen him in brown, gray and white. The others only get one each. And given his carefully cultivated polished image, I was a bit shocked to see him take a gulp straight out of the champagne bottle.

    Bobby Flay will be judging the finale (they have an odd number of Iron Chefs). And Cat Cora and Mario Batali left the show quite awhile ago.

  5. sooo disappointed when Simon won. Meatballs and waffles? that is NOT Iron chef food. You don't need a chef to cook that food... why he won? when GZ had so much to offer? it is beyond my understanding --FN should choose better judges not people who thinks meatballs is chef's food. My 12 year old cousin can do meatballs... Hey, Food Net you dont need the FBI to bring the cat down from a tree.

  6. They should take this idea and do a true tournament across all the talent on the channel. Bracket them like the NCAA, they could go on for weeks and it might actually be interesting.

  7. Was Sanchez in a bad mood? It seemed like he was still in Chopped mode.