Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alton Brown Podcast Update

Alton Brown Podcast
Photo - Food Network
Back in early March, Alton Brown announced he was launching a Podcast, and he taped the Podcast on March 8th.  Many have wondered when the podcast would be available, and Alton has updated everyone with that today. 

He stated on his website that "the Alton Browncast will be available at Nerdist.com and on itunes as well as the new AltonBrown.com which is coming to an internet near you."  However, he plans to have 5 podcasts taped before launching, so you will have to wait a few more weeks until more are filmed.

If you want to participate in one, he is filming one tomorrow, May 22nd, and more info will be on the website above and Alton Brown's Twitter.  I will update this post with any additional information regarding the podcasts such as direct links and dates.

In other unfinished Alton Brown business, he announced his live tour, then the website went down and has not been back up yet.  However, some of the dates are listed in the above link as I got them before the site went down.  He has also been filming his Good Eats Youtube series, if you have been following his Twitter updates, but there is not a date yet for that either.

So three big projects for him, all with questions still to be answered.

UPDATE - For tomorrow's Podcast, you can email questions to [email protected] OR Call 267-507-0240 starting at 11:15am tomorrow until 5pm EST (May 22nd).  Code is 219179

Update 2 - He is doing more calls tonight (May 23rd) from 8-10pm.

Also, Alton announced he is doing a Reddit AMA this Friday May 24th at 3pm EST.

6/28/2013 - Link to the first Podcast on Nerdist 

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